Harpswell Maine Restaurants

10 Delightful Harpswell Maine Restaurants

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Harpswell is a seaside town in Maine, offering a combination of seafood cafes and other restaurants for tourists & locals. If you are looking for a simple lobster hut, a comfortable cafe, or fine dining, you will encounter something to suit your liking and flavors. You can relish fresh and regional food while taking in the lovely sights of the sea and the islands. Thus, you can plan a trip here to dig into Maine’s natural beauty, past, paths, and galleries.

Harpswell Maine Restaurants

This article includes the finest Harpswell, Maine restaurants.

1- Comfy Spot at Salt Cod Cafe

If you want a relaxing spot to enjoy a tasty breakfast or lunch, inspect the Salt Cod Cafe on Orrs Island. This unique outdoor cafe includes classical fresh lobster, crabmeat rolls, and grilled sandwiches on home-kneaded dough. You can even relish homemade muffins, pastries, and fruit tarts. Sip hot or cold drinks, including cold coffee, black tea, lemonade, or colas.

It is in the ancient Prince’s store structure, repaired and adorned with marine canvas. You can see the eatery by land or ocean. Enjoy the lovely views of Harpswell Sound and the historical Cribstone Bridge. You can see them from the plains on the port or under the top of the shore.

Salt Cod Cafe
Salt Cod Cafe

2- Old Dine at The School House 1913

If you like a fine dining adventure in a retro setting, test The School House 1913. This cafe is located in a beautifully revived original school building. This building dates back to 1913. The cafe offers different plates made with new and local herbs and spices. It includes fresh seafood, beef, portions of pasta, salads, and soups.

You can also complement your dish with a glass of wine, soda, and cocktail. Further, it has a cozy and refined aura, with hardwood bases, uncovered beams, an old table, and artwork. You can have your meal inside or outside on the balcony. It overlooks a pond and a park.

3- Bakery Truck at Iris Eats Maine

If you want a bakery store that fits traditional homemade sandwiches, check out Iris Eats Maine. They provide the facility to their customers with bowls of vegan and gluten-free dishes. It is located at 419 Islands Road in the town. Iris and her family run this food court. They have a desire for baking and cooking.

This bakery offers a rotating pick of bakery goods. It includes homemade pop pies, bounty cakes, chocolate cookies, stove-baked brownies, and fruit pies. They also serve breakfast and lunch menus made with fresh ingredients. Thus, you can also find some items for takeout, including drinks.

Iris Eats Maine
Iris Eats Maine

4- Relish Desserts at Mae’s Cafe and Bakery

Consider Mae’s Cafe and Bakery in Bath if you like reliving some desserts. It is located at 160 Centre Street. This place is a blend of a cafe and bakery. It is known for its tasty desserts made with high-quality elements. Pick from a broad menu of baked and no-baked desserts.

Further, order customized cakes for special events or purchase gift cards for your buddies. It also serves brunch all day at reasonable prices. Relish some American plates that are healthful and pleasing. So, enjoy every item from their delectable menu card.

5- Seafood Grill and Shop at Gurnet Trading

If you are peeking for a seafood grill and shop in the town, you should go for Gurnet Trading. It offers fresh and local seafood in plentiful portions. This place is managed by a family that delivers wholesale lobsters and clams to cafes and markets. They serve the fresh traps at their sidebar and open kitchen. 

You can even try their fast-food chain. Find classic New England seafood dishes. It includes fried haddock sandwiches, fried scallops, crab rangoons, clam cakes, and fish tacos. Thus, it is located at 602 Gurnet Road in Brunswick. You can even see the Eagle Island State Park that is nearby.

Gurnet Trading
Gurnet Trading

6- Modern Cafe of Sundrenched

If you are looking for a modern cafe, consider Sundrenched on Bailey Island. It presents a variety of dishes and drinks in a waterfront location. This new and stylish cafe is on the edge of the historical Cribstone Bridge. It attaches Orr’s Island and Bailey Island.

You can relish the lovely views of Harpswell Sound and the shores from the indoor lunch room or the outdoor balcony. It serves three meals with a menu that includes seafood. Try their unique beverages, like the blueberry lemonade, coke mojito, or diet margarita. Therefore, you can have a facility to order online.

7- Fresh Seafood at Dolphin Marina

If you are glancing for fresh seafood in a coastal climate, try Dolphin Marina. It is a family-friendly cafe that is famous for its signature dishes. It includes lobster chows, salmon sushi, fish burritos, and hand-cut juicy steaks. After eating, complement with their favored blueberry muffins, filled with honey butter.

Moreover, it has a waterfront site on the tip of Basin Point, watching Pott’s Harbor and Casco Bay. You can witness the islands, gardens, and monograms from the warm dining area. Thus, it accepts bookings by phone or via the website.

Dolphin Marina
Dolphin Marina

8- Spicy Snacks at Morses

If you want tangy snacks in a calm site, check out Morses. This cafe serves dishes made by skilled chefs with a Mexican touch. You can dine on cheese balls, spicy tacos, zesty burritos, cheesy fajitas, juicy hot dogs, crispy onion rings, and jalapeno sticks.

Further, you can spice up your dish with their authentic sauces. It includes jalapeno mustard mayo, chipotle herb sauce, or habanero honey. This cafe is located at Lookout Point Road in the vast Harpswell Center. Thus, you can visit the nearby Bailey Island Library Hall and uncover the town’s legacy.

9- Enjoy Bar at The Ledges

To enjoy a drink with an ample portion in a lovely setting, visit The Ledges. This cafe is located at Sebasco Harbor Resort in Phippsburg. It is a historic coastal resort that offers eating, housing, golfing, and spa services. The surroundings are cozy and refined.

The interior includes black marble floors, wooden roofs, an antique pub area, and bright painting walls. You can dine under or on the rooftop, which gives city views. It serves American cuisine with a twist of seafood. Thus, you can enjoy it at Centennial Hall, a former structure organizing events and concerts.

The Ledges
The Ledges

10- Lobster Rolls at Erica’s Seafood

If you peek for soft and juicy lobster rolls, try Erica’s Seafood. The cafe was managed by Tom Butler, his wife, Andrea Hunter, and their elder daughter Erica. It is located on Basin Point in the town, overseeing Casco Bay. They supply living lobsters for buying wholesale. They even sell fresh scallops in winter and a full menu free on Mother’s Day.

Further, it is famous for its lobster rolls with or without mayo sauce, made with fresh meat on a grilled bun. You can clear your palate with pickles and kimchi. After clearing your plate, enjoy their single-spoon desserts like strawberry pie, creamy pastries, and chocolate souffle. Thus, it is open every day to provide its services. You can also facilitate via takeaways.


Harpswell, Maine, is a seafood fan’s dream place, with plenty of fresh and tasty restaurants. You can have a lobster dinner, taste a cup of chowder, or eat a crispy lobster roll. Thus, find something to fulfill your cravings. You will also relish the lovely aura and pretty views of the town. It makes it an ideal place to rest and unwind. Take edge of this option to undergo the best of Maine’s shore cuisine in this beautiful town’s cafes.

FAQs on Harpswell Maine Restaurants

When is the most suitable time to eat seafood in this town?

May to October is the most pleasing time to visit this town for seafood. It is when most seafood cafes are open, and the lobster season is in complete swing. Enjoy other periodic seafood, like scallops in winter and soft-shell clams in spring.

What are the most pleasing seafood diners in this town?

There are many finest seafood cafes in this town. It includes Erica’s Seafood, Dolphin Marina & Restaurant, Cook’s Lobster & Ale House, and Henry Allen’s Seafood. These cafes offer a range of seafood dishes. Find reviews of other seafood cafes on their websites.

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