New Mexico is a hub of the most panoramic and diverse landscapes. It delivers infinite sightseeing, exploration, and venture prospects. Tourists prefer to uncover exciting things to do in New Mexico because of the decisive influences of the culture. The state covers many unique attractions in gigantic cities, the smaller hubs, and the artists’ museums. It blends to remind you what it means to trek lightly on the trails and cherish the natural gems. Today, you can plan a budget trip to Mexico. It presents fantastic nature events, unusual cuisine, and a fine arts scene.

Things to Do in New Mexico

To uncover the best places to visit, you can review the top things to do in New Mexico.

1- Hike at Petroglyph National Monument

The Petroglyph National Monument is driven jointly by the city and the National Park Service. It helps maintain this cultural site while apprising tourists. The area encloses 7,244 acres with a basalt ridge, five static volcanoes, and a vast plateau. Likewise, the park’s notable feature is its petroglyphs. These images were carved in the basalt by older people and earlier Spanish emigres years ago.

Petroglyph National Monument
Petroglyph National Monument

Around 20,000 petroglyphs are located within the grassland. Even, many of them can be considered from the hiking trails. You can encounter three main hiking paths. The least rugged is the Boca Negra Canyon. It has 100 petroglyphs along one mile of pathways. Thus, hikers should be mindful of local wilderness, mainly creatures, and be well prepared with water for more extended strolls.

2- View Carlsbad Caverns National Park

This park is composed of about 120 known caves. Carlsbad Caverns National Park is hidden chiefly covert. It is carved from limestone deposits in an old sea. The exotic underground landscape is the most famous tourist point. The service presents self-guided audio and ranger-led treks.

Further, tourists can also undergo bat sights, trips to specific caves, and steps through the geological formations. In addition, travelers will find many options for back-country walks and backpacking.

3- Shops at Santa Fe Plaza

Your trip to New Mexico will take you from the capital city. It is suitable, as the city has thrilling tourist places like the Santa Fe Plaza. Here, you will see the historical structures, brightly painted walkways, cafes, and stores selling things. This plaza is a pleasing spot to stay under the green trees in the center grassy space with a coffee.

Santa Fe Plaza
Santa Fe Plaza

 While the warm sun purifies through the shadow, it will remind you that this is a desert place. Similarly, as you rest here, think about that space on your wall or the cover. Any of the many artists who show their work on the sidewalks will have what you are looking for. So, it will carry homies’ warm memories of this remarkable state.

4- Shows at Billy the Kid Museum

On the east grasslands of New Mexico is the smallish townlet of Fort Sumner. Apart from this, the infamous Billy the Kid is the resting area. The slender child was attacked and killed at the nearby Fort Sumner State Monument by Pat Garrett at the age of twenty-one.

Moreover, the gallery organizes the Kid’s rifle, horse-riding tools, and the initial Wanted poster. You can allow your children to play free at the rides. The showroom also has a collection of cavalry blades, old guns, and antique cars and trucks. Therefore, guided tours are available for adults.

5- Walk at White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is half an hour’s drive south of the city. It lies in the Tularosa Basin, encircled by rugged cliffs. Glowing white gypsum sand has been made into incredible dunes almost 60 feet high. The wind constantly displaces them. Park your car anywhere and begin your venture by finding a vast dune.

White Sands National Monument
White Sands National Monument

Generally, you can take the 16-mile round trip to the Dunes Drive to feel the park’s vastness. This panoramic trip will take you about 45 minutes. But plan on much longer with your friends, as you’ll be sure to stop at the hiking tracks, picnic points, and shows.

6- See the International UFO Museum and Research Center

This museum and research center was initiated in 1992 as an information hub roused by the Roswell incident. This widely suspected event put it as a seat of UFO activity and interest. Despite this, the gallery intends to forgo persuading tourists to think of extraterrestrial life.

Furthermore, displays aim to look at local events worldwide, inviting visitors. This museum has materials like records, reports, and antiques related to UFO research. Likewise, visitors interested in the unknown mystery will enjoy many UFO tours. They visit spots like Building 84 at the former army base where the military brought the downed craft.

7- Base Area at Taos Ski Valley

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are almost 12,500 feet tall. Its Taos Ski Valley is a magically stunning and expertly prepared winter sports region. This inn is thought to be the best ski resort. The ski resort has recently come under new requests and is undergoing over $300 million in upgrades. It includes new lifts and a rebuilt base site.

Taos Ski Valley
Taos Ski Valley

Fortunately, the staff is careful to preserve the magic and vibe of the valley even with the shifts and progress. It is a skier’s hill with excellent medium and evolved terrain. Still, the ski school is top-notch. Thus, locating good conditions is rarely a challenge with the 25 feet of yearly snow the resort acquires.

8- Ruins at Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument is a preserve confining the area’s volcanic landscapes and past ruins. It is a former home of customary Pueblo people and was likely inhabited from 1150 to 1600 AD. You can view the ruins of the ecology, like the masonry fences and places carved from volcanic rock.

Likewise, Petroglyphs depict the Pueblo culture and everyday life. This national park has a scholarly museum, hiking tracks, and camp bases. You can take the free shuttle to the monument’s most famous area between dusk and dawn. Hence, an exception is created if you have a pet and can drive to the place anytime.

9- Lead to Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

This railway was built in 1880. This caravan lift crosses the 10,015 foot of the pass. So, it heads through the scenic Toltec Gorge. This ride offers spectacular views of the nearby land, grassy, deer-filled hillside fields, and stream-laced peaks.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

Further, it is the tallest steam-powered railway. The ride has thrilling points as it traverses the Cascade Creek. However, you will see many railroad networks along the trip. You can have the choice to stop in the rustic Osier nearby.

10- See the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque organizes the biggest hot air balloon fest each autumn. The practice began in a parking lot in 1973 with solely 13 balloons. It has occupied a 365-acre park with more than 500 balloons partaking. Likewise, the spectacular Mass Ascension has a nine-day festival. It restarts with unique arrays of ballooning and nighttime exhibits.

In addition, the carnival offers plenty of things, from kids’ sports to live players. While, travelers will enjoy vistas in the city’s old town, where the Spanish first inhabited. Therefore, it is home to the nearby Albuquerque Museum.


New Mexico is a beautiful city. It has something for everyone. It includes history, wildlife lovers, to food stalls. You can enjoy this city’s scholarly and artistic offerings. You can respect its majesty. Also, you can have pleasure and comfort in its amusement outlets and meet its friendly people. The city will stun you with its variety and energy and make you enjoy everything. Thus, find out various things to do in New Mexico.

FAQs on Things to Do in New Mexico

What are the transport modes to find the things to do in New Mexico?

New Mexico has various transport modes. You can use the NMDOT Park & Ride service. It delivers express bus lanes. The Rail Runner Express is a commuter railing service uniting the community. It has many airports that offer domestic flights. You can go on a bike to explore the places.

Are there any free parking places available?

There are many places in New Mexico to park for free or cheap. At San Jon Municipal Park, there are 6-15 boondocking sites. Aspen Basin Campground is a woods campground with free camp bases. You can even use the ParkMobile application to locate and pay for parking.

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