Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022 Evening Events Over the World

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Preparations for the Happy New Year 2022 celebrations started right after Christmas. People celebrate the new year like a festival worldwide. New year celebrations signify the importance of a new beginning of the year. People think that the new year comes with a new time, new start, new hope, and new strength. So, they give a warm welcome to a new prosperous life.

The new year also symbolizes prosperity and motivation for a new beginning, so, starting with happiness, everyone hopes for a happy life ahead. New year evening is a chance to recall the leaving year memories. If you imagine, it seems like the old is year is going and taking away our sorrows and pain with it.

Due to the Covid spread in the last two years, people suffered a lot and hoping for the coming year to be good. So, the celebrations for Happy New Year 2022 Evening Events Over the World have been started to welcome a new year hoping for happiness. 

New Year Wishes for friends
New Year Wishes for friends.

What Is New Year Eve, and why is it essential worldwide?

According to the Gregorian calendar, it is the evening of 31 December, marking the year’s last day. New year eve 2022 is a global Eve and worldwide festival celebration. People arrange farewells to celebrate Eve and welcome the new year. Different countries and states will celebrate happy new year 2022 in so many different ways according to their tradition and custom. Let’s glimpse how new year’s eve is celebrated worldwide.

Happy New year 2022 in different Countries

1. United States

According to the United States tradition, people sing “Auld Lang Syne.” The people of the United States sing this lyric to welcome the new year. They drink and recall the adventures that they have done in the leaving year, which is the purpose and meaning of those lyrics. It is also customary to eat black-eyes pea as a good luck sign-on Happy New Year Eve. After the whole celebration, they make new year wishes for friends. 

New Year in the United States
New Year in the United States

2. Scotland

There is a first foot concept in Scotland on New Year Eve. The first person who passes the doorstep must carry a gift for good luck. It is also customary to do a parade to purify the coming days. 

New Year in Scotland
New Year in Scotland

3. Philippine

It is customary to eat 12 round-shaped fruits in which grape is most common on New Year Eve. They used to eat those fruits at midnight for prosperity. They compare the round shape with round coins and consider them a symbol of wealth. 

New Year in Philippines
New Year in the Philippines

4. Greece

According to their tradition, the people of Greece used to hang an onion on their main doors on New Year Eve. Symbolically, it is a sign of rebirth in the coming year. Another important thing to highlight is that the parents said good morning to their kids by taping onion on their heads. Then ask their kids to make new year wishes for friends.

New Year in Greece
New Year in Greece

Why Happy New Year 2022 would be quite different in Spain?

Spanish people believe in eating 12 green grapes, wearing red underwear, and a bit of lottery luck. It’s all about the New Year Eve in Spain. Let’s understand the facts about green grapes, red underwear a bit of lottery luck. 

1. 12 Green Grapes and The Luck

People of Spain eat 12 grapes on happy new year’s eve. Close to midnight or on the last day of the old year, all the residents stuck on their television screens, and the residents of the town square gather there, withholding 12 green grapes and wearing red underwear. 

The live telecast of the clock tower runs on the National TV channel, and the camera gives a proper coverage of the clock, and some people in the topmost position announce the instructions. 

12 Green Grapes and The Luck
12 Green Grapes and The Luck

They eat those 12 grapes one by one with every dong. If a person is successful in eating, chew and swallowing all the 12 grapes with the 12 dongs, he will have good luck for the start year. It is easy to hear that anyone has to eat 12 grapes in the shortest time, but it is a challenging task for New Year Eve.

They compare those 12 grapes with 12 months of the year. And the green color of the grapes indicates nature, spring, happiness, prosperity, and freshness. So, their New Year Eve is incomplete with 12 green grapes.

2. Red Underwear and Love

The red color signifies love and passion. The people of Spain wear red underwear because the red color symbolically indicates love. So, if you want to fall in love with the coming year 2022, you have to wear red underwear. But it can only be a lucky charm for a person if someone gifted it. 

Red Underwear and Love
Red Underwear and Love

3. Lottery Myth 

According to the Spaniards, if you want to win the giant lottery for Happy New Year in Spanish, you must rub your lottery ticket with a pregnant woman’s belly, cat’s back, or on the head of a bald man. It will make you a lottery winner. Although it is a superstitious myth, they believe.

Lottery Myth and Happy New Year 2022
Lottery Myth and Happy New Year 2022

Best Places to Visit for Happy New Year 2022 in Spanish

If you are thinking about celebrating Happy New Year 2022 Evening Events in Spain, then there are some best places to go for:

1. Madrid

Madrid is the best place to hear the count down for the new year in the new year eve event. It is the capital of Spain and the recent year events last here for the whole night.

Happy New Year in Madrid
Happy New Year in Madrid

2. Plaza Del Obrador

It is the second-best place to celebrate new year’s eve events in Spain. Being one of the most amazing places in Glacia, it has multiple options to celebrate new year’s eve events.

Happy New Year in Spain
Happy New Year in Spain

3. Ibiza

If you are a party lover and want to celebrate your happy new year 2022 eve at a wild party, then Ibiza is the most suitable option in Spain to visit.

Happy New Year in Ibiza
Happy New Year in Ibiza


To simplify, 2021 is ending soon, and the preparations for the happy new year 2022 eve are at their peak. You can travel to any destination recommended above for the sake of enjoyment. Plan your new year vacations now and dive into the wonders for some time, forgetting the every day worries.

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