The city of Seattle has so much to offer! There are endless things to see and do in Seattle, including the iconic Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Aquarium. We have compiled a guide below to help you experience this charming city fully.

Seward Park

Thanks to the abundance of stunning greenery, Seattle is often called the Emerald City. Due to these beautiful green spaces, there are many options when you search “rooms for rent  Seattle,” though none are as good as Seward Park in the southeast of the city.

This spot boasts an old-growth forest, a theater, an art studio, native plant gardens, eagle nests, and an art studio. Seward Park is the perfect location for getting in touch with nature, exploring, going on hiking excursions, relaxing, and having a good time.

Pike Place Market

One of the most popular farmers’ markets in the US is the iconic Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. In addition to fresh seafood, gorgeous flowers, vintage books, and handicrafts, there are stalls where you can purchase fresh seafood.

As well as being the location of Starbucks’ first store, this is where the company opened it in 1971. A visit to Seattle would only be complete with checking out this bustling market!

Seattle Aquarium

In addition to exhibits encouraging visitors to learn about Puget Sound, Seattle Aquarium is on Pier 59 along the Elliott Bay waterfront. Among the most impressive features here are an underwater dome with a 360-degree view of a 400,000-gallon habitat and an educational center on orcas, marine mammals, salmon, and Puget Sound fish.

The Olympic Sculpture Park

As parks go, the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle is one of the best. An award-winning public park that offers an indoor pavilion, a luxurious beach on Puget Sound, and an outdoor sculpture museum. The Olympic Sculpture Park is also a great place to unwind and take an absorbing stroll, soaking in all of the must-see art and design opportunities.
Olympic Sculpture Park

Seattle Art Museum 

Located just one block from the Pike Place Market, the Seattle Art Museum is home to global art collections and rotating temporary installations. The museum welcomes visitors worldwide every year with free group visits and smartphone tours.

There are also verbal description versions of these tours available. The public tours that have developed the most popularity are the Highlights From SAM’s Collection, plus exhibition tours such as IKAT: A World Of Compelling Cloth.

Seattle Great Wheel 

Located at Pier 57 is the Seattle Great Wheel boasting 41 gondolas and some of the best opportunities to view the city. This Ferris wheel is not just for quick rides as pods can be rented, allowing you to enjoy a delicious 4-course meal more unique than most. For an experience like no other, climb on this unique Ferris wheel and take your excitement away with you.

Space Needle

The most recognizable landmark across the entire city of Seattle has to be the Space Needle. A rotating observation deck towering over 600 ft tall, with the best thing being the restaurant sitting at the top, offering panoramic views while you dine in the city. The stunning views include the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, Elliot Bay, and the islands of Puget Sound.

If this is your first trip to Seattle, you have just 41 seconds to snap the prime selfie on the elevator ride to the peak, or why not get a snapshot across the rotating glass floor if you’re feeling daring?
Space Needle

Honourable mentions

Although these are the seven must-see attractions when visiting Seattle, here are a few honorable mentions to consider on your trip to the Emerald City.

The Discovery Park

If you’re not completely satisfied with your nature fix, you don’t have to leave the city; Discovery Park is a stunning 534-acre park with natural areas ready to explore. 12 miles of hiking trails allow you to gaze upon the evergreen trees. You can relax, search for the many seashells the sandy beach offers, or even take a trip to the West Point Lighthouse, a lighthouse steeped in history, operational since 1881.

If you also want to feel more of the culture around the city, the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Centre explains the history of the Indigenous Duwamish who used to reside on the land.

The Museum of Pop Culture

The Museum of Pop Culture is more than just a museum; it is an architectural wonder, a true sight to behold. Inside the museum, you will take a historical journey through the music world. The main attractions are for the hometown heroes Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. Beyond the music industry, there are year-round events and showcases celebrating entertainment.

Seattle is a bucket list city that should be visited at least once in any life. With so much to see and do, there is something for everyone. The Emerald City is a beauty filled with nature, green, and history.