Are you excited about your trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas by ferry? By having a boat ride, you may explore the blue oceans and learn about the islands’ unique culture. Whether you are searching for a peaceful break or rewarding activities, this boat service provides a quick and appealing route. You can enjoy the ease of effortless travel among the various things to do in the Bahamas. Take in the splendor of the Caribbean on the trip to your Bahamian break. So, pack your bag and collect several unique memories.

Ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas

Let’s start a memorable family vacation through a ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas.

Advantages of taking a ferry

If you want to go to the Bahamas in a simple, fast, economical, and exciting way, try riding a boat. Ferries connect various Florida ports with the Bahamas’ central locations. Taking a boat allows you to avoid driving and save on airline and luggage costs. You can enjoy ocean views alongside the route.

Likewise, you may unwind and have joy on board since most boats provide cozy seats, entertainment, food, and beverages. Taking a boat here is a fantastic way for travelers to see the scenery. Thus, they value the heritage without blowing their budgets or wasting time.

Taking a Ferry
Taking a Ferry

Two main places to visit

The two locations accessible by ferry are Freeport and Bimini. However, they have unique features and attractions. Freeport has diverse events, like shopping, food, after-hours, and wildlife. Travel to the bazaar and the conservation center.

Conversely, Bimini is a much more compact and relaxed island. It is famous for fishing, diving, scuba diving, and research. Thus, you may learn about its ample past and folktales.

Balearia Caribbean service

Balearia Caribbean is a Spanish marine transport firm. It conducts the ferry service to the Bahamas. Further, it was created in 2011 and began activities in 2013, enabling rapid and reliable ferry links from Florida and the Bahamas.

Further, the sole ferry driver offers a regular service between Freeport and Bimini, with departures and landings. It seeks to provide a pleasant and joyful trip for consumers. Hence, it encourages the growth of the economy in the Bahamas.

Balearia Caribbean Service
Balearia Caribbean Service

Schedule, price, and booking

The timing, pricing, and reservation method for ferry rides varies depending on location and year. The boat to Freeport leaves at 8 AM and departs at 6:30 PM. Also, the one-sided flight is $180 per person, plus duties. It leaves Fort Lauderdale for Bimini at 6:00 PM.

Moreover, the round-trip ticket is $130 for an individual, including fees and taxes. This pricing and dates are subject to shift and access. Thus, visit the official site or call the support line for the most recent facts and special offers. 

Features and amenities

The ferry travels here is a fast sailboat carrying up to 463 persons. It has two floors with various seats and facilities. However, the cheapest class is on the lowest deck with folding seats, ACs, and a snack bar. The luxury class is on the top floor, with big leather chairs and wide open spaces.

In addition, the boat offers a terrace where people can enjoy a cool breeze and seaside views. The ship has leisure choices such as screens, Wi-Fi, and food. Likewise, you can buy perfumes and duty-free skin care products on board.

Features and Amenities
Features and Amenities

Freeport: Island of Bahamas

Freeport is the principal port on Grand Bahama Island. It is a major tourist and business spot. Wallace Groves built Freeport in 1955 after getting a 20,000-hectare granted land. Freeport has become the Bahamas’ next most populated city, with an expected population.

Main attractions and activities

Freeport has many recreational possibilities for tourists of any age or interest. The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the cultural and commerce center. Local and national brands, crafts, duty-free goods, cafes, and live music can be visited.

Also, the Garden of the Groves, the Rand Nature Centre, and others are great places to see the natural beauty. You will encounter typical plants, insects, and forests. Swimming, angling, and boating are all options on its beaches and reefs.

Best places to stay

You can stay in inns, resorts, or rentals, depending on the selection. Grand Lucayan Resort is a lavish resort with large rooms, suites, a golf course, and eateries. Also, Pelican Bay Hotel is a boutique hotel. It is situated beside a canal opposite the Port Lucaya Marketplace.

Grand Lucayan Resort
Grand Lucayan Resort

Further, Island Seas Resort features comfy apartments. It has an aquatic center, a gym, a play area, and a dining venue. So it is near the Grand Bahama International Airport. Thus, enjoy some festivals, music, and cuisine here.

Culture and Heritage

Freeport promotes its arts and heritage via events, sound, and meals. It exudes a dynamic and colorful vibrancy. Junkanoo is a traditional street parade that you can visit on Boxing Day. It includes spectacular attire, masks, drums, and dance.

Further, the Goombay Summer celebration is a weekly party every fifth night from June to August. It exhibits Bahamian music, dancing, food, and artisans. You can hear live music, see fire dancers, and buy straw bags and wood crafts.

Bimini: Chain of Islands

Bimini comprises a chain of islands with several tiny islands and cays. It is famous for its exploration and intriguing past and folklore. Some say that this fascinating undersea area reflects the remains of a bygone era.

Bimini: Chain of Islands
Bimini: Chain of Islands

Main attractions and activities

Bimini has an array of sights and activities for those who enjoy the ocean and the natural world. You can catch fish or participate in a fishing contest or cruise. Scuba divers may interact with dolphins and explore wrecks and reef gardens.

Also, visit the Bimini Museum, Dolphin House, and Fountain of Youth. In this way, you can learn about the folktales. Hence, boat trips to adjacent islands and cays offer options for exploring lighthouses and beaches.

Best places to stay

Bimini has a range of hotel alternatives to suit every budget and interest. Resorts World Bimini is a premium resort with modern rooms, a yacht club, a spa, and many pools. Also, Bimini Big Game Club Hotel & Marina is a historic resort. It features modest rooms and vacation rentals. It is close to Alice Town. Likewise, Sea Crest Hotel & Marina is a child-friendly hotel. It provides relaxing rooms, flats, a marina, a lounge, and a tavern.

Culture and Heritage

Several happenings and spots allow you to experience Bimini’s alive persona. Bimini Bread is a specialty of local bakeries and eating places, Charlie’s Bread and Edith’s Pizza. Similarly, the Bimini Music and Art Festival is held in July. It displays Bimini’s native artwork, food, and artisans. You can enjoy concerts, see musicians, eat crab pastries, and buy shell jewelry.

Charlie's Bread and Edith's Pizza
Charlie’s Bread and Edith’s Pizza

The best time to visit

The ideal time for visiting is between April and October. It is when the climate is more pleasant and the ocean calmer. The Gulf Stream’s incredibly blue waters are ideal for yachting. However, certain spots indicate that December to April is a great time since it is less humid and chaotic.

Some tips and advice

To ensure a trouble-free boat trip, come to the port at least one hour before sailing to check-in. Pack light since each passenger is permitted one carry-on bag. Also, dress correctly, as the weather may change. Thus, enjoy the comforts and service, and don’t be afraid to ask the crew for help.


Leave via ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Here, blue waters and island exhibits await. You can even take a ferry via Key West from Lauderdale. These landscapes will let you click colorful snaps of the seas and sands. This tour vows to be exciting. Every element of your travel, from timings for departure to cabin facilities, was created to make your holiday more enjoyable. Set up to embark on a fantastic trip to paradise, putting behind the stresses.

FAQs on Ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas

How long does the ferry from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas take?

The boat journey time from this point to the Bahamas varies. It is according to the route, weather conditions, and kind of vessel. The boat trip takes 2.5 to four hours and offers a gorgeous and pleasing passage over the Caribbean Sea.

Are there any services available onboard the ferry?

Yes, guests are likely to find a variety of amenities on the boat. It includes relaxing seating, changing rooms, and various beverage and food choices. To improve the holiday, some ferries might offer extra amenities, such as theatre, landscapes, or duty-free shopping.

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