Some people love traveling while many others fear it. A common cause could be a traumatic event or an unpleasant travel experience. Also, this may be a personality trait, or the person simply doesn’t like going out of their comfort zone. You can enjoy reading “The Catcher in the Rye” at home or be eager to relive the character’s adventures. Whatever the case, wanderlust can be inspired in people either by showing them exotic pictures of different places or sharing fun stories from tourism experiences. Also, The Catcher In The Rye essay examples or interesting travel books can spark a desire for adventure in people even with extreme levels of hodophobia.

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This article will share our top recommendations that inspire wanderlust. 

Top 5 Best Books About Travel Adventure

1- A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines (By Anthony Bourdain)

This book gives a trip of gastronomies associated with various cultures worldwide. A Cook’s Tour shares Bourdain’s adventures, dining across different countries, including Spain, Portugal, Russia, Morocco, France, Mexico, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan. Aside from adventure and travel, the book promotes education about different cultures.

In this journey, Bourdain shares experiences that included eating a still-beating cobra heart during a visit to Hanoi, sampling premature baluts (duck embryos), and a Moroccan tagine.

2- Masked Rider (By Neil Peart) 

This is a non-fictional story by Neil Peart, a talented and popular rock drummer from Rush. The tale is about the author and his adventure as a cyclist in Cameroon, a county in the western part of Africa. Peart had this bicycling adventure in the company of David Mozer in 1988. 

Along with him and the author were three other strangers; Leonard (an African-American Vietnam War veteran and electrical engineer), Annie (an administrative assistant), and Elsa (a consistent nag and pacifist). The travels included northern and southern adventures, buses, and trains. 

At the end of the tour, the group dispersed to Paris and Mali. This is one of the best travel adventure books that can engross you and make you want to pack up your bags.

3- Finding Gobi (By Craig Borlase and Dion Leonard)

This is one of the finest adventure books ever and a New York Times bestseller. This story is great for lovers of pets and traveling. In this true-life tale, one of the authors, Dion Leonard, an ultramarathon runner, runs into a dog while on a 155-mile racing competition.

He was running across the Gobi Desert in China. The female dog, which Dion later named Gobi, was more than determined to follow him every step of the way. The canine followed Dion as he traveled across large expanses of sand dunes and over the Tian Shan Mountains. 

Gradually, Dion’s focus shifted from winning the race to maintaining the bond he now shared with Gobi long after the competition ended. He split his limited food and water supply with the dog and carried the dog across rivers as he journeyed. The total distance he covered with the dog was 77 miles. 

In the end, Dion didn’t win the race but earned something he considered more valuable – the dog. Dion made plans to return home with the dog at the end of the race, but it went missing in the streets of China. Luckily, Dion found him with the help of kind strangers and the internet. 

4- Start Here (By Trish Doller)

This is a must-read for beach lovers. This is a very intriguing story about two teens, Willa and Taylor. They were on their way to Key West from Ohio onboard a boat. Their best friend, Finley, who was supposed to travel with and guide them died shortly before graduation exams.

The only option for their final destination narrowed down to clues they stumbled upon as they sailed the seas. In two months, they traveled over two thousand miles on the water. Travel and adventure are the dominant themes in this novel. But other exciting tales of forgiveness, grief, and self-discovery also exist.

Trish described the storyline so well that readers can feel the emotions brewing within the characters.

5- The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)

You can’t spend years on campus without hearing about Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, centered on an Andalusian shepherd, Santiago. He sold his flock of sheep and set out to pursue his dreams.

In his adventure, Santiago traveled to Africa to find his ‘personal treasure’ at the Pyramids. While sleeping in a ruined church, he learned about the valuables in a dream. On the journey, he loses everything, meets a companion, and also falls in love with an Arabian girl named Fatima. 

Santiago also met an Alchemist, who taught him a lot about self-discovery and listening to the voice in one’s heart. After several events, Santiago later discovered that the treasures were in the church where he had the dream and not in the pyramid.


More unique essays elaborate on the importance and fun of traveling out there. Our picks in this article depend on personal preferences. So, you can also find other pieces on traveling to inspire you. Meanwhile, have fun reading these adventure books.

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