Tampa is a widespread destination for travelers and townies. It presents a variety of attractions, sports, and cultural events. There are countless reasons why individuals prefer this city over Fort Myers. Tampa has more recreation prospects. Tourists view theme parks with exciting rides and animal shows. They have fun and academic places to learn about science and tech. It has a rich past full of traditions, mainly in Ybor City. As Tampa has lovely beaches, with the riverwalks, people are often planning a trip to this place. View the Hillsborough River that connects parks, galleries, hotels, and cafes. Thus, locals travel from Fort Myers to Tampa as it provides a set outdoor venue.

Brief of Tampa

Tampa is a traditional city in Florida. It is on the north coast of Tampa Bay. This bay is a large natural port linked to the Gulf of Mexico. The city was founded in 1824 as a martial outpost, which became a townlet in 1855 and a city in 1887. Expanding the cigar drive, mining, railroad transport, and tourism draws its history. Thus, it is a modern and mixed city with many appeals, aquariums, and historical sections.

Transport Medium from Fort Myers to Tampa

One possible conveyance mode to Tampa is by bus. Some buses drive from Fort Myers Bus Station four times a week. The ticket price is around $14-$50 in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Similarly, the distance covered by a car is almost 131 miles. It will take 2 hours and 10 minutes with an estimated fuel cost of $23-$35. Yet, driving may be linked to traffic conditions and toll taxes. There is no other direct option to opt to reach Tampa.

Trip to Tampa
Trip to Tampa

The Weather in Tampa

The weather of this city is primarily warm and bright, with a moderate temperature of 23°C throughout the year. The summer season is quite hot and damp, with periodic thunderstorms and few storms. Yet, the winters are calm and dry, with rare cold shots like snowfalls.

Best Time to Visit Tampa

The most pleasing time to visit Tampa depends on your liking and interests. To enjoy the warm and sunny aura, go from September to November. These days have pleasant surroundings and less rainfall. You can even avoid the crowds and increased prices.

For a view of cultural festivals, the starting months of the year are ideal. Experience the Tampa Bay Blues Festival and other carnivals. Further, October is when the weather is comfortable for outdoor ventures. You can catch a play of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here.

Best Places in Tampa

Apart from many attractions, the best places in Tampa include ZooTampa. It is a magnetic zoo that covers more than 1,300 animals globally, including exotic types. Tampa Theatre is a movie court that dates back to 1926. It has a classic interior with a sea-style aura and a starry top.

Places in Tampa to Visit
Places in Tampa to Visit

This theatre organizes movies, concerts, and other events. Historic Ybor City Food Walking Tour is a suggested tour. It samples the finest dishes in the city’s culinary setting. You’ll also learn about the customs of Ybor City along the route.

Stops on a road trip from Fort Myers to Tampa

Let’s get into the details of various stops on your road trip from Fort Myers to Tampa:

1- Cape Coral

Cape Coral is an exciting city with various attractions. It was based in 1957 by two brothers from Baltimore. They bought an extensive parcel of land and set it as a planned society. It is noted for its 400 miles of channels. These canals offer boating, angling, and watermark options.

You can park your car in allocated areas and de-stress in the gardens. Learn more at the alleys and see historic videos. Yet, it has a sunny environment with a bearable temperature. Thus, it is the city linking Tampa and Miami.

2- Manatee Park

Manatee Park is a garden just a few miles from Fort Myers. Here, visitors can see the risked manatee in its wild habitat. The park is across from a power plant that releases warm water into the channel. It is creating a shelter for the manatees in the winter season. You can rest at this park and then drive to your destination.

Manatee Park
Manatee Park

Furthermore, the park has viewing towers, picnic covers, old plants, and butterfly greens. You can freely glide and canoe rentals and rest at the Orange River. Likewise, this park presents academic programs and directed tours. This way, you can learn about the manatees and other types and their safety.

3- Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is a beautiful city. It is located in Charlotte County on the harbor. This city was based in 1884 as an angling town and evolved into a city in 1887. It has a rich record and civilization. Spanish, Italian, and African-American impact all legacy. You can even consider all the natural attractions by staying here for a day.

See the shores, nature preserves, and botanical greens. Apart from all this, it also has revived historic sections. These complex-designed towers date back to the 19th and earlier 20th centuries. Thus, this city is a must-visit to rest and appreciate every single spot in this city. This place is and half-hour’s ride to Tampa.

4- Nokomis Beach

Nokomis Beach is a chilly seaside in Nokomis on Casey Key. It is a border island on the Gulf of Mexico. It is considered one of the oldest general beaches, set in the 1950s. This beach has smooth white sand, transparent water, and dazzling sunsets. It is almost one hour and eight minutes from Tampa from Highway I-75 N.

Nokomis Beach
Nokomis Beach

Moreover, it is famous for gliding, surfing, shell collecting, fishing, and bird viewing. This beach also has an old beach plaza. A renowned Sarasota School of Architecture creator, Jack West, designed it. Thus, it has lifeguards, paths, picnic shelters, gardens, and toilets.

5- Mote Marine Laboratory and Museum

Mote Marine Laboratory and Museum is a community that drives marine study and teaching. It has a shared aquarium that shows the eclectic marine life and the scientific piece of the labs. Tourists can dig water pools and viewable driving works.

Likewise, see the active displays that feature all fish types and more. This place also offers boat treks, animal meetings, summer bases, and other events. Its mission is to save the seas and habitats via study, protection, and outreach.

6- IHG Hotel

IHG Hotel belongs to the IHG Hotels & Resorts party. It is one of the world’s most prominent hotel groups. IHG means InterContinental Hotels Group plc. Now, it is noted as a British-owned global hotel company. It manages around 6,000 hotels and lodges in around 100 countries.

IHG Hotel
IHG Hotel

Further, 19 brands cater to, unlike market parts. It includes luxury, premier, midscale, and prolonged stays. Some known brands are Regent, Holiday Inn, and Staybridge Suites. It also has a devotion program, allowing members to gain points and enjoy grants at any hotel. This hotel is nine miles away from Tampa. So, rest for a while, then drive further with a fresh mind.


Both cities are quite different, except they are located in the same state with minor distance between them. Tampa offers distinct attractions, sports, and ventures for visitors and locals. If you are planning a trip, this city is flawless in all terms. Tampa is marked for its joy, culture, and shore. The most acceptable time to visit it is from September to December. The transport mode from Fort Myers can be bus or car other than train or plane.

FAQs on Fort Myers to Tampa

What are the three delectable cafes in this city?

Some of the finest cafes in this city are Ulele. It is a waterfront cafe that has a menu of traditional inspired methods. Bern’s Steak House is a grand cafe with wine displays. Columbia Restaurant is a Spanish eatery famous for paella.

What are some of the city’s best occasions and festivals?

One of Tampa’s most pleasing events and carnivals is Gasparilla Pirate Fest. It is pirate-themed and involves a fake invasion by staff of boats. Florida State Fair offers lifts, games, shows, and exhibitions. Guavaween is a Halloween carnival with costume battles and festivity.

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