Locally known as Lago di Como or Lario, Lake Como presents some of Italy’s most captivating scenery. It is situated at the base of the Alps. If you plan to stay longer than one day, arrange a list of what to do in Lake Como. For example, you can visit countless villages. Whether you want to spend a day or more at Lake Como, remember to hop aboard a boat and take in the magic of Italy. Thus, you can refresh yourself in the lovely gardens & villas and even revive your energy with a stroll in the fresh air.

What to Do in Lake Como

The most confusing query for tourists is what to do in Lake Como. This article jot down a few of the best things to do in Lake Como.

1. View Como’s Historic Centre

Among the other activities in the Capital Of Italy, visiting Como’s Historic Center is worth it. Though Como is a great place to start your exploration, you should also explore the city. The ruins of a 10-meter-tall castle wall enclose its charming and antique centre. Likewise, the shops and eateries are nested close to one another on bustling pedestrian streets. You can sit at a cafe and have picturesque views.

Como's Historic Centre
Como’s Historic Centre

Further, it includes Duomo, a beautiful Gothic cathedral, and elegant inner courtyards enclosed by arched entrances. This centre involves the artwork by Daniel Libeskind. The scientist who devised the electric battery has its specimen placed here. Thus, you can go to the elegantly landscaped grounds of Villa Olmo from the Passeggiata Lino Gelpi.

2. Visit The Silk Museum

The Silk Museum is the only institution globally that has shown its visitors the complete production process. It includes the entire process, from silkworms to vibrant yarns, manual printing, and couture designs. So, the museum gathers, preserves, and presents machinery, artifacts, records, samples, and tools to visitors.

In addition, it shows the history of the shimmering textile in the area, which is next to the Setificio Silk Trade School. The exhibit includes every stage of the production process. So, silk has always been a source of love and passion for locals. Today, this technical and creative legacy is arranged in an accessible learning setting.

3. Overlook Villa Gaze

It’s possible to see the homes of Lake Como while walking through the streets of Italy. A must-see is Villa del Balbianello. It is situated in Tremezzina on an island by a lake. Many animated movies have been filmed in this ornate building. As you stroll further, you will see the unique Villa Monastero. This villa houses a home museum encircled by a garden. All the plants here are imported from every corner of the world.

Villa Gaze
Villa Gaze

Similarly, Villa Serbelloni Gardens are noted for their uniqueness. It is the spot where the lake’s three branches converge. The vibrant Villa Melzi garden is also a nearby gem. Here, you can view flowers hiding in a pond. Half of your list of what to do in Lake Como will be occupied by its villas.

4. Sights of Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta keeps a distinctive historical, cultural, and floral legacy alive on Lake Como. The officials have been working to make it accessible to all. At first glance, its majestic facade in pastel pink demands attention. The three-story estate’s lower level is perched atop three graceful split stairs. More than 500 plant types thrive in the 20-acre terraced garden.

However, inside the museum are chambers with pieces by artists and neoclassical sculptors, and oddities cover the walls. Visitors are greeted with masterpieces in an elegant setting. Thus, a stunning botanical park that invites tourists from around the globe also opens its doors each year.

5. Take a Private Boat Ride

The most striking views of the lake are from the water. Visitors can take regular ferries between the villages, hopping on and off as often as they like. They also work on group boat tours, a structured route departing from specific towns’ locations.

Private Boat Ride
Private Boat Ride

Apart from all this, the local guide provides information while the boat zips across the lake. When planning what to do in Lake Como, mention a private boat tour as the finest option for a solo journey. You can view the historic Ponte della Civera, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, and other sites as you sit in a boat.

6. Go to the International Museum of Vintage Boats

This museum has a heritage unlike any other in the world. It includes a collection of immeasurable importance for Italian history and the nautical industry. The museum is also the focal point of an ambitious plan to build a boat collection.

Besides, the staff is working to digitalize the records and is already showing some unique pieces from the collection. The museum visitors will be involved in its display using the Internet and interactive tools. The 400 boats in the collection include gondolas, speedboats, fishing boats, row boats, racers, and marine gear.

7. Venture to The Orrido di Bellano

The town’s primary visitor attraction is the Orrido di Bellano. This naturally occurring valley was formed over fifteen million years ago by glacial erosion, which sculpted the rock into pits, gorges, and caverns. The entry point of the Orrido is the best location to take advantage of the natural waterfall.

The Orrido di Bellano
The Orrido di Bellano

Further, these activities have one thing in common: They derived from the ancient design of channels and tunnels to the refined system of penstocks. The ironworks, spinning, and cotton mills were the first to exploit the waters. Thus, the hydroelectric power station followed later.

8. Ride The Funicular From Como

Funiculars reach some of the most striking vistas of the lake. One of them leaves Lecco to ascend to arrive at Piani D’Erna. This portal slopes beneath the summit of Monte Resegone. The 653-meter Argegno to Pigra funicular provides views of the villages. They dot the branch of the lake’s beaches.

Besides. a 500-meter funicular ride connects a hilltop village with old Art Nouveau mansions. The summit overlooks the green slopes of the lake and the snow-capped Alps. You must wear comfy shoes throughout the trip. Hence, it is one trip you can plan with your family or if you have a tight budget. This way, you can save on transport modes and roam other parts of the city.

9. See a Play at Teatro Sociale

One of the city’s top cultural attractions, the Teatro Sociale di Como, is an imposing tower. It is the ideal location for a romantic theatre date night. You might see theatre, dance, and musical acts. Likewise, the authority organizes yearly events, so visit its website to stay updated.

Teatro Sociale
Teatro Sociale

So, it includes songs by renowned singers, depending on the event dates. Thus, don’t pass up the chance to take in the stage’s splendour beneath this theatre’s stunning ceiling. However, remember to click snaps during the concert as a memory.

10. Sunbathe on Lake Como Beach

Many beaches, like Lido Villa Olmo and Spiaggia di Villa Geno, are lined. All of them are the closest public beaches to Como. So if you have time, you should enjoy sunbathing. The beaches are better enjoyed in the spring and summer. Some are closed in the winter when fewer people visit.

Remember that most public beaches need more basic amenities. Further, these beaches are primarily crowded, so arrive early for the best views. Certain hotels and clubs offer public and private services nearby.


Lovely small cities dot the Lake Como. It offers many options for shopping, hiking, and exploring stunning villas and gardens. You can engage yourself in life-changing trips. Some of the most well-known and busiest travel spots exist, but allow yourself to go to more than just these areas. Consider what to do in Lake Como from another perspective. Many towns can best fit your interests. So, it is advised to take some time to read the rules that have been set up.

FAQs About What to Do in Lake Como

How many days can you spend on Lake Como?

There are many towns and villages to explore. But, they are all small so you might visit numerous places in one day. Spending four to five days exploring popular and smaller villages is preferable. Enjoy a boat day, see a few villas, and dine at the best places.

When is the best time to visit Lake Como?

September to May is peak season. Although lodging costs are high, now is the most enjoyable time of year. Rainfall is less likely from July through September, but is most crowded. If you want to see it, visit the area in April when the purple wisteria is in full bloom.

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