One of the world’s most renowned natural marvels, New York is famed for its beauty and tremendous energy. It is the most popular interest outside the city, although it’s a holiday trip between the two. The trip from New York to Niagara Falls is just under 410 miles. It is a bit long for a day trip, but New York at night and the nearby cities are worth staying in for a dark. Many locals pick this city over Niagara Falls because of its proximity to some pleasing landscapes. These places let tourists learn about the culture.

New York to Niagara Falls

There are many stops from New York to Niagara Falls. You can uncover every spot from Niagara Falls of the North to New York of the South.

Mode of Transport from New York to Niagara Falls

You can travel from New York City to the stunning falls by flying. By flight, it takes to the nearby city of Buffalo taking only 90 minutes. The quickest way to travel to the Falls is, without any doubt, by plane. The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is outside Niagara Falls. However, it is in the nearby city of Buffalo. It is only 30 minutes by car or up to two hours away by general transit, which is longer than the flight. Flying to Toronto is likewise an alternative if you want to visit the Canadian side or SUP spots of the falls.

Buffalo Niagara International Airport
Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Moreover, it takes almost an hour to reach them by car. The shortest way is to drive yourself, which is a prolonged drive through the lush green forests of New York. Also, the bus is the least expensive way. Although it takes three times as long as a plane, it is marginally more affordable. Lastly, the train is the slowest and most costly pick. But train travel is often thought to be the most relaxing. A bus offers daily trips that begin at $45 for a one-way travel. The bus way is direct but takes nearly eight hours. So be ready to spend an entire recess day in transit.

Best Time to Travel

Each season in Niagara Falls has its benefits. It depends on your choice and the things that you’re looking for. Summer is undoubtedly the peak season for travelers when hotel prices and boat outings are at their highest routines. Regardless, the warm and bright weather more than creates up for the expense contrast, and the spray of the drops even feels stimulating in the summer heat.

In contrast, the winter season is highly chilly and often freezing. Niagara Falls is frigidly cold this season and many of the most popular attractions shut down. It includes the prominent Maid of the Mist trek. Likewise, hotel rates are at their most reasonable. There is an absolute pleasure of snowfall at night in Niagara.

Snowfall at Night Niagara
Snowfall at Night Niagara

Spring and fall are the contrasting times when temperatures are still cold, but the summer crowds have yet to come. In spring, the regional flowers are all in bloom. In the autumn season, the nearby wineries celebrate the seasonal crop fest.

Essential Stops

Before reaching your destination and seeing the most pleasing tourist points in Niagara Falls advised by tourists, schedule stops from New York to Niagara Falls.

1- Harriman State Park, New York

One of the best attractions around a road trip is the countless prospects of exploring the outdoors. Harriman State Park is considered the park system’s most notable place. It has around 200 miles of hiking paths for every kind of walker.

At only almost an hour from New York City, this park is an ideal stop for those looking for an earlier preview of the state’s natural looks. Further, it is a hub to 31 lakes, two public shores, stunning drives, and small streamlets. Thus, there is no doubt that this park is the soundest stop on a road trip to Niagara Falls.

Harriman State Park, New York
Harriman State Park, New York

2- Finger Lakes Region, New York

Indeed, the wide variety in the Finger Lakes Region makes it well worth the re-arrange of the tour. Nearly unlimited options exist in this diverse city, from Cornell University to hiking tracks to lake seasides. Likewise, this lake is incredibly favored by snack lovers, as several local food and breweries can be found around the region.

In contrast, with such a vast assortment of things to relish, this prevalent stop between these two cities may surpass the rest of the highway trip. Also, the popular stops in this region are Keuka Wine Trail, Corning Museum of Glass, Women’s Rights National Historical Park, and more. Remember to click pictures of the beautiful landmarks as a memorable experience.

3- Ithaca, New York

Ithaca is full of natural beauty, historical marvels, and a hub for Cornell University. Road trip drifters can make the most of this remarkable place to stop from New York by trekking the university grounds. It includes the Cornell Botanic Gardens and Arts Quad.

Further, drifters can also explore why it is noted as the city of waterfalls by strolling around Buttermilk Falls. You can enjoy other outdoor sports at the nature center or on the lake cruises. Hence, you can go to Sage Chapel or Uris Library nearby.

Ithaca, New York
Ithaca, New York

4- Princeton, New Jersey

Among the various educational cities, Princeton is home to the prestigious Princeton University. This charming New Jersey townlet of Princeton is a flawless and preferable spot for locals and tourists alike. Similarly, you can explore this Ivy League school’s exquisite campus and value the incredible art and history.

Moreover, guests also love seeing the nearby Princeton Battlefield State Park. Here, the Battle of Princeton emerged in 1777. This rebellious American battleground is a lovely spot to explore and learn about the region’s past. Apart from all this, many popular sites in the town include Nassau Hall and Prospect Garden. It even has Einstein’s Blackboard, Lake Carnegie, and state parks.

5- Blue Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania

Skiers and snowboards must consider a visit to Blue Mountain Resort. This Pennsylvania winter lodge is excellent for an afternoon of outdoor incidents. In winter, tourists enjoy snow tubing, sky diving, snowboarding, and heating up by the outdoor blaze craters.

Further, even off-season visitors can add this stunning resort to their city on a Niagara Falls trip. The Summit Adventure Park at this mountain lodge has zip lining, rope paths, rock climbing, and more. Hence, it is perfect except in winter, when drifters are looking for a venture.

Blue Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania
Blue Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania

6- George Eastman Museum

Although the absolute city of Rochester is worth exploring, travelers with time for only one site should see the George Eastman Museum. This unusual alley is the world’s oldest photography gallery. Likewise, it is a must-visit for those scheduling a road trip. It is in George Eastman’s mansion that is a photography pioneer. This unique gallery features rotating shots and cinema shows. The property’s mansion and gardens are also worth exploring.

7- The Buffalo Zoo

A final stop on the drive from New York is the city of Buffalo. When designing an excellent weekend in Buffalo, you can stop at The Buffalo Zoo. This zoo has been around for around 140 years. It is home to unknown and endangered wildlife. Thus, this zoo cares for many animals and click pictures of these exotic creatures.


Making the finest and most affordable road trip from New York City to the falls directs many essential overnight stays at or close to these stays. To help plan the perfect holiday for a New York road trip, each stop includes highly-rated nearby housing. It ensures plenty of convenience along the trip. They have different travel modes. Still, you can pick between bus, train, airplane, or auto. Further, you can view various landscapes and uncover different activities according to your choice.

FAQs on New York to Niagara Falls

How extensively does going by Amtrak from New York City to Niagara Falls cost?

You can travel by car from Amtrak to Niagara Falls. The train is considered the slowest and usually most expensive travel mode between New York City and Niagara Falls landscapes. Moreover, it is a nearly nine-hour trip, and tickets begin at 68 dollars.

How long does it take you to drive if you have your car?

If you have a car, the drive takes six and a half hours to reach the location. Apart from all this, you can pass through New Jersey and north Pennsylvania before re-entering New York State and persisting to Niagara Falls.

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