Traveling from Bozeman to Glacier park is straight and convenient. The mileage depends upon the routes you are taking to reach your destination. You can also make your travel more engaging by converting your move to a road trip. There are many stops on the way from Bozeman to Glacier National Park.

Tourists can convert this travel into days by stopping at some fascinating spots. However, you can also choose a quick route from Bozeman to Glacier National Park.

Routes to Take from Bozeman to Glacier National Park

You can consider three routes to approach Glacier National Park from Bozeman. You can reach your destination by flight, by car, by bus. The mileage and cost for these routes are different and depend upon how you want to travel, either in the quickest way or desire some adventure.

Visit Glacier National Park
Visit Glacier National Park

1- Travel by Flight

It is the quickest and more convenient way to reach the park. Visitors can choose this option if they want to get to their destination straightway. Sometimes this route also depends upon the weather, day, and airline you are traveling. On average, it will cost 410 dollars by flight and will take 4 hours to travel.

2- Travel by Car

It is another easy way to get to the park if traveling in your car. Visitors can choose this option if they have your vehicle to travel. It will take almost 6 hours by road trip. On the other hand, the opportunity to travel via car is cost-effective. You have to spend only $45 to refuel your car, and you are ready to go. It is an adventurous way to reach the park.

Road Trip to Glacier National Park
Road Trip to Glacier National Park

3- Travel by bus

You can choose this option if you don’t have your car and cannot afford the flight. It is a tiring route because it is 777 miles to get to Glacier Park from Bozeman by bus. It will take 21 hours to travel from Bozeman to the park. This one is the longest route to get to the National Park because it will take seven relocations in the meanwhile.

Road Trip and Quick Stops 

You can choose a car route if you want to enjoy more scenic views on the way to the park. Tourists will meet stops on the way that requires a quick visit to enjoy. 

1- Madison Buffalo Jump State Park

It will be the first stop of your trip from Bozeman to Glacier National Park. Being a colossal bison cliff jump in North America, it is a fascinating area where you can hike on a steep path. Visitors can see how wolves hunt for bison, covering their cliff.

Buffalo Jump State Park
Buffalo Jump State Park

It is an enthralling place to visit. This place is a worth visiting point during your trip. The park is based on archeological findings, and bison migrate to this park every year because of its thick grass.

2- The Shortest River in The World

The river extends from a massive spring to the Missouri River and finally reaches Montana. It would be a refreshment stop on a tiring long trip. This place requires a second stop while going towards National Glacier Park. It is Reo River and only 201 feet in length. 

This river is the shortest river globally due to its stubby constant point. Visitors can enjoy swimming and strolling along the river.

3- Giant Springs State Park

This stop will take your trip to the next level. Giant Springs State Park requires a third quick stop during travel. It is a worth visiting spot that offers another adventure. Visitors will love this place because there is the world’s largest freshwater spring in the park. Montana is known for the Rainbow Dam spring that resides in this park.

Giant Springs State Park
Giant Springs State Park

The park is expanding over 4600 acres and offers 20 miles of trails. There are also several things to do in the park. 

4- Old Trail Museum 

This museum is known for its unique paleontological displays containing actual dinosaur skeletons. It is the 4th worth visiting a spot that requires a quick stop in your journey. Visitors can step back in the past by visiting this museum as it offers a past view. It is an informative place where visitors can see several worth-visiting museums. Visitors can see how their grandparents lived their lives. The museum contains an appreciable collection of historic criminal books and a western artist’s studio.

Things to do in Glacier National Park

Tourists can enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, and photography. Moreover, they can explore glaciers, enjoy the sunset, and stroll across the MacDonald Valley. Tourists can spend about 3 to 4 days enjoying everything across the park. It is also good to see Wild Goose Island in the park.

Glacier National Montana
Glacier National Montana

Why should you visit Glacier National Park?

The park covers 1583 square miles of a vast wilderness area. It spans over the Canadian border and covers several glacier peaks. It offers about 700 miles of hiking trails. There are several lakes in this park, but cracker lake is one of the most beautiful Glacier Lake Montana.

Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset at granite Chalet Point. You can also hike to the swift current point after Granite Chalet, the park’s highest point. Visitors can enjoy a scenic view of the whole park from this part.

Conclusion: Bozeman to Glacier National Park

There are three ways to go from Bozeman to Glacier National park. Visitors can get to the park by car, flight or bus. It always depends on how you wish to make your trip easier or more adventurous. It is preferable to visit the park by car. So, visitors can enjoy some more places. Don’t miss the chance to stop at the four spots mentioned if you are reaching the park by car.

Get Glacier National Park from Bozeman
Get Glacier National Park from Bozeman

FAQs About Bozeman to Glacier National Park

1- Should you take a trip from Bozeman to Glacier National Park in Covid-19 Situation?

Yes, the tourists are not restricted to visiting the park. However, there are some rules to follow while entering the park.

  • The face mask is mandatory to wear before entering the park.
  • Follow Social distancing.

2- What are things to do in Giant Springs State Park?

Mainly the park is known for water-based activities, but several other things to do. Tourists can enjoy a picnic, hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, photography in the Giant Springs State Park.

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