If you wish to visit London as a tourist and a prospective student, you should pay a visit to at least one London university tour. The guided tours will not only help you choose an institution that fits your academic vision but also help you learn more about the local culture and way of life. Studying in London is always fun and a great experience that will be second to none. No matter if you choose the famous UCL or go to Brunel University in London, just remember to book your guided tours to visit universities early to enjoy it the most!

Top 5 London Universities Open for Guided Educational Tours

1- Imperial College London

It was founded in 1907 and represents one of the most famous universities in the world. The ICL graduates include 29 Nobel Prize winners, which is already sufficient! Surprisingly enough, it’s not too hard to become enrolled, even for international students.

You only need to approach an essay write assistant for a personal statement letter to promote yourself. If you belong to talented leaders and innovators or wish to visit a legendary place, you must pay it a visit to see its beautiful architecture, campus, and all that comes along!

2- University College London

As the first university in London (founded in 1826), it is a true masterpiece with a multicultural campus. Famous for Architecture, History, and Anthropology, it reflects the country’s heritage. Located in Bloomsbury, it is one of the most popular tourist locations for students and tourists.

University College London
University College London

3- King’s College London

Some names just need no introduction and become included in most of London’s tour guides. As one of the oldest academic spots in the United Kingdom, it is a cultural spot in terms of architecture and a British academic vibe. Remember to book your tour early as it’s quite popular!

4- City University London

They often call it a unique London experience for students and those who wish to dive into the academic world. The reason for that is that it is a great location in the heart of the capital.

The presence of over 70 research labs will be essential for researchers planning to study in the United Kingdom. See things online first to determine your possible educational tour schedule and book your CUL student ambassador!

5- London’s Brunel University

While it belongs to less famous London universities, it is nonetheless important! Located in Uxbridge (a suburban town in West London), it is also one of the most affordable institutions that you can think of if you are planning to study and do research work in London.

You can download the brochure or think about checking the virtual tour first before a physical visit. This way, you already know the campus if you choose a self-guided tour option. It will only take a few minutes to learn your way around!

When You Plan to Visit a Specific University Department

If you wish to visit a university in London, you have to arrange things in advance to book your tour. It will help you to avoid the delays and changes that may take place beyond your control. Yet, if you talk to the university early, they will do their best to arrange things for you.

Now, if you plan to visit a specific department, let’s say the Imperial College London, which is open all year round, you must talk to a department of choice and share your personal background. It will help you to adjust things based on your objectives, which will be quite helpful!