Hotels in Alamogordo NM

Top 6 Fantastic Hotels in Alamogordo, NM

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Alamogordo is the hub of New Mexico. The friendly locals welcome travelers; the mountains serve as tracks for adventure heads and the great weather. There are many more reasons why this city is worth visiting, even for people from far-off countries. If you are planning on seeing the sunshine, mountains, and the sky from the grounds of this city, you are at the right place. This article includes six hotels in Alamogordo, NM, that make safe, clean, and good options to choose from.

Alamogordo NM
Alamogordo NM

Hotels in Alamogordo, NM

Let us dive into the details of the best hotels in Alamogordo, NM, with the first one being The Classic Desert Aire!

1- The Classic Desert Aire Hotel

As the name predicts, The Classic Desert Aire Hotel is a classic choice for those who want a safe and Covid’19 sensitive stay. Yes, guests are provided with and required to wear face masks. Every hook and nook of the hotel is sanitized. Suppose you are in Alamogordo for city exploration. In that case, you will be at a significant advantage by choosing this hotel because it is a short distance from many attractions, including White Sands National Monument, the Trinity Site, and many others.

The Classic Desert Aire Hotel
The Classic Desert Aire Hotel

The long list of complimentary amenities includes a hot breakfast, free laundry facilities, and pet-friendliness. The in-room features will also serve your need in terms of both comforts as well as luxury. You will be served with a hair dryer, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, free local calls, TV, and many other amenities to enjoy a comfortable stay. The door locks are electronic, ensuring absolute security and privacy.

2- White Sands Motel

White Sands Motel has an attractive old-fashion charm that will give you real Mexican vibes. It knows how to make you feel at home in regards to convenience, coziness, relaxation, comfort, and fulfillment. The foremost things to praise include free high-speed Wi-Fi and 24/7 front desk service. It serves you all the required services and facilities, all for very affordable pricing.

Eat free breakfast coming fresh from the stove, all delicious and as per your taste buds, although your native culture and cuisine are entirely different from here. Thanks to the thoughtful and universal cuisine selection of the on-site restaurant. Now that you are complete, you can start your slow vacation morning by spending some time in the beautifully designed outdoor sitting area. Or you can head straight to your room to enjoy the vast mountain views from your window.

White Sands Motel
White Sands Motel

3- Budget Inn

Being low on budget yet deciding to go on a vacation is a brave decision not everybody can make. Budget Inn has your back; you do not have to worry about the high hotel charges and expenses. This motel is a safe place to stay without paying huge payments. The low pricing that you pay does not get reflected in any of the hotel services. Everything is clean, sanitized, well-maintained, and served to the guest’s expectations. Plus, it is pet-friendly, non-smoking, and Covid’19 sensitive.

4- Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn is one of the good hotels in Alamogordo, NM. One thing worth mentioning here is its ideal location that will help you reach attractions like Desert Lakes Golf Course and the famous International Space Hall of Fame etc., in a short time. To further save on your charges and time while traveling in Mexico, you can spend quality time having fun within the hotel since it is a fun place to be.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn

Yes, spend some time sweating in a top-notch fitness room. Then, hang out in any of the shared royal lounges. Moreover, the business center will help you catch up on your emails and other work calls, so you do not have to miss out on important stuff.

5- Suburban Extended Stay Hotel

Suburban Extended Stay Hotel makes an excellent choice in the list of best hotels in Alamogordo, NM. This hotel takes care of all your needs, from basic ones to the ones regarding safety and comfort. Tourists especially love the laundry amenities that include free self-help machines as well as iron along with an ironing board.

For your entertainment, while resting on a comfortable bed, you will be provided with a flat-screen TV that airs cable and satellite channels. The racks in the bedroom will help you make yourself at home by adjusting your stuff inside them. Moreover, there are wake-up and 24/7 front desk services available. You will also love bathing in the private heated outdoor pool, where beautiful views serve the swimmer. Most of the hotel is carpeted, giving a cozy and relaxing vibe.

Suburban Extended Stay Hotel
Suburban Extended Stay Hotel

6- Tavares Inn

One of the things that can trouble you the most in a different culture is a language difference. When you enter the hotel all tired after spending the day exploring, the last thing you would want is hotel staff not understanding your language. To fix this language difference, Tavares Inn has multilingual staff that can ensure effective communication. It is an aesthetic place with all essential and security amenities available.

The Bottom Line!

Alamogordo is the city in which the Sun never goes down. Yes, this is where the number of outdoor activities you can do exceeds the typical amount of time tourists have designated for each city in The Crazy Mexico. So, give this city a little extra time to make the most of your tour.

Tavares Inn
Tavares Inn

Another thing to ensure is hotel booking beforehand. The above list includes luxurious, expensive hotels as well as affordable motels. Budget Inn and White Sands Motel are good options if you want to save as much as you can without compromising on your safe stay. You must also visit Plaza Mexico in Los Angeles if you find this trip worth enjoying!

FAQs About Hotels in Alamogordo

What are the most popular hotels in Alamogordo?

A few of the most commonly chosen hotels in Alamogordo, NM, include The Classic Desert Aire Hotel, Hampton Inn, and Suburban Extended Stay Hotel. If you want a comparatively cheaper option, you can choose between Tavares Inn and Budget Inn.

Which hotels in Alamogordo have lovely views?

Suburban Extended Stay Hotel is situated on the outskirts of the city. Thus, the views from the room windows of this hotel are expansive, uninterrupted, and beautiful. You can enjoy looking at the mountains and tall buildings of the city.

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