Spend time on a family vacation in Kentucky. It is generally famous for its food, but there is much more to know about Bluegrass State. You can view a stretched-out underground cave system, a deep river, and lovely waterfalls. There is a huge castle and a gallery devoted to creativity. Likewise, there is a quirky roadside site for every choice, and many attractions close in winter. So, tourists should plan their schedules accordingly. Whether hunting for the trails and more, uncover the fun things to do in Kentucky. So, it has four typical seasons, each with its charisma.

Fun Things to Do in Kentucky

Uncover many fun things to do in Kentucky, including the best beaches, waterfalls, and other landscapes.

1- View Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

The slugger baseball bat started showing in Louisville in 1884. Still, it is produced at the area’s occupied factory. Baseball fans from across the country visit this factory tour and view the gallery. The galleries include a Babe Ruth bat and rotating shows. It includes The Best Black Baseball Team that will keep your items fresh.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory
Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Further, the general entry is less than $20 and children under 5 are free. It includes a factory trip and a mini bat memento. You can purchase an entire All-Star experience pass to limited areas of the bat vault, most prized antiques, and a personalized kit. Thus, take a photo outside next to the iconic Big Bat at 120 feet.

2- Enjoy Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is the most scenic natural preserve. The park includes Cumberland Falls. On clear evenings near a full moon, the falls make a rainbow, a natural wonder that refracts light in its water droplets. Still, around 17 hiking trails meander through the garden, with many relating to Daniel Boone National Forest.

Apart from all this, you can view the thrill birders seeking types. Horse riding is presented daily except on weekends. Also, families can enjoy the hidden gem mining just past the gift shop. Hence, the park allows fishing with a license and holds campers from mid-March till October.

3- History of an Old Louisville Ghost Tour

Among the fun things to do in Kentucky, you can go to an Old Louisville Ghost Tour. It was founded in 1792, and it has created a lot of past during the last 230-plus years. Likewise, it was the center of the state’s society during the 1800s. It was a base reminder of booze and tobacco industries marking the city and lending the Gothic art its spooky tales.

Old Louisville Ghost Tour
Old Louisville Ghost Tour

Moreover, the local authors specialize in crime and the supernatural and crafted a 100-minute ghost tour. You can share its fascinating history with your friends. Similarly, the different ghost stories notify and entertain with their tours.

4- Race at the Churchill Downs

You can buy juleps, hats, and suits that depict the iconic horse race. But Churchill Downs is worth viewing yearly. The site’s racetrack supplies exceptional insight into horse racing. It has a Kentucky Derby Museum that presents two floors of related shows and diverse tours of the bases.

Further, tickets to the gallery expense less than $20, and kids younger than 5 are free. The race day outings make a full-day affair of the well-known horse racetrack. Also, consider a visit to Keeneland, a finest pedigree race course.

5- Await at The Galt House Hotel

You can book a hotel at The Galt House Hotel. It traces its origins back to the earlier 19th century. Similarly, it was initially a secret home held by Dr. W.C. Galt. This hotel was opened in 1835, and the original house was the hotel. It is near Museum Row, the Muhammad Ali Center, and more.

The Galt House Hotel
The Galt House Hotel

Furthermore, it has two bourbon bars on-site and a spa with treatments. Anyone looking for a handy thing to do can find a hidden facility on the hotel’s grounds. Hence, it features the handprints and signs of the derby riders.

6- Trek at the Kentucky Castle

Suitably located in Versailles, The Kentucky Castle is a boutique hotel almost 10 miles outside. The castle was built in 1969 by a couple. But, it still needs to be met due to the six years into the castle’s construction.

Still, the palace was finally purchased through a blaze in 2004 renovations. In addition, the castle someday opened to the people in 2008. Today, curious travelers can reserve a 45-minute trip for $25. Thus, affairs, like murder mystery dinners, are held here.

7- See the National Corvette Museum

Head to Bowling Green and see all things at the National Corvette Museum. There are cars that you can manage between the shows and automotive attainments since they were introduced in 1953. An installation cover heavily damaged a giant sinkhole that took eight cars almost 30 feet down in 2014.

National Corvette Museum
National Corvette Museum

Moreover, the showroom made an endless display of the cave-in named the Skydome Sinkhole Experience to record the event. An active driving game and a gift shop are some other added features. Still, if you want to bring a memento home, you can custom-build your Corvette.

8- Hub at the Harriet Beecher Stowe

In 1833, Harriet Beecher Stowe visited her scholars in Maysville. During the visit, she noticed a slave auction at a local courthouse. Her home, the Marshall Key House, now includes the Harriet Beecher Stowe Slavery to Freedom Museum. It is more than 215 years old. Also, tourists can observe antiques related to slavery.

Anyone interested in a trek can book one online. While in this area, tourists may like to explore the National Underground Railroad Museum. They can even visit the Kentucky Gateway Museum for past collections and quick displays.

9- Caves at Mammoth Cave National Park

If you want to, the most extended recorded cave system in the world is in the region. Mammoth Cave National Park covers over 400 miles of the shelters and is nearly 40 miles north of Bowling Green. They are free to visit. Above ground, the park presents trekking, racing, camping, drives, horse riding, and more. Still, the park’s cave tours show an exciting past and serve as its direct interest.

Mammoth Cave National Park
Mammoth Cave National Park

Similarly, enslaved black Americans mined the caves for saltpeter in the 18th century. This cave transitioned into a visitor place. Pursuing the Civil War, ages of now-free Black guides resumed to lead tours. Today, trips are incredibly accessible, with versions for diverse levels of mobility and hearing. Hence, paths vary from a quarter-mile with a dozen stairs to more than 2 miles with 600 stairs.

10- Lights at the Big Four Bridge

Linking this region to Indiana, the Big Four Bridge perches the Ohio River with its entry along the 85-acre Louisville Waterfront Park. Apart from all this, the 53-foot-high bridge was initially built in 1895. Railroad cars were permitted to join Louisville through 1968 when parade traffic was delayed. In 2014, an entrance ramp was formed to convert the old train bridge into a mile-long walk space.

In addition, the reimagined bridge supplies hikers and bikers with a scenic view of the Ohio River. The recent tourists express it is incredibly stunning at sunset. A rainbow of different lights shines on the bridge from evening to morning. Therefore, almost 1.5 million tourists are counted to cross the bridge every year.

Bottom Line

There are some thrilling and fun things to do in Kentucky. It is considered as the most attractive place. Whatever your picked form of joy or area of interest, you will uncover it here. You can find enchanting, fascinating, calming, and thriving places. It includes different landscapes, national parks, cafes, and much more. Therefore, you can view one of the most suitable things to do in Kentucky to help you find your flawless destination.

FAQs on Fun Things to Do in Kentucky

What are a few of the most famous sites in this area?

Among the things to do in Kentucky, it is noted for its natural marvels, history, and art. Some prevalent places are the Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum, the Derby at Churchill Downs, and the Maker’s Mark Distillery. Other places are also famous but are not freely accessible.

What is the moderate temperature in the area?

The moderate temperature ranges by season and locale. Accordingly, the yearly average high temperature is 21°C, and the lowest is 8°C. The hottest month is July, with 31°C, and the coldest month is January, with -5°C, so schedule your trip considering it.

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