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15 Tricks to Pack Everything You Need in Your Hand Luggage

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Sometimes traveling light is much more convenient. Judge for yourself: you don’t have to pay extra for your luggage, wait for it at the airport on arrival and worry that it will get lost. Besides, reaching your destination with hand luggage is much more pleasant than bulky suitcases. However, putting everything you need in one bag is almost impossible. But a few simple and valuable lifehacks will tell the expert from essay writer service free in this article.

1. Wear your giant pair of shoes on the plane

The clothes and shoes you wear on your flight will determine how much space you free up in your bag. Some shoes, boots, or trainers take up a lot of space and can’t be folded. So take one or two pairs and wear the enormous pair on the plane.

2. Stick to one color scheme in your clothes

An intelligent way to ensure that everything you need will fit in your hand luggage is to pack only the clothes you’re sure to wear on your trip.

Get items in the same color scheme so you can combine them freely. Imagine how each jumper or some trousers will match with other clothes and shoes, and choose neutral shades to make more sets. Complete your traveling wardrobe with small, versatile accessories.

3. Curl rather than fold your belongings

This will save more space for everything else. Also, twisted clothes are less likely to wrinkle. And to keep the contents of your bag more organized, you can also secure things with rubber bands.

4. Book accommodation with a washing machine

In this case, you can take many less clothes with you. Of course, only some people like to do laundry on holidays or business trips. But this small concession will allow you to fit everything you need into one bag, even for a long journey.

Alternatively, you can bring or buy stain-removing wipes or use local laundries.

5. Make use of the space under your seat on the plane

In addition to hand luggage stowed on the luggage rack, airlines often allow passengers to take personal items into the cabin that fit under the seat in front of them. Take advantage of this and bring a compact handbag or backpack.

Using Space Under Your Seat
Using Space Under Your Seat

Put a snack, small hygiene items, or even an extra pair of shoes in there. If the design allows, You can pack all of this in your laptop bag. This will free up some more space in your main carry-on bag.

6. Use travel organizers

These will help keep the inside of your bag tidy. Plus, when you pack in these organizers, it’s much easier to avoid the temptation to throw little things in your bag that you don’t need.

7. Use vacuum bags

Many people store bulky winter clothes in them, so this technique can help maximize the limited space in your hand luggage.

Put your softest and fluffiest items in the bags, then pump out the excess air with a hand pump. This way, twice as many clothes will fit in the bag. The key is to ensure you can pack everything the same way when you get home.

8. Make sure your bag is considered hand luggage

There’s nothing worse than spending hours packing your suitcase and then finding out at the airport that it only goes as checked baggage. Carefully check the information on the website of the airline you are traveling with and make sure your bag meets all the requirements.

Traveling light has its advantages, but it also means relying on sturdy luggage that’s easy to carry and meets airline regulations. It is recommended to use a cabin bag with dimensions of 56x45x25 or 55x40x20 to avoid additional fees and waiting at baggage claim. Plus, with a durable cabin bag, you can pack smart and move around effortlessly, whether you’re at the airport or exploring your destination.

9. Choose clothes made of lightweight materials

Think about how much more clothing you can fit into your bag if you take out a couple of jumpers or sweatshirts made of heavy fabric. Better yet, bring lighter items that you can wear in several layers.

10. Replace full-sized items with small ones

We already do this with toiletries like shampoo or shower gel. Use the same principle for other items. For example, take a compact tablet rather than a heavy laptop on a trip.

11. Classify things by importance

If you only want to travel with hand luggage, you must take only what you need. Make a list of everything you plan to put in your bag. And then think carefully about each item and ask yourself if you’ll be using it so often on your trip that you should take it.

This is going to be a tough choice. At least 30-40% of your list is best left at home.

12. Stash little things in your shoes

The key to fitting everything into your hand luggage is to utilize any space, including inside things. For example, an electric razor, socks, and deodorant – all of these will fit in your shoes and make room in your bag for other items.

Put Little Things in Your Shoes
Put Little Things in Your Shoes

13. Wearing a coat on the plane

Like shoes, outerwear takes up a lot of space in your bag, even if it is not a coat but a jacket. Therefore, it is better to spend the flight in outerwear, whatever the temperature in the cabin. If you are lucky, you can stow it in the overhead compartment for hand luggage and your bag. Otherwise, fold your coat, jacket, or blazer and place it behind your back for the rest of the flight.

14. Buy hygiene products on arrival

Of course, this is not a budget-friendly fly hack, so use it only in extreme cases. But if you can afford to buy shampoo, shower gel, or toothpaste at your destination, you’ll save significant space in your bag.

15. Choose a lightweight bag for your hand luggage

Airlines have specific requirements not only for the size of your hand luggage but also for its weight. Even if you think your bag won’t be weighed, it’s better to be safe. Check the website’s requirements and ensure your hand baggage meets them.

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