With the onset of the dry season, the weather in Jamaica in December makes it one of the significant months to visit. Remember that it is a travel month. Reserve your lodging at Bahia Principe Grand Jamaica as soon as possible. Jamaica’s shopping, lifestyle, and activities make it the most popular stop on a vacation. Plenty to see and do in Jamaica makes it a thrilling season. The streets are sparkling with festive lights, and the air is light. There is abundant food, a holiday theme to the meals, and weekly holiday parties. Come and enjoy this festive time of year.

Weather in Jamaica in December

If you plan a vacation in the Caribbean with your family, consider going in December. It is because the weather in Jamaica in December is incredible.

Temperature in this Month

Due to its proximity to the equator, the Caribbean has mild winter conditions. The Jamaica Forecast Service reports that the average high temperature in December in Jamaica is 87°F, or around 31°C. 22°C and 71°F are the typical lows.

Despite being near the year’s lowest elevation at 87°F, July and August are the hottest months, just four degrees warmer at 91°F. It ranks Jamaica among the few islands where sunbathing on a majority of days and at most times of the day in December.

Jamaica in December
Jamaica in December

Average Rainfall

Once more, December marks a period of less rain. For over thirty years, the Forecast Service of Jamaica has reported that the moderate rainfall in December has been slightly over two inches. January through March had barely any rainfall on average, so it’s not as pleasant.

However, two inches is a modest amount for most months in the Caribbean. It’s also much better than the yearly six-inch drop at the highest point in October. Better still, contrary to various months and other locations, it only rains a total of six days every month. With 14 days, October is the most miserable month.

Events to Cover

The most significant event of the season is the Reggae Marathon. It takes place on December 8. Located in the seaside resort of Negril, this race is a terrific way to combine the spirit of the holidays with activity and a party. Likewise, start your December holiday with a booming boat party at Maiden Cay Beach Party. It occurs on an unused, gorgeous, quiet islet in Kingston. This day party has plenty of crab pasta, meals, and high-end beverages.

Moreover, Christmas fairs are an ideal place to find authentic local items to give as gifts to loved ones or to save as souvenirs. One great place to get homemade items is the Potter’s Fair. Another such event is Market at the Lawn on December 15 & 22. Across the area, New Year’s Eve is a special event. So, it is an exception. Thus, visit Pier 1 on the Bay if you are in Montego Bay for a New Year’s Eve event.

Reggae Marathon
Reggae Marathon

Fruits and Foods to Eat

In Jamaica, there’s usually a fruit in season. While you’re here, you should sample some of those unusual treats. They will be better than when you try to get them elsewhere. A tangelo is an orange-colored grapefruit with a taste of a tangerine mixture. Also, June Plum covers a fibrous, prickly center. This juicy, tangy, sweet fruit is worth it.

Although ackee is accessible year-round, its peak season is September to December. The avocado season lasts from September until December. Similarly, several of the sugary plants have a ripening season from December.

Usual Outfits in December

Recall that summer is year-round in Jamaica. When tour buses blast the ACs, it’s more of a concern than the chilly climate in Jamaica. On the journey down, you can generally pack a light jacket. So, have it beside you if you need something one evening or on a trip on the bus.

Places to Stay

It offers various hotel options regardless of choice, price range, and location. These are a few of the most well-liked ones. You may pick from multiple beach resorts with pools, spas, eateries, and theatres to live in the finest conditions. Choose a stylish, unique boutique hotel like the Geejam for a more customized and friendly stay.

Geejam Hotel Jamaica
Geejam Hotel Jamaica

Similarly, you may rent a home, villa, or flat from Airbnb for more silence and a homely feeling. Many alternatives are available in various locales and price ranges, from comfy apartments to roomy mansions. The Rattan House, The Blue Lagoon, and The Gazebo are among them.

Nearby Attractions

In Jamaica, there are countless things to do. Which options you choose will rely on your interests. If you need help deciding where to go in Jamaica, read the overview of the many places to see before deciding.

1- Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is a practical location for visiting the island. In history, Columbus discovered Jamaica at Discovery Bay in 1494. Go to Columbus Park to honor his arrival. Likewise, it is the most convenient location on the north shore. Here’s one more wonderful thing about Discovery Bay.

Further, it is on the island’s upscale North Coast beach area. Here, you need more people to distract you from the hassle of sitting alone. Instead, you are fortunate to have advanced construction that keeps this place unique. Therefore, it is the finest in the world.

Discovery Bay
Discovery Bay

2- Montego Bay

Montego Bay is called to as MoBay. This lively town has lots to offer and is perhaps a tourism center. Observe the white sand shores, eateries, nightlife, villas, hotels, and resorts. You can visit ancient planter homes. Likewise, take a refreshing swim at Doctor’s Cave Beach. It is said to have medicinal benefits. Spend time in Gloucester Avenues Hip Strip.

So, it offers free-of-charge shopping, dining, and parties. It is commonly known that Pier One and Margaritaville are the areas to party. Try the Shoppes at Rosehall for luxury shopping. And, if you love dancehall music, the biggest reggae concert in the world is Sumfest. It happens every year in MoBay. Hence, if you play golf seriously, you can go to the finest courses here.

3- Kingston

If you consider Kingston a holiday spot, you’re missing out on a chance, but only visit it if you stay at least one day there. It has a loveable aura and energy despite its fame. The Little Theatre presents theatre shows. Also, the National Gallery of Art has a sizable collection of works by the region’s artists. Play golf or explore Devon House’s stores.

Moreover, you can see a horse race at Caymanas Park. Likewise, watch cricket at Sabina Park and start on a trip to see Port Royal, an aquatic city. Of course, you must go to the stunning Marley Museum if you are a music fan. It is said that Barack Obama visited here on his presidential visit. Indeed, it stays in his vehicle, parked nearby.

Holiday at Kingston
Holiday at Kingston

4- Portland

Tourism in Jamaica begins here. But you may fail to come here because of Kingston’s airport and the rise of Montego Bay. Still, it is a peaceful, relaxed setting with some gorgeous scenery. It was indeed a get-away-from-it-all event. Explore the fantastic Blue Lagoon, Reich Falls, Somerset Falls, and more.

Further, movie stars like Tom Cruise, Ginger Rogers, and Bette Davis used to visit out here. Plenty of movies were filmed here. Apart from all this, the Rio Grande Valley offers some of the most significant birding options. Thus, hike the Blue Mountains. It produces one of the world’s most robust and costly coffee products.


December is a fantastic time for a trip to Jamaica. It offers little rainfall along with cozy, sunny weather. Jamaica has many things to enjoy: shopping, tradition, beaches, and waterfalls. Making reservations well in advance is essential to receive the cheapest rates. It has the best resorts in Jamaica, gorgeous beaches, and a vibrant culture. You can participate in activities outside, joyous events, and lounging on the beach. So, the weather in Jamaica in December is the best.

FAQs about the Weather in Jamaica in December

What is the sunshine-like while considering the weather in Jamaica in December?

Jamaica experiences, compared to 4383 hours. The times of year with the most sunshine are July, August, and January through April. December has seven hours of direct sunlight on average every day. So, this month has eleven hours of daylight averaged daily.

Which public holidays are observed in Jamaica in December?

The most well-known holidays fall in December; however, there are many others throughout the year. Boxing Day is the next day, shortly after Christmas Day, on December 26. Meanwhile, Christmas Day is an official holiday on December 25.

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