The classical Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica is on the sweeping shores of Runaway Bay. It is a stunning natural place, merging hills, plants, white golden beaches, and dazzling landscapes. It features an outdoor pool, a yard, and an eatery. Experience the true spirit of Jamaican culture. Your family would like to discover Runaway Bay’s lovely mystery. Feel the peace of a remote white sand cove encircled by stunning scenery. See the most genuine areas of Jamaica and be amazed by the food and the music. So, Jamaica weather in December suits thrilling interactions with this culture.

Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

Among the best hotels in Jamaica, you can view the landscapes and value the amenities at Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica.

All-inclusive facilities

This hotel features a bellhop, a 24-hour reception, and a worldwide entertainment plan for kids and adults alike. It includes diving, fishing, tennis, and sailboats for rent, all free for an hour each day, subject to demand. Amphitheatre, parking spaces, New Water Park, means of transport, and entry to Bahia Principe Village are among the many services available.

Facilities at Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica
Bahia Principe Grand Facilities

Further, you can have three dinners at A la carte cafes with bookings and proper attire crucial. Free WiFi is offered all day at the hotel. Likewise, driving lessons are available in the pool, with one session per person per stay, subject to capacity.

Rooms and suites

Take off your shoes and unwind in privacy in your area. The suites are elegant, roomy spaces with modern furnishings. You can rest on the canopy beds and a terrace ideal for relaxing in the evening. The Junior Suite Premium has a minibar, safety storage box, coffee machine, and movie area. You will receive high-speed WiFi and parenting, as well.

Similarly, the newly updated Junior Suite Premium Ocean Front offers maximum capacity with queen canopy beds. A hydromassage tub and sea view are highlights of the sea view. There is even a patio in the front.

Relish world-class cooking

Jamaica is a vibrant cultural hub with a lively Caribbean vibe. Explore this captivating island’s secret gem. It is home to pure sand shores, Victorian art, and superior dining. Time travel to the moment you saw the brunch at Orquidea Main Restaurant for the first time. Also, freshly grown and freshly made meals will delight the whole family at these shops.

Bahia Principe Grand Beach Restaurant
Bahia Principe Grand Beach Restaurant

Furthermore, savor tasty meals at Beach Restaurant while enjoying the captivating views. Visit and sample the seafood options by the river. All provide a genuine culinary encounter. The busiest markets around the globe fuel it. Similarly, enjoy the finest variety at Restaurant Food Market. Here, food is inspired by the planet’s most colorful stores.

Things to cover

Step inside a relaxing Victorian world. Discover everything like sports and a spa to pamper yourself and make this your finest family holiday yet. You can relax with a drink at the poolside at Fresh Water Park. Your kids may amuse themselves by playing on the slide and having fantastic times. Take satisfaction in a spa day with your companion.

Moreover, luxurious sea-view pools for swimming are available. Take some time to unwind in our three huge pools. Beautiful tropical gardens enclose them. Likewise, relax on the pristine shores. Enjoy the day close to the sparkling seas in a quiet bay. Remember to take advantage of all the sports this getaway has to offer. Also, go to the gym and make sure you reserve a spot if you’re seeking to stay fit.

Explore with your family

Visit an island where you may design the paradise of your fantasies. Every second you can spend here. It will become a priceless recollection of your ideal tropical holiday. Take the most significant use of your vacation time. Discover everything in paradise and live each day with a fresh experience. Apart from all this, trek along the resort’s lovely sand shores, charter a boat, and ride the waves. You can even travel to a tropical jungle. There are endless opportunities every day.

Family Time
Family Time

In addition, enjoy the comfort that will instantly put you at ease with our exquisite and customized facilities. Your body will be able to unwind like never before. To have the break of your dreams, join other visitors at the spa or have a delicious meal beneath the cool shade of a palm tree on the coast.

So, make each second greater than the one before it. Make the most of what is offered and design your dream vacation. Together, create lasting memories by singing at one of the lively concerts, enjoying a fine supper on the shoreline, and splashing in the pool’s calm waters.

Other Hotels in Jamaica

These Jamaican hotels have all been selected based on their rooms, amenities, eating options, style, and location.

1- The Trident Hotel

On the east coast of Jamaica, this elegant villa-only property “The Trident Hotel” emits a laid-back charm and is kilometers from Port Antonio. Every one of the 13 villas has a patio with a pool. So, there’s also an exclusive spa, movie theatres, an open-air cafe with a view of the sea, and a gated lagoon outside.

2- The Caves Hotel

Probably Naomi Campbell’s favorite hotel is after a time here. You could make it yours as well. The Caves is an all-inclusive resort, but not in the usual way. It is a small, luxurious, private getaway with just 12 cabins built above Negril’s cliffs. That is the reason you might ever want to go.

The Caves Hotel
The Caves Hotel

3- The Cliff Hotel

The Cliff Hotel is among the cliffs of the famous west side of the city. It gives the views of the Caribbean Sea in a turquoise-blue shade. This stylish luxury hotel has complete privacy and lodgings in all-suite or villa forms. You have an excellent addition to the Negril landscape when you join a popular eatery with helpful service and a gorgeous setting.

4- Sandals Negril

Couples can expect a complete beach getaway that offers classic Caribbean landscapes. You will find Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa close to ideal. Likewise, you may spend your time away as busy or relaxed as you choose at this adults-only getaway. Therefore, it offers a variety of events and lots of space to spread out and relax.

5- Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

This resort is at the center of Negril, a beautiful area of west Jamaica. This hotel is suitable for families. It provides kids and adults with equal amounts of enjoyment. The eateries range from a creperie to a beachside location where you may eat fish and watch the sunset.

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa
Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

6- The Rockhouse

The Rockhouse stands above the rough limestone cliffs and clear ocean of Negril’s West End. The charming little private resort is called The Rockhouse. Hence, once you pass the fortress, you are encircled by greenery. Paths wind around the cliff’s edge, leading to bathing spots, dining rooms, tented cottages, the spa, and shaded places.

7- Royalton White Sands

Royalton White Sands is located near major Jamaican sites. It includes Dunn’s River Falls and the historic Rose Hall Great House. So, it fronts a stunning crescent of beachfront along the north coastline, west of the Falmouth harbor.

8- Riu Reggae

The Spanish chain’s latest Jamaican playing field blends excellent service with surprise luxuries. Riu Resorts provides a fantastic vacation at a reasonable cost. Thus, you depart feeling like you received more than you expected.


Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica is one of the best Resorts in Jamaica. Located in Runaway Bay, this 4-star resort offers a complete service. In addition to the many activities they offer, guests may use the spa, cafe, and beaches, as well as party, surf, and snorkel. The resort offers elegant suites with cooling facilities, a coffee source, a terrace, and a spa bath. Thus, it is an excellent option for families and couples exploring it together.

FAQs on Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica

What rules apply to guests staying at this hotel?

This hotel chain’s safety and health standards provide the basis for the regulations. Visitors must abide by the rules concerning mask wear, hand sanitation, temperature checks, and social distancing. The dressing code, the arrival and exit cycles, and the hotel rules must all be kept by visitors.

What happens if I lose a particular item at Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica?

You may contact the front desk or the customer service staff. They will help you locate your misplaced item or notify the police in your area. It suggests visitors store their possessions in the safe since the hotel cannot be liable for misplaced or lost items.

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