The Bahamas provides a diverse range of holiday activities and family vacations. From beautiful beaches to large golf clubs, see ancient sights and lively markets. Its capital boasts luxurious hotels, modern venues, and superb restaurants. The kid-friendly attractions like water parks and beaches make it a perfect family trip. You may choose for more energetic sports or clip on some gear for an underwater dive. You will also enjoy exploring the different things to do in the Bahamas. Get an exclusive opportunity to see the contrast between free waves and blue seas.

Things to Do in the Bahamas

Explore the lively dunes of Haiti beaches in the Caribbean when booking a return trip to the Bahamas. Here, infinite things to do in the Bahamas await.

1- Scuba dive at Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean’s Blue Hole is a natural granite cavern on Long Island. It is 663 feet underneath the surface. The blue hole is enclosed on three sides by hills. Likewise, the white sand beach leads to a tiny bay. It is an incredible sight from the shore or the rocks. Some risk-takers also jump off the rocks into a dark hole. Also, it is the deepest sinkhole filled with saltwater.

Dean's Blue Hole
Dean’s Blue Hole

Further, the hole is a refuge for a wide range of species. It is available to even unskilled swimmers and divers. Scuba diving and solo diving inside the cavern are attainable with the help of skilled experts. While the sinkhole’s opening is roughly 100 feet in size at its top, the cave expands to a depth of greater than 300 feet when divers dive.

2- Go to the Junkanoo Beach

Junkanoo Beach is within a short walk of the Nassau port. It is popular with guests and citizens. Also, it acts as a filled weekend grilling place for families. The pupils visit here from the closest resorts. It earns its common name, Spring Break Beach. So, it is adjacent to the new Margaritaville Strand Resort.

Furthermore, the bay is ideal for those who seek out their morning or midday. You might wonder if you need a passport to go to the Bahamas to view Junkanoo Beach. Don’t worry if you’re going to this shore. It is just a few meters from Nassau Port, so it’s convenient for tourists without requiring lengthy paperwork.

3- View the Paradise Island

Paradise Island includes luxurious lodging, an 18-hole golf course, and several cafes. But the hotel’s distinctive features are its water-themed services. In addition, it has eleven lagoons and five miles of clear sand shores. It features a 141-acre water resort. So, it has a lazy stream, a Mayan-themed aquatic park, and more than eight rides. The place has an open-air aquarium.

Paradise Island
Paradise Island

However, visitors advise that the hotel is only worth a visit if you’re lodging on-site. The park’s best-known feature is the 60-foot Jump of Faith slide. You will love watching many aquatic species swim past the marine area. At the same time, the Dig is an active scientific trip to the ancient city of Atlantis.

4- Rest at Lucayan Heritage National Park

A total of three grasslands are on Grand Bahama Island. But the Lucayan National Park is a 40-acre area of mangrove, palm, and pine trees. It also includes the stunning Gold Rock Beach, the Burial Mound Cave, and Ben’s Cave. Both caves form a portion of one of the world’s finest undersea limestone cave networks.

Recent tourists enjoyed the park’s features, especially the beach. You will be thrilled by Gold Rock Beach, citing its pure seas. There are fewer visitors, giving an overall picturesque setting. Some guests advise sailing through mangrove forests to immerse and value nature fully. Thus, certified divers can arrange dives through managers.

5- Relax at Blue Lagoon Island

If you are hesitant to pay for an entry, try Blue Lagoon Island as a backup. It is close to the sea from Paradise Island. It offers several options for fun, peace, and fulfillment in the sun. You will be met by clean sand, blue seas, and plenty of colorful flora when you show up.

Blue Lagoon Island
Blue Lagoon Island

Further, you can relax on Salt Cay, nap in a shady tree, swim in the lagoon, or lease water sports tools. You can meet a number of the island’s animals living there. Hence, you can get the latter on an eco-nature trip or by paying up to swim, dive, and contact the locals.

6- Pass through the Glass Window Bridge

Travel to The Glass Window Bridge on the Queen’s Highway. It is one of the Islands’ unique sights. The area comprises land and a roadway. Its northern border views the Atlantic Ocean’s robust, deep blue waves. In contrast, its south side sees the turquoise-green water of the island.

Moreover, you can view the two ends without parking your car. However, to make the absolute most of your time spent at the bridge. Many people advocate stepping out and trekking up onto the nearby rocks. So, wear sturdy shoes and take time when crossing the jagged rocks.

7- Hike along the Clifton Heritage National Park

Clifton Heritage National Park provides an outstanding balance of historical facts and outdoor recreation. It has beaches, snorkeling spots, significant cultural sites, and green walking routes. This park’s popular Jaws Beach section takes its title from a 1987 film. Regarding snorkeling, this national park has colorful coral reefs and statues.

Clifton Heritage National Park
Clifton Heritage National Park

Another major attraction is the relics of past societies. It includes a Lucayan settlement. As you participate in the snorkel excursion, get thrilled with the variety of marine life. Therefore, the interpreters’ vast knowledge and classic talents please tourists on a historical trip.

8- Find shells at Pink Sands Beach

Pink sandy coastlines are found on Harbor Island and around the Bahamas. Eleuthera’s Surfer Beach and Lighthouse Beach both have pinkish sands. The Bahamas provides a variety of ways to travel. It includes feeding fish and driving across two sets of water. Another unique experience is burying your feet into the pink sand.

In addition, with its rose-hued coastline, it creates a charming coastal setting. Believe whether or not the pink sand can be made up of Foraminifera. These little creatures reside in various regions of the sea. Before they die, the waves take their pinkish shells to the coast. Here, they merge with the sandy soil, along with remaining fragments of coral.

9- Catch a show at Arawak Cay

Arawak Cay is a famous nightlife location. It is a short walk from the cruise port and gives a vibrant experience of the culture, music, cuisine, and drink. Also, the building has an arena for live musical events. Tourists visit it every night, although people prefer going on Sunday nights.

Arawak Cay
Arawak Cay

Furthermore, it was built with sand hauled from Nassau in 1969. besides listening to live bands, dressed local Junkanoo troupes periodically appear to perform carnival-style dances and music for the pleasure of guests. Hence, fish is available at almost every restaurant.

10- Enjoy at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is the most famous beach. It is approximately six miles west of town. It is packed with facilities. The sand is white, and the sea is beautiful and blue. Also, the beach extends for almost two kilometers.

Furthermore, the sea is quiet and waves-free, so it’s a good choice for families. This beach is perfect for spending hours soaking up the sun. Some were happy to discover that, despite their appeal and closeness to hotels, the Jet Ski and watercraft leases are very evident.


This tropical heaven provides a variety of thrilling experiences. They will undoubtedly grab your heart. These thrilling water sports stand out clearly. It provides lasting memories of the local restaurants, opulent hotels, leafy parks, and other varied activities. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas is something special. They offer an original mix of joy, laughs, and incredible beauty. So, if you’re looking for another family vacation, consider making great memories in the waters while finding things to do in the Bahamas.

FAQs on Things to Do in the Bahamas

What are the best aquatic pursuits around the things to do in the Bahamas?

Scuba diving, swimming, fishing, cruising, and bathing with pigs, dolphins, and sharks are a few of the top water-based activities here. Explore the Aquaventure Resort water park, Paradise Island, or the shipwrecks of Nassau Museum.

When is the most optimal time for going here?

The most suitable season for visiting varies based on your budget. The busiest time runs from December. It is where the climate is pleasant. But the expenses are too much. The off-season runs between May to November. The air is more humid, but the costs are cheaper.

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