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The 11 Best Alamosa Restaurants to Dine In

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Alamosa restaurants are famous for tasty food in Colorado. Colorado is a prehistoric state that is historically exceptional due to its unique local taste of Colorado food.

Everybody needs good and healthy food with good taste, which is not available everywhere. On the other hand, if you are at a foodie place like Colorado, you must soothe your palate and soul with good taste.

The 11 Best Alamosa Restaurants to Dine In

Alamosa Restaurants in Colorado are the best restaurants to try Colorado food.

1- Calvillos Mexican Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in the San Luis Valley of Alamosa in southern Colorado. The restaurant offers nutrient-rich and cultural food in several states of Mexico. Besides its good taste, Calvillo’s Mexican Restaurant is also famous for its nutrient, fresh and authentic food.

Calvillo's Mexican Restaurant
Calvillo’s Mexican Restaurant

So, they are serving the best food in Colorado. Their buffet system is also unbeatable. Their spicy dishes with their special drinks are also confounding combinations. High chairs, a full bar, live music, and dine-in television additionally feature the restaurant. 

2- Locavores Restaurant

Locavores restaurant is present in Main St Alamosa in Colorado. They are serving fresh food with superior quality cooking material with great care. From simple, fresh salad to Colorado-Cubano, they offer cultural and classical food with quality taste.

They serve spicy meats roasted in their marked sauces. Their polite staff and best dine-in options are more prominent among Alamo ranch restaurants.

3- Juanito’s Alamosa Restaurant

Serving local recipes with fresh local ingredients, Juanito’s Mexican Restaurant is situated on the first Alamosa street in Colorado. Their renovated dine-in and bar design is more appealing and fetches their client’s attention.

Juanito's Mexican Restaurant
Juanito’s Mexican Restaurant

Besides Mexican specialties, their appetizers, desserts, and other recipes are also tasteful. Moreover, the restaurant can also make your special days memorable. You can enjoy bowling and birthday parties there.

4- Nino’s del Sol Restaurant

Nino’s del Sol Restaurant is a traditional restaurant based on Chicano cuisine. They have been serving the food with the same taste for many years. They are providing the best food in Alamosa main street, Colorado.

The restaurant is best known for its Tamales recipe, and they prepare Tamales from scratches and steams them with great perfection. You can also try the Chorizo, the favorite dish among families. The restaurant is facilitated with a full bar and dine-in options which make it best for groups, kids, and families.

5- The Purple Pig Pizzeria & Pub

It is a superb place to try the best pizza in Alamosa, Colorado. The restaurant overall serves fast food and multiple pizza flavors. Besides its other items, it is best known for its pizza quality.

The Purple Pig Pizzeria & Pub
The Purple Pig Pizzeria & Pub

No doubt, the other food items they are serving are also tasteful, but they are still known for their best pizza quality. The place provides a fun and family-friendly environment in the dine-in where you can feel at your home. So, whenever you visit Colorado, don’t forget to visit The Purple Pig Pizzeria & Pub.

6- IHOP Alamosa

IHOP in the Main St Alamosa is always ready to beat your hunger and cravings. You can go for a meal, whether it’s your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night cravings. However, the place is well known for its special pancakes.

You can choose anything anytime you want. Besides pancakes, they are always ready to serve anything people love for all ages. You can enjoy good dine-in service at an affordable price.

7- Woody’s Q Shack

Woody's Q Shack
Woody’s Q Shack

The restaurant is approachable for its BBQ taste. They are serving a variety of traditional food including, memorable BBQs in Louis Valley, which is the heart of Alamosa. Its dine-in area is family-friendly, and they are also known for their affordable event organization.

You can enjoy your special event with a portion of delicious traditional food. You can also try BBQ Nachos, Woody wings, sliders, and Smokey meat there.

8- San Luis Valley Brewing Company

If you want to enjoy a high-quality beer with dine-in or outdoor options, you can consider San Luis Valley Brewing Company. They are serving authentic beer in Louis Valley Alamosa.

They use fine-quality ingredients to give a unique flavor to the beer. So, they come up with the classical and seasonal flavors of beer. 

San Luis Valley Brewing Company
San Luis Valley Brewing Company

9- All Valley Café

This café in Alamosa is open for breakfast and lunch with their mouthwatering menu. You will enjoy the best customer service in the restaurant. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is kids and family-friendly. You can enjoy All Valley favorites, classics, skillets, omelets, and pancakes.  

10- Chili’s

The restaurant maintains the southwestern Mexican standard in Alamosa. It comes up with vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free diet options. So, you have to sit to try the service in the restaurant. You can try White Spinach Queso, White Spinach Queso, and Crispy Cheddar Bites. The overall menu selection is excellent, and the service is good.

Chili's Mexican Restaurant
Chili’s Mexican Restaurant

11- May-Wa Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

As the name shows, the restaurant comes with Chinese food options. If you plan for a healthy family dinner with great fun, you can try May-Wa Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant. It is present on the Main street of Alamosa, Colorado.

They are providing the quickest and excellent service at a reasonable cost. Their dishes are substantial in size, and the main dishes for two persons are more than enough. You can try their crispy noodles, crabmeat cheese wontons, sweet and sour chicken for a good experience.


Colorado is well known for its traditional and classic Colorado food. There are several famous restaurants you can visit to beat your cravings. On the other hand, Alamosa is the central city of the home rule municipality.

Colorado food
Colorado Food

It is the central state of Colorado in terms of commercial purposes and the main point of Adams State University. So, if you are visiting Alamosa for any of these purposes, you should try the delicious food. There are several Alamo ranch restaurants in the city, and you can try these best Alamosa restaurants.


What’s your favorite Alamosa restaurant? 

There are so many great Alamosa restaurants, but if I had to choose just one, it would have to be the Thai restaurant. The food is the best, and the service is excellent too!

What’s the best dish you’ve ever had at a restaurant in Alamosa?

The best dish I’ve ever had at a restaurant in Alamosa was the shrimp and grits. It was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. 

How do you decide which restaurant to eat at when you’re traveling?

It can be tough to decide which restaurant to eat at when traveling. You want to find a place with good food, but you also want an affordable and convenient location. Here are a few tips for choosing a restaurant:

– Look for restaurants near your hotel or the main attractions in the city.

– Check online reviews to see what other people have said about the restaurants in the area.

– Compare prices and see which restaurants offer the best value for your money.

– Ask locals for recommendations. They’ll know which restaurants are worth checking out and which ones to avoid.

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