Most of the people would ask how far is Connecticut from New York. There are a lot of ways to get to Connecticut from NY City. The distance between the two cities is over 100 Kilometers. You can move to NY City following two routes. Either through I-95 N and CT-8 N.

Still, some other ways can help you reach Connecticut from NYC. We’re going to discuss these things here.

Distance From New York To Connecticut – Directions To Connecticut

The distance from NYC and Connecticut is clear-cut. You can either go to this city via:

  • I-684 N and I-84 E
  • CT-15 N and CT-8 N

The 1st I-684 N will take you approximately 2 hours and 21 Minutes. In comparison, the other route takes a little more time, mainly like 9 minutes more.

Directions to Connecticut
Directions to Connecticut

So, you can say that the total journey from NYC to Connecticut will be 2 hours and 30 minutes on average. Also, you have to choose the best transportation means to help you get there in the shortest period.

The Total Distance From New York To Connecticut

We all want to know about the total distance from NYC to Connecticut. The average distance via the highway will be 125 Kilometers (78 Miles)

Connecticut From New York City By Train

You might think about how far Connecticut is from new york city by train.

So, if you are traveling by train, it will be a longer journey than a bus or a car. You have to spend 2 hours and 40 minutes on the train.

The train ticket is also starting from $36. That means you have to be smart in deciding which route you want and how fast you reach Connecticut.

Travel to Connecticut
Travel to Connecticut

Connecticut From New York City By Car

How far is Connecticut from New York City by car? A car is a perfect mode of transportation for everyone. It’s a blessing to have a car, and you can say that traveling in the car will take you less time than a train would take.

In our observance, a car will be taking 2 hours to help you reach your destination. But, there’s a downside to traveling by car. You will be spending a lot of gas money on this.

On the brighter side, if you have an urgent piece of work, you got to make sure you choose a car as your transportation means. It will cover your journey faster.

Connecticut From New York By Plane

How far is Connecticut from New York by plane? Traveling to Connecticut from NYC has a lot of ways.

You can also travel by plane to reach your favorite destination Connecticut. A flight seems to be a suitable option for those only who can afford it.

You can see that a flight has a greater distance of 119 Miles (191 Kilometers). But with the incredible innovation in technology and speed, you will only cover this distance in 44 Minutes.

Flight to Connecticut
Flight to Connecticut

It will cost you $52 even if you take the cheapest flight from NYC to Connecticut by plane. Try to purchase a complete tour package that includes plane tickets as well.

Connecticut From New York By Bus

How far is Connecticut from New York by bus? Bus service is always the most affordable option for anyone looking for a low-budget ride.

Luckily, buses will take you to Connecticut from NYC as low as 8 USD. You can also see the difference in the reaching time of many buses.

For example, taking a bus from Port Authority Bus Terminal at 7 am will take 5 hours to reach your destination.

Distance from New York to Connecticut
Distance from New York to Connecticut

But taking a bus from the Pennsylvania bus terminal, which is at the border of NYC, you will have to wait 10 hours and leave 10 hours before your vital work to reach Connecticut. 

How to Get from New York City to Hartford, Connecticut

Train2 hours, 40 minutesfrom $36
Bus5 hours, 30 minutesfrom $8
Car2 hours116 miles (187 kilometers)
Plane44 Minutes119 Miles

The Cost of Travelling to Connecticut from New York City

It’s not just traveling from one city to another. It would help if you also had some excellent cash to reach your destination faster.

The four different transportation means different cost prices. Generally, bus service is the most affordable thing you can have.

  • You can travel as low as $8 by bus.
  • A Plane travel flight costs up to $60
  • Train cost will be up to 30-40 USD
  • It’s quite an affordable way to travel by car.

Car Travel is the Quite an Affordable Way to Travel from NYC to Connecticut

You know that when you travel through a public ride, it reduces the cost. But traveling in your vehicle will give you some perks as well as some downsides.

First of all, you will need a gas that can cover a distance of at least 200 Kilometers. Suppose your car can cover 15 Kilometers in 1 liter of your fuel.

Travel to New York
Travel from New York

So, you will need at least 15 liters of fuel for your whole journey. On average, you can travel within $5 for your entire trip.

So, a car is one of the most convenient ways to travel from city to city when you are not ready to spend more on transportation.

Final Verdict: How Far is Connecticut from New York City?

Reaching Connecticut is an easy thing for anyone. There are several routes to reach Connecticut.

The most famous routes are bus, car, train, and plane. These routes have been prevalent and have their importance.

Trip to New York
Trip from New York

Every person chooses their own desired route, but on average, the route distance is over 119-124 Miles. You can reach Connecticut in 2 hours and 30 minutes on average.

We have shared all the ways to reach Connecticut here, but you have to decide which of these is the best for you. If you have traveled by any means, please share your experience with us!

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