When you are searching for the most captivating island will lead you to Mauritius. It is an island in the Indian Ocean. Look for its spectacular beaches, lagoons, coral reefs, and prosperous civilization here. Yet, it is a popular destination for roamers who want to relish the tropical weather, exotic wildlife, and historical places. The finest time to visit it is in the middle of the year when it is less congested and humid. There are many beautiful cascades worldwide, including the Underwater Waterfall Mauritius. Hence, it is the place to go if you want a paradise island.

Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

One of the most remarkable features of this island is the Underwater waterfall Mauritius. It is not observable from the land but is a natural spectacle. This cascade forms the illusion of a strong cascading water flow under the sea’s surface. The underwater waterfall is off the shore of Le Morne Brabant. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site peak and a sign of opposition against slavery.

Likewise, the underwater waterfall is not a natural waterfall with a visual illusion driven by the direction of sand and silt from the island’s flats’ shallow waters to the sea’s plunging waters. The sand and water are held by solid currents deviating from the water’s light blue and dark blue shades. It can only be seen from overhead by passing over it in a helicopter or seaplane. You can even view it from satellite images. It may look like any different ocean part from the base level.

Underwater Waterfall
Underwater Waterfall

Underwater waterfalls Mauritius has the most photographed spots on the island. Snorkel and dive, or view the marine life and coral reefs. Yet, it is a mesmerizing sight, showing its magnificence and diversity.

Other Waterfalls in Mauritius

Let’s look at some other waterfalls in Mauritius:

1- Eau Bleue Waterfall

Eau Bleue Waterfall is a breathtaking natural site in the south, near the townlet of Cluny. The term implies blue water. It directs to the turquoise coloring of the reservoirs provided by underground springs. This cascade consists of six waterfalls that range in size and fall depending on the season and rain.

Yet, the most suitable time to view it is from the year’s first quarter. It is when the water flow is at its elevation. You can hike via the sugarcane fields and the woods to reach the cascade, tracking a slightly tricky but rewarding path. So, swim and hop into the clear water or relish a picnic in the refreshing environment.

2- Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls is also noted as Tamarin Falls or 7 Cascades. It is a string of twelve rapids on the Tamarind River west of the island. This fall is considered the most prevalent and adventurous trekking destination. You can have a dazzling view of the valley and the mountains from the cliffs.

Tamarind Falls
Tamarind Falls

Apart from all this, the walk takes about three to four hours, depending on the soundness level and how many falls you want to visit. You can even opt for a suggested tour. It includes kayaking, roping, and paddling in the pools. Hence, the best time to visit is when the weather is arid and enjoyable.

3- Alexandra Falls

Alexandra Falls is a 10-meter-high cascade. It is in the Black River Gorges National Park in the mid-region. You can easily access this waterfall. Just navigate to the parking lot and then wander for a few minutes to the standpoint. From there, you can marvel at the waterfall and the scenic view of the south shore.

Moreover, you can stroll down to the waterfall’s ground if you feel more excited. It follows a thin, bumpy path through the pine woods. You may require an hour and some alert, but it is worth it for the close-up sight of the falls and the reservoir.

4- Mare Longue Waterfall

Mare Longue Waterfall is a hidden gem in the central area. It is also known as Mare aux Joncs Waterfall. It is an undersized but panoramic cascade that flows into a calm pool covered by lush greenery. Yet, it could be more noted and demands a medium hike of almost one hour, one track from the Petrin Information Center.

Moreover, the pathway is mainly dimmed by trees and follows the signs for the Mare Longue route. You will then go to the Mare Longue Dam. It is only a quick walk to the falls. You can also paddle in the clear water or picnic peacefully with your family.

Mare Longue Waterfall
Mare Longue Waterfall

5- Rochester Falls

Rochester Falls is one of the most convenient waterfalls. It is located in the Savanne section near Souillac. This cascade is noted for its surprising cliff front. It is shaped into irregular rectangular blocs by the power of water over hundreds of years. Yet, it is almost ten meters tall and falls into a deep pool beneath.

You can reach the falls by pushing along a dirt lane through the meadows and then hiking for a few minutes along the bank. Here, the encounter sees local fellows hopping from the cliffs into the water, which is exciting. If you are bold enough, merge and relax in the water. After visiting the fall, have a meal at Mich Resto nearby.

6- Exil Waterfall

Exil Waterfall noted as Cascade Leon, is one of the underrated waterfalls. It is located in Riviere des Anguilles, near Souillac. This waterfall has three streamlets flowing side by side into a gigantic pool. It is roughly 20 meters elevated with a hidden shelter behind it.

Moreover, finding and directing a walk-on course from Rochester Falls takes a lot of work. The course is mainly flat but can be dirty and slippery sometimes. It would help if you heeded a mud road, a paved road, and a way through the woods until you reached it. Thus, it is a great place to enjoy the wilderness.

Exil Waterfall
Exil Waterfall

7- Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel Waterfall is an elevated single-drop waterfall with roughly a hundred meters of ridges. It is located around the village of Chamarel. The cascade is grazed by the waters of separate streams that flow into the Saint Denis River. Yet, it is wrapped by dense greenery.

Furthermore, it offers a sensational view of the volcanic terrain. It can be accessed by a quick walk from the parking end, where you can see an outlook and a shop. Visit the nearby Seven-Coloured Earth, a geological marvel with bright dunes.

8- Minissy Waterfall

Minissy Waterfall is a hidden treasure near Moka. The cascade is nearly 15 meters elevated and rushes into a large pool. It is more prominent and instructs a mild hike of about 950 meters one course from the PwC roundabout.

Further, it is primarily flat and manageable to follow but sometimes messy and greasy. In the space, you will also pass by a tower overseeing a river and Bagatelle Dam. Therefore, it is great for gliding and jumping, as a string swing is tied to a tree.

9- Eureka Waterfall

Eureka Waterfall is located after the Eureka House. It is a colonial villa serving as a gallery in Moka. The waterfall has four falls, depending on the weather and rainfall. It can be achieved by following a well-marked trail from the estate, which costs about US$ 8.60 per person.

Eureka Waterfall
Eureka Waterfall

Yet, this trail takes about 15 to 20 minutes and is relatively straightforward, except for some misleading sections near the back. You can also swim in the waterholes. Cafe des Arts provides you with a delicious meal near this waterfall.


You can include Mauritius as a paradise island with numerous impressive rapids to explore and enjoy for a vacation. Whether looking for ventures, peace, or culture, you will find a cascade that suits your preference and mood. Here, you can look for beaches, coral reefs, and seaweed. So, witness the unique and mesmerizing falls, including the underwater waterfall Mauritius and more. It is the most adored and snapped attraction in the world.

FAQs on Underwater Waterfall Mauritius

Is there any fee to enjoy the comforts of the underwater waterfall?

Yes, there is an entrance fee to enjoy the extras of the underwater waterfall. It ranges from €390-€1390. Likewise, book a helicopter outing or select the seaplane, which is a bit affordable. The cost for 15 minutes begins from $150. Then, take a glimpse at the lagoon.

Are there any security concerns for an underwater waterfall?

This cascade is a safe vacation point. Yet, the state has declared the area near the underwater waterfalls a secure marine park, and strict rules are in place to ensure marine life is not upset. The guides must ensure that the area remains spotless.

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