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Food Fusion at Hue Restaurants

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Hue is a fascinating city in the middle of Vietnam, located in the North Coastal region. It was once considered the capital of the Nguyen empire. This famous city uncovers its rich history, civilization, and untouched beauty. Many restaurants present a combination of dishes in Hue, Vietnam. You can enjoy local meals to international cuisines. If you want fine dining on your family vacation, a simple cafe, or a street food truck, you will find something here. Thus, it will suit your liking and budget in this city.

Hue Restaurants

 In this article, let us present some of the best convenient Hue restaurants and find out what they offer.

1- French Eatery at Bistro La Carambole

If you want a bite of France cuisine in the city, you should check out Bistro La Carambole. It is located around the Citadel. This building was the former imperial palace. This cafe serves a traditional French menu. It includes onion soup, juicy duck confit, and thick creme brulee. Now, the cafe also includes a menu of Vietnamese dishes.

Bistro La Carambole
Bistro La Carambole

The cafe has a relaxed and elegant environment. The interior is inspired by French culture, such as wooden furniture, plain tablecloths, wide ceiling, and dim lighting or candle lights. You can enjoy your meal with a sip of wine or cold coffee. Thus, this place is ideal for those who want French delights in Hue City.

2- Fresh Food at Eco Restaurant

Eco Restaurant is a stylish modern eatery. As the name indicates, it mainly focuses on organic and nutritional food. The cafe utilizes fresh and locally grown veggies and fruits to create tasty and healthy dishes. You can select from various salads, vegetable soups, wraps, and creamy smoothies. If you are diet conscious, no worries. The menu lists the calories along the dishes served.

The cafe also has vegan and gluten-free options. Furthermore, it has a cheerful and spacious interior, with leafy plants, multicolor paintings, and relaxing seats. If you sit out on the balcony, you can enjoy the sight of the Perfume River and its tidal waves.

3- Western Food at Mandarin Cafe

Mandarin Cafe is one of the famous Hue restaurants that presents Vietnamese food. But it specializes in Western fare. You can eat egg noodles, fresh salads, grilled sandwiches, and pizzas on the menu. The cafe also has a combination of drinks, like fresh fruit juices, teas, black and cold coffees, and crafted beers.

Mandarin Cafe
Mandarin Cafe

It has the facility of enjoying them all on the rooftop. Enjoy your favorite food, a pleasant Perfume River view, and the Trang Tien Bridge. You can see the ships and the traffic while you feast. Yet, you can also hear live tunes and themed nightlife. Thus, it is located around Dong Ba Market, where you can shop for unique antiques.

4- Enjoy Tuna at HotTuna Restaurant & Bar

HotTuna Restaurant & Bar is a modern and lively cafe that provides seafood dishes. It is located around the Hue Railway Station. As you relish the seafood from this cafe, you need to walk a few minutes and enter the train to drive to your favorite places.

The restaurant is famous for its fresh tuna. It is grilled, boiled, fried, or oven baked and presented with various dips and herbs. You can try other seafood dishes like fish and banana chips, a wholesome seafood platter, with salted caramel coffee. It has a pub where you can enjoy drinks and melodies.

5- Italian Meals at Zucca Restaurant

Zucca Restaurant is a restful and luxurious cafe that specializes in Italian fares. The cafe serves authentic thin-crust pizza, homemade pasta, risotto, and ladyfingers. It uses original Italian seasonings and ingredients that are specially imported from Italy. Using these ingredients in the recipes create rich and tasty dishes.

Zucca Restaurant
Zucca Restaurant

You can also see local dishes on the menu card, like spring rolls, fried rice, and pho. The cafe has a welcoming surrounding, with red bricks, white velvet curtains, and candlelights. Order beer or coffee to complement your feast. It is near the Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts, so you can even value its legacy.

6- Friendly Aura at Banh Ganh Restaurant

Banh Ganh Restaurant is a small-sized cafe that presents various glazed pancakes. They are made with refined flour, duck eggs, a pinch of turmeric, and warm milk. The unique element of these pancakes is that they are loaded with fish, bean sprouts, and spices. They are loaded with a tangy fish sauce and fresh vegetables as a side dish.

This cafe is famous for its signature dishes at an affordable price. It includes banh beo, banh nam, and banh bot loc. You can even visit Thien Mu Pagoda, one of the most iconic landmarks near this cafe.

7- Eat pizzas at Risotto Restaurant

Risotto Restaurant is a simple and warm cafe. It is located around the Hue Imperial City, the former royal castle. You can select from their diverse menu if you are a pizza fan. They are made with accuracy in a wood-fired cookstove.

Risotto Restaurant
Risotto Restaurant

It also has a menu of kinds of pasta cooked fresh and served with creamy sauces. The cafe also has a salad bar with extra herbs and sauces to assemble your salad. You can sit inside or out on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air.

8- Asian Fares at COZY Restaurant

COZY Restaurant is the only cafe that serves Asian food. You can find Chinese noodles, fried rice, spring rolls, Indian curry, and more on the menu card. It uses healthy and quality ingredients to make savory and tasty dishes. Find vegetarian dishes on the menu card.

Moreover, the eatery has a family-friendly environment, bright walls, portraits, and sofa seating. You can play games or read newspapers while waiting for your order. Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts is near this cafe. Thus, you can glance at the displays of paintings from the Nguyen dynasty.

9- Precise Dishes at Madam Thu Restaurant

Madam Thu Restaurant is a family diner that serves original and delicious city cuisine. It has various platters specific to Hue food, like nem lui, banh canh cua, com hen, bun thit nuong, and che hue. The dishes are made accurately and carefully by Madam Thu. He is an old chef that has been cooking for around thirty years.

Madam Thu Restaurant
Madam Thu Restaurant

The meals are served with plentiful portions and cheap prices. Yet, it has a clean and relaxing interior, with plain walls, plants, and bamboo tree decorations. You can likewise see Madam Thu cook in the open place. Thus, relish every meal made with precision.

10- Spicy Meals at Spice Viet Restaurant

Spice Viet Restaurant is a trendy lunchroom. It presents a fusion of state and international flavors. The cafe has a mixture of spicy and delicious dishes. You can eat boiled fish with mango sauce, spicy chicken curry with coconut rice, lemon chicken with egg noodles, and fresh spicy tofu salad. 

Further, the cafe also has a pub, including smoothies, fresh juices, margaritas, and wines. You can even eat on the rooftop with lanterns. Enjoy the sights of the Perfume River from the windows, balcony, or rooftop. Therefore, you must cross the Truong Tien Bridge and relish a meal here.

Bottom Line

Hue is a beautiful city in Vietnam with multiple restaurants. It has something to present to everyone related to food. You can uncover the city’s mixed and tasty cuisine at any cafe. Further, you will be shocked by the variety and quality of meals that the city has to deliver. There are plenty of further choices for you to enjoy. If you are out of budget, no worries. This city will deliver you significant portions at reasonable prices.

FAQs on Hue Restaurants

Are there any vegetarian or non-veg restaurants in the city?

There are several vegetarian or non-veg cafes in Hue. They serve meals made with refreshed and organic components. It includes Eco Restaurant, which provides healthy food. Hue Restaurant offers authentic cuisine, and Nook Eatery provides local food.

What are the city’s finest places to enjoy live tunes?

If you want enjoyment with your dinner, you can check out some cafes with live musical nights. It includes COCOCLUB RESTAURANT BRASSERIE CAFE, which has a lively aura. HotTuna Restaurant & Bar is energetic, and Mandarin Cafe gives river views.

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