Knoxville is an eastern city present on the edge of the Tennessee River. Several visiting points and attractions are grabbing tourists’ attention in the area. On the other hand, Pigeon Forge is a town based in mountainous regions. This town is value able for its beauty and charm in eastern Tennessee. There are some worth visiting stops and other things to do on the way if you are moving from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge by road.

Trip from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge

Let’s look at the details of various stops and things from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge!

First stop

Visitors will get the first stop at Bryson city in a way that requires a quick cease when they start traveling from Knoxville. Bryson is a northern city in Tennessee. The city is known for its multiple visiting attractions, including charming streams, Appalachian Trail, and Smoky Mountain Trains Museum. It is the best place for nature lovers to enjoy scenic views in this paradise. It also provides a gateway to Smoky Mountain National Park.

Bryson City
Bryson City

Things to Do in Bryson City

Bryson offers several fantastic things to its visitors. Uncorked wine train excursion is the best thing to do at this site. Visitors can visit the historical great Smoky Mountain Railroad, which ran from the 19th century. Visitors can enjoy incredible views of this place with great fun. You can also enjoy hiking at GSMNP – Deep Creek Trail. Swain County Heritage Museum is another site to visit if you want to look back on the past.

There is a three-waterfalls hike in Bryson. It is another best place for hikers. Don’t miss the chance to get through this place if you are moving by Bryson. This point brings an opportunity to capture lots of natural views with your camera.

Second stop

There is a second spot Cherokee is the worth voyage’s stop present at Oconaluftee River Valley. It is a small town that consists of a census-styled preserved area known for its 18th-century lifestyle. The contribution is 10 miles forward to Bryson while moving to the Pigeon Forge.

Oconaluftee River Valley
Oconaluftee River Valley

Visitors will meet this area through a 17-minute drive after Bryson. This town is famous for playing the theater drama “Unto These Hills,” which sentences tribal tales in summers. This site is always open to its visitors free of cost.

Things to do in Cherokee 

This place is notable for private and custom tours. You can visit the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The site also discloses the history of this land from the 18th century. History was made because thousands of Cherokee stayed here. The Antiquity of Cherokee is removed from books. So if anyone wants to know the past of the place, he can visit the museum.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in perceiving antiquity, you can also enjoy a beautiful mountainous stream. North Carolina Streams and History is known for its beauty, where visitors can sink in the beauty of green forest and trails.

Third stop

You will meet Great Smoky Mountains National Park 5 minutes after leaving Cherokee. It is an American park that emerges between the borders of Carolina and Tennessee. It is famed for its smoky mountainous region, lush forests, and vast wilderness. This National park shields several waterfalls, smooth streams, and rivers inside.

Great Smoky Mountains
The Great Smoky Mountains

The area of the park spans over 522,419 acres. Moreover, this park allows its visitors to capture incredible views with their cameras. It makes the entire state popular for tourists.

Things to Do in Park

The Park offers a vast wilderness, long hiking trails, and several scenic views. Visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, and fishing here. Some historic buildings also reside inside, so the visitors can also visit those buildings. The fresh and clear water of rivers and waterfalls permit the tourists to enjoy water-based activities. So, you can also enjoy swimming and diving there. This site is also known for the variety of wilder flower that blooms every year in the Park. Camping is another visitor’s most desired thing to do there. Never miss the chance to visit this park if you travel from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge

Fourth Stop

You will meet the fourth stop of your journey after covering 2.8 miles from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Townsend is a small territory known for Smokies’ soothing and relaxing side. Also, the place counts as a naturally preserved area for its wider diversity of animals and plants.


It is the smallest peaceful area in Tennessee with less population. It is the best place to visit due to its natural atmosphere and friendly community.

Things to Do in Townsend

Visitors can go to see Tuckaleechee Caverns and a spectacular Brandy in Townsend. Visitors can also have a tubbing adventure in Smoky Mountain River Rat Tubing. Nature lovers can also visit The Lily Barn Garden to enjoy several natural views. The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum is another fascination of this place. However, you can also enjoy horse riding on the foothills parkway.

Last stop

Gatlinburg will be your last stop in your journey, and it is a gateway to reach Pigeon Forge after Townsend. It is a small area consisting of 26.96 kilometers square area. This area is famous for its downtown parks and ski journeys.

Things to Do in Gatlinburg

Visitors can enjoy skiing while this area is also known to have fun in its amusement parks. This place also permits its tourists to enjoy hiking through its hiking trails. Horse riding, birding, and fishing are other things in Gatlinburg.

Budget Travel Tips Gatlinburg
Budget Travel Tips Gatlinburg

The Bottom Line: Knoxville to Pigeon Forge

Tennessee is a southern state in the United States. The state is full of attractions and fascination for its visitors. There are several fun things to do there. If you want to enjoy a road trip while moving from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge, you can stop and enjoy these places to make your trip more fascinating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is a budget travel tip for visiting Tennessee?

If you want to visit the local attractions of Tennessee in a budget-friendly manner, you can try this route for stops. You can start your travel from Knoxville, and Pigeon Forge can be your ending point.

2- How Far Is Pigeon Forge from Knoxville?

There are 36 miles of distance between both the cities, and tourists can conveniently move from Knoxville to Pigeon Forge in almost 50 minutes.

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