They say college years are the best time to travel for a reason. You’re not bound by a job, kids, or other obligations. You’re free to travel whenever and wherever you want. Plus, you (probably) wouldn’t mind the inconveniences of traveling on a dime the same way a 40-year-old with an aching back would. That said, if you’re under the Type A students category, choosing travel over studying can be a tough feat. You may easily get anxious over your student responsibilities. What if your grades suffer when you decide to take some time off? Will skipping this or that class get you in trouble?

If such questions hit close to home, don’t abandon the whole idea just yet. With enough preparations, you can take advantage of low-season deals and travel even during the academic year.

As long as you don’t skip out on any detail, you can avoid bad surprises while you’re on the road. For example, if you add ‘write my papers at Writepaper’ to your to-do list, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of a failed plagiarism check for an essay submitted in advance. So you’ll be able to enjoy the trip with peace of mind.

Here are six tips to help Type A students make their travel experience as stress-free as possible.
Type A Students Traveling

Take Care of Assignments in Advance

Let’s say you found a great deal for flight tickets to Puerto Rico. This is where your Type A personality is actually helpful: you probably already have a neat schedule or to-do list with all assignments’ due dates. You know that it’ll be a slow week when you don’t have any major tests or exams.

But, of course, you still have some assignments to take care of. So, to be able to jump on that plane with peace of mind, put in the work while you’re still home.

Choose Your Classes Wisely

This piece of advice isn’t an instant remedy. Rather, it’s a strategic move if you want to ensure you’re flexible enough to go on a trip at virtually any time you want. To gain this flexibility, select classes that you can attend remotely if they’re available.

If such classes are few, it’s always a good idea to ask whether this or that professor really cares about attendance. Some will pay close attention to students who miss their lectures; others may not even keep track of attendance. If you want to be flexible, make sure that you opt for classes led by the latter.

Analyze How Your Destination Will Affect Your Studying

Even traveling within your country may result in a significant time zone difference. For example, if you go from New York to Hawaii, you’re looking at a five-hour difference!

Keep that in mind if you need to submit an assignment or attend an online class while you’re traveling. It’d be a shame to miss a deadline or lecture simply because you forgot about this particular aspect of traveling.

You should also take this into account before you book your tickets. If you have an online class at 9 am EST but find yourself in Hawaii, you’ll have to log in at 4 am to attend it! In this case, Hawaii may not be the best destination for you – at least for now.

Pack Up Your Laptop

This should go without saying, but you may be tempted to leave your laptop behind for the trip. After all, if you submitted all of your assignments in advance, what would you need it for? You can use your phone for online classes if there are any.

While taking your laptop with you means additional weight on your shoulders (and maybe extra luggage fees), it’s better to take it – for the peace of mind, once again. If you have some unexpected edits to make to one of your assignments, you’ll be over the moon you took your laptop.

Check Your Internet Access Options

Whether you need to attend online classes or log into your institution’s online learning platform, having access to the internet is crucial. So, make sure the accommodation you choose comes with a Wi-Fi network you can hop onto.

Alternatively, you can study your mobile internet connection options. Here are a few tips:

  • If you travel within your country, make sure you have enough data for the trip. Also, check if your plan allows you to share the connection with your laptop if need be.
  • If you travel abroad as Type A students, do your research on local SIM cards you could buy on the spot to have access to the internet. Alternatively, you can buy an eSIM for travel beforehand. Beware of roaming: it’s rarely more affordable than either of these two options.

Schedule Study Time – Or Turn for Help

If you know you can’t go on this trip without squeezing in a couple of hours of study time here and there, scheduling these sessions will ensure they don’t spoil the fun.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may choose to study first and explore later in the day. Or, you may opt for studying in the evenings if you’re a night owl.

Alternatively, if you realize you don’t want to mix studying and traveling after all, you can always offload some of your tasks to professionals.

For example, the best paper writing service can take care of your thesis or dissertation while you’re island-hopping in the Caribbean. Such services can also help you with coursework and essays, among others. You can track the expert’s progress on your order and chat with them, so you’ll always know where your order is at.
Schedule Study Time

In Conclusion: Remember to Have Fun!

While all of these tips were focused on how to manage your academic workload before and during a trip, studying shouldn’t occupy your mind throughout the whole trip. If it does, it’ll derail the whole experience!

Of course, not thinking about something is easier said than done, especially if you’re a Type A. In this case, preparation and planning are your best friends. Knowing you have your bases covered will help you get that peace of mind.

And if you ever find yourself worrying about something study-related, consider scheduling your worry time to focus on the present moment. Just tell yourself, “I’ll worry about it when I get back to the hostel,” and keep having fun.