Mykonos is a captivating Greek island, a hub of many attractions. It includes everything a tourist wishes for when planning a trip. You can wander along the beaches, adore a cultural adventure, or have a party scene. Tourists often explore the precious whitewashed alleys and windmills. They visit the outdated ruins, let their kids play in the crystal-clear waters and yellow sands, or dance the night away. Still, there is a particular time to visit it. Consider going from May to October, as the island is whizzing with activities and affairs. Yet, uncover the finest things to do in Mykonos.

Things to Do in Mykonos

Mykonos is a premium destination. Let us find the things to do in Mykonos that delight us with beauty, past, and fun.

1- Set at Mykonos Catamaran Daytime Sailing

To have fun with your family, consider the stunning coast at Mykonos catamaran daytime sailing tour. You can select from distinct options for sailing. Book a private or semi-private cruise, with or without edibles and beverages. Then, sail on a relaxing big catamaran with a friendly and skilled crew. They will show you the finest swimming points, snorkeling, and relishing the vistas.

Mykonos Catamaran Daytime Sailing
Mykonos Catamaran Daytime Sailing

Further, you will also have the chance to visit the surrounding islands of Rhenia and Delos. Here, you can see the old ruins and learn about their record. This sailing tour has two slots, daytime and evening. Yet, a daytime tour is preferred. Thus, a catamaran day sailing trek is a great way to experience the joy and variety of things while including fun in the light and water. 

2- Breezy Spot of The Windmills (Kato Mili)

One of the considerable sights is the line of white windmills that stand on a cliff towering over the sea. These windmills were built in the 16th century when they were utilized to mill wheat and make flour. They were an integral basis of revenue for the island. They even shipped flour to further islands. However, they ceased operating in the mid-20th century. But they have been kept and fixed as a sign of legacy.

Boni’s Windmill is one of them. It was turned into a gallery that shows the standard way of life and culture. The windmills show the town and the port, mainly at dusk. You can see them by hiking from the town or taking a bus. Thus, it is also close to Little Venice, another scenic spot.

3- Eight Suites at Elia Beach

Apart from the other things to do in Mykonos, Elia Beach is one of the top priorities of tourists. Stay at Eight Suites at Elia Beach for luxury and premium housing. It is a hotel with eight lavish suites with swimming pools of unique structure and type. They are big and cozy, with modern facilities. A few suites also have a private jacuzzi.

Elia Beach
Elia Beach

There is an outdoor pool, a gym, a park, and a cafe that serves Greek and local cuisine. It is near the Elia Beach. This beach is the lengthiest in Mykonos. Enjoy the clear water and sand, or try water sports. Thus, it provides free parking lots.

4- Lovely views at Little Venice

Little Venice is a community named after it resembles the Italian city. It is around the corner of the Grand Union Canal. The area is noted for its canals. Here, you can visit narrow and houseboats fixed along the banks. Take a boat ride from here to Camden Lock Market. Likewise, enjoy the sights of the grand Regency homes, greens, and other landmarks.

There are some engaging theatre outlets. It includes Canal Café Theatre and Puppet Theatre Barge. You can also encounter pubs, retro cafes, and fine diners by the canal. Lafs Restaurant is one of them. Hence, it is a peaceful place to enjoy any time.

5- Visit town at Mykonos Seabus

Mykonos Seabus is one of the water taxis. It is a fast, suitable, and cheap way to cross between the old and new ports. You can avoid traffic and parking troubles. It drives every 30 minutes, taking only 8 minutes. Enjoy the clear sea views and listen to classical tunes on board.

Mykonos Seabus
Mykonos Seabus

The sea bus also delivers easy access to the pedestrian site, where you can locate many shops, cafes, bars, and places. Moreover, it has wheelchair and luggage facilities. Visit the nearby Eclipse seaside restaurant, the finest place to satisfy your taste buds.

6- Alleys of Matoyianni Street

Matoyianni Street is the town’s central street. It is a thin cobbled lane lined with whitewashed homes. The multicolored gates and windows and bougainvillea flowers add charm to it. This street has a lively shopping set. Find designer boutiques, old shops, handcrafted jewelry, art alleys, and more.

Further, you can find many lovely side paths that diverge off Matoyianni Street. It is a great place to walk, admire the prehistory, enjoy the aura, and shop. Thus, it is lively at night with a hotspot for joy.

7- Trek at Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm

Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm is an advent vineyard that presents a rural set. It is close to Ano Mera village. The farm plants organic wines from grape types. Yet, it grows other harvests, like herbs and veggies. The ranch has a pleasant aura, where you can see the owner, Nikos Asimomytis, his family, and the animals.

Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm
Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm

You can tour the site to learn about biodynamic agriculture practices and history. Observe a tzatziki cooking show and check the grown products. You can also jog to the classical melody in the natural scenery.

8- Pebbles at Kalo Livadi Beach

Kalo Livadi Beach is located in the island’s south region. It is roughly 9 km from Chora. This long sandy beach has shallow and transparent waters, ideal for gliding and calming. The beach presents sunbeds, umbrellas, bathrooms, and water sports.

You can even find the island’s most prominent beach pubs and cafes. It includes the Lohan Beach House and Solymar and Rakkan. Enjoy, listen to live music, eat, or drink here. This seaside has a sophisticated and lively aura, mainly during summer, letting many tourists and stars come here.

9- Greek art at the Church of Paraportiani

The Church of Paraportiani is an iconic and snapped landmark. Its title means “Our Lady of the Side Gate” in Greek. This church was made after the entry of the castle site. It is a bind of five churches united over time. The first church is from the 14th century.

Church of Paraportiani
Church of Paraportiani

Further, it is unique and uneven, with four churches at the base station and one on top. It is whitewashed with a simple and refined style, showing the classic Cycladic past. This church is devoted to the Virgin Mary. Therefore, it even has a crown and a bell building.

10- Modern Art at Rarity Gallery

Rarity Gallery is a modern art gallery. It was based in 1994 by Vassilis Zidianakis and Antonis Rallis. They wanted to raise globally praised artists to the Greek people. This gallery shows works by rising and proven artists from other countries and grounds. You can see the portrait, statue, photography, videotape, building, and skit.

Moreover, it encourages artistic presentation and supports cultural affairs. The hall has an ample and modern exhibit space. Here, you can admire paintings that reflect the creativity of modern art. Thus, buy readers, logs, posters, and things related to the shows.


Mykonos is a crowded and lovely island. Likewise, it offers a combination of stunning attractions and thrilling activities. It would help if you planned a vacation, as it is an ideal site for all travelers. Apart from all this, you can enjoy the views and sands of the refreshing beaches and the busy downtown. Dig out the outdated history, nightlife places, and the traditional delicious cuisine. So, there are countless things to do in Mykonos for an adventurous trip.

FAQs on Things to do in Mykonos

What are the nearby seasides of Kalo Livadi Beach?

There are other seasides near it. Loulos Beach is a small, hidden beach that is accessible by a mud road or by ship. Agia Anna Beach is almost 0.8 miles from it. It is famous for windsurfing and scuba diving. Elia Beach also offers many facilities and benefits.

What are the additional most suitable day trips from this island?

Delos Island, Tinos Island, Naxos Island, and Santorini Island are some finest places nearby to enjoy for a day trip. Book a seat on a ferry to these islands. Then, locate their sites, natural marvels, and lovely villages. Remember to capture every attraction nearby.

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