The city life of Colorado is one to consider by every traveler while planning a trip. Denver has numerous must-sees, from boardwalks to cafes. You can spend a few hours to experience an active and diverse art space. Visit the Victorian-era museums in Colorado Springs or catch a play from behind the scenes. Though you’ll need to drive an hour to the highway, find things to do in Denver, Colorado. The best times to visit Denver by tourists are April to October. Relaxing temperatures, fewer tourists, and lower housing prices than the summer high season depict the city’s finest seasons.

Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

After covering various things to do in Denver, Colorado, the local drivers will take you to the multiple luxury and affordable hotels in Colorado.

1- Shop at Denver’s Union Station

Denver’s Union Station fits a dual purpose. It is an active public transit station and a dining and shopping hub. The station was opened to the people in 1881. Yet, it delivered railroad service until the structure caught fire in 1894. The architecture from the 1914 repairs remains now. This station is located in the Lower Downtown neighborhood. It has numerous dining options, shops, and The Crawford Hotel.

Denver’s Union Station

Tourists say the best way to undergo this station is by resting on the comfy couches and chairs. Likewise, the visitors point out that the buildings could be spotless for a working transport terminal. Note that the bars and cafes can be pricey, so travelers suggest holding a drink during happy hour.

2- Refreshed Denver Botanic Gardens

The Denver Botanic Gardens is a 24-acre garden. This vast garden in downtown treats tourists to various backdrops. It includes a classic Japanese garden to the South African Plaza flowering with exotic plants. Meanwhile, art lovers will even appreciate the parks due to the multiple statues that grace the grounds. Further, the facility plays and organizes touring shows that include works by different artists.

You can consider going along on a guided tour. Such tours focus on the flora and the art found in the garden. Likewise, they highly recommend going to the gift shop or setting aside at least 90 minutes to explore the entire garden. These gardens host various festivals throughout the year. It includes a summer concert and a Christmas festival.

3- Arts at Meow Wolf Denver

If you’re a fan of fantastic art structures, you’ll like Meow Wolf Denver. It is the best modern art museum, with a haunted house. Similarly, it has a fun park and a film set, all proceeding into one 90,000-square-foot space. This structure spreads across four stories and has more than seventy unusual facilities. It includes colorful lights, sounds, and active displays.

Meow Wolf Denver
Meow Wolf Denver

Moreover, the largest permanent structure is the multiverse transit station. The local Denver artists can display and market their works in the Galleri Gallery. Such works vary from classic to experiential. Some visitors consider it extremely fun, while others say they are annoyed with the added costs.

4- Go to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Park is an immense interest for outdoor lovers with its incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. There are miles of hiking paths and stone ridges. This unique park allows visitors to partake in the magnetic geographic shift between the Great Plains and the cliffs. At the Trading Post Trail, view the spectacular scenery.

Before you head further, go to the visitor center. Further, at the theater, you can see various shows. No matter the play, the majestic aura makes it a good time. Even if you can’t fit a show into your plan, there is a stop for the photos.

5- Rest at the Washington Park

Washington Park is honored by locals and visitors for its ample facilities and pleasant aura. It occupies 155 acres, with miles of jogging paths. The park has two huge lakes and two formal parks. Also, it is a weekend hangout spot due to the various things to do. You can spare time by relaxing on the grass.

Washington Park
Washington Park

Go for boat rentals, planned classes, and swim lessons. Yet, the grassland is almost five miles from downtown. You can see the park at any time of daytime. There are no entrance charges. However, extra facilities may charge a fee.

6- Nightlife at the Larimer Square

In 1858, emigres hit gold at the foot of the rocky cliffs. Their finding soon circulated back, encouraging people to move here. The site of the earliest pioneer camp, Auraria, soon evolved into a charming area. Now, it is known as Larimer Square. Although the city has since grown, this historic area remains the heart and soul of the city. So, it is the place to begin your Denver venture.

Likewise, its various cafes, bars, and shops make it the best Denver tour. Before venturing here, do visit its website. Here, you will find a list of all activities and events. Thus, it will help orient where the exact dining, shopping, and fun sites are.

7- Animals at the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo stretches across 80 acres of the park. This unique facility boasts several ways to view the furry, exotic animals. You can head to Predator Ridge. Here, you will find the monkeys swinging from tree branches. Look at colorful creatures like golden frogs and green tree pythons.

Denver Zoo
Denver Zoo

You can even view cute creatures during a visit to the nursery. Take on a lift on the zoo’s caravan and carousel. It is highly advised to visit in feeding times, during which staff offers lectures. Remember that you’ll want to spend a lot of time seeing all the animals.

8- View the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science inspires everyone with displays from dinosaur bones to Egyptian mummies. This facility houses antiques from various scientific areas. Some of the more famous displays are the wildlife show. It includes more than ninety habitats for animals from around the world.

Meanwhile, the Space Odyssey area presents tourists to the galaxy’s models. Yet, the museum is as engaging for adults as it is for children because of the primal nature of the shows. You will be impressed with the gems and minerals shown. It features relics like an 8-pound nugget of crystallized gold found in 1887.

9- Sports at Coors Field

Coors Field is a hub for League Baseball’s Rockies. The arena covers 76 acres with a capacity for more than 50,000 lovers. You can watch a game, but there’s more to this stadium. Test your skills in the gaming boths and the Speed Pitch spot.

Coors Field
Coors Field

Likewise go on the rooftop for the incredible views of the field. If the weather isn’t good, visit the indoor SandLot brewery. You must tour the stadium even if you cannot see a game. Guided tours cost $17. Moreover, the tour times vary yearly.

10- See Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum has more than 100,000 square feet of exhibition space. It explores the history of the base’s part in World War II. Various aircraft, space cars, antiques, and military uniforms are displayed.

You can view the collection of bombers and weapons. Yet, see the variety of aircraft and Star Wars spacecraft replicas. At the Exploration of Flight, you can have more experience. They include a head simulator and actual flights in vintage and current aircraft. It is one of the finest things to do in Denver, Colorado.


Denver is a lovely and energetic city in Colorado. It is a city offering something to visitors and citizens alike. It depends on your mood and preferences for an outdoor experience or various cultural appeals while planning a trip. This place includes various historical landmarks or family entertaining areas. It also includes museums, winding pathways, and other things to do in Denver, Colorado. Yet, it is a corner of history, wildlife, and enjoyment that will make your visit memorable.

FAQs on Things to Do in Denver, Colorado

What are nearby hotels and resorts in the city of Denver?

You can select the hotels according to your preference and budget. It includes the Four Seasons Hotel Denver and Clayton Members Club and Hotel. Both these hotels provide the best luxuries. Likewise, the Ritz-Carlton provides the best affordable services.

What are the most pleasing restaurants in the city?

Denver’s restaurants range from street food to upscale organic places. You should easily find something to suit your taste and budget for a dinner menu. It includes Thump Cafe, Buzz Cafe, Corner Bakery Cafe, and Roostercat Coffee House.

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