Are you planning an independent road trip? In order to organize a trip, you need to choose the right box truck. The best option would be to buy a box truck designed for travel. When choosing the necessary, you should take into account the details of the trip, namely: how many people will be on the trip, what kind of bathroom you need, what supply of water you need to count on (drinking and technical), features of the heating and air conditioning system of the box truck, whether you need a place for cooking, the number of beds, the dimensions of the vehicle.

In addition to the above parameters, the type of terrain on which the movement will be carried out should also be taken into account. If the trip is mainly off-road, then you should choose box trucks for your travel with better depreciation and higher suspension. If you decide to buy a used car, then you need to carefully study the technical condition of the box truck for sale before buying. After all, often, there is a trip over long distances, and breakdowns on such trips are completely useless. Also, it will be annoying if a breakdown overshadows memories. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the engine, suspension, and gearbox.

Box Trucks for Traveling
Box Trucks for Traveling

Factory Models

Unfortunately, large car manufacturing companies do not mass-produce travel cars, so the price of travel box trucks is often quite high. We list below worthy, in our opinion, models of such cars:


The comfortable travel box trucks are designed for full-fledged accommodation of 4 adults. 2 large beds, a cozy living room with an extra bed, a spacious kitchen, and dining space – there is everything for a long trip. The wardrobe system is thought out to the smallest detail; there are hidden lockers and plenty of storage space. Separately, it is worth noting one of the best heating systems and air conditioning, which have high technical characteristics.

The box truck for sale is assembled on the basis of the FIAT, which reduces its cost due to insufficient reliability on serpentine or poor road surfaces, but provides chic maneuverability and confident movement on highways.


The French box truck was created on the basis of the Fiat chassis. This immediately suggests that the suspension will feel better on roads full of bumps and pits. But manufacturers have added rigidity and agility to the body so that highways are suitable for this box truck. To assemble the interior, a classic project was used, in which there is one stationary bed and one pull-out bed. It can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. But the system for transforming the dining area in the bed allows 2 more people to stay here. True, comfort is significantly lost. 


Everything else is quite standard – a small kitchen, a cassette-type toilet, a constant supply of hot water, heating, and air conditioning. It also provides for the presence of additional props in the configuration – they provide high stability on uneven and loose surfaces.


Reliable box truck with sufficient comfort for a long stay. The box truck based on KAMAZ 43118 was assembled. But despite the strict appearance, this box truck meets all the characteristics of a good and comfortable camper.

In autonomous mode, the box truck quietly overcomes up to 2000 km. A three-axle drive, a reliable engine, a boiler, and autonomous heating allow you to travel in the most severe conditions. For winter climates, this is ideal. Box truck KAMAZ 43118 is especially appreciated by lovers of long winter fishing and travelers to northern countries. He behaves flawlessly in snowdrifts and on ice. This option also has an add-on. Manufacturers offer a model with an additional trailer and a built-in sauna.

In addition to the models listed above, there are many more worthy and comfortable box trucks for sale. Therefore, we advise you to carefully consider the requirements that the machine must meet, carefully study all the offers on the market, and only then make the final choice for yourself.

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