Izamal is considered one of the most adorable cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. This city is well-known for its pale-shaded structures and rich cultural legacy. It was once a religious base for the old Maya. They were recognized for building pyramids and temples. You can visit archaeological areas and the colonial convent in this modern world. Yet, you can relax at its parks or explore the museums. Thus, it is also an excellent plan for a family vacation and to get to know the Yucatecan people in Izamal, Mexico.

Things to Do in Izamal, Mexico

In this article, you can look at the history, culture, or beauty of Izamal, Mexico.

1- Art and Crafts at Izamal Museum

If you are interested in the creative and cultural signs of the Yucatan province, you must see the Art and Crafts Museum. This gallery is on the northern side of the Cinco de Mayo Park. It is across the beautiful landscapes of Convento de San Antonio de Padua. The showroom portrays paintings and crafts from various eras and styles.

Izamal Museum
Izamal Museum

You can marvel at the identity and mastery of local and nationwide artists. Know about the past and the context of each work. Buy portrays to sustain the local crafters. This gallery was inaugurated in 2001. It has four display arenas, each devoted to a distinct theme.

2- Dig the ruins at el Conejo

El Conejo is the archaeological spot once a holy center for the old Maya. It is a remote site, with a single venue that is 4 meters elevated. This site dated around to the Late Classic period and was likely used for formal intents. You can access it by hiking a few areas from Itzamatul and Habuk. These are two prominent Maya ruins.

Further, it is well-preserved but looks into this charming city’s history. It is one of the five Maya spots found within the urban area. This site was part of an extensive formal center. But it is still worth visiting the city if you are curious about the culture. You can climb to the venue’s top and relish a lovely sight.

3- See the Convento de San Antonio de Padua

The most unusual appeal in Izamal, Mexico, is the Convento de San Antonio de Padua. This Franciscan sanctuary was made on a pyramid dated in the 16th century. It has an expansive atrium that is said to be the second largest after the Vatican. There is a church inside the convent with multiple facilities.

Convento de San Antonio de Padua
Convento de San Antonio de Padua

This site is also favored for being called by Pope John Paul II in 1993. He got a silver dome for the Virgin. This spot was built over the ruins of Popol Chac. It is devoted to the rain deity Chaac. It has a simple but grand structure, with light walls and white elements. There is a museum that shows religious antiques, paintings, and statues.

4- Ride on a horse-drawn carriage

Sitting on a horse-drawn carriage is a delightful way to troll the city. It is also known as calesa or coche. You can take one from the central square or road corner for almost 200 pesos if you deal. This carriage will drive you all over the city and reveal its main interests. You will enjoy the vistas of the sandy city and its cobbled roadways.

Moreover, the driver will direct you and tell you tales and facts about the city. Riding on it is an amusing way to see a lovely pace. You can select from unlike routes and times, relying on your likes and budget. Personalize your gift by adding flowers, drinks, or tunes. Thus, it will make your ride a unique venture.

5- Head to the Ecotourism

If you are looking for adventure and beauty, you can go to one of the ecotourism choices around the city. For instance, you can go to the Los 7 Cenotes San Gerónimo. It is a natural space with seven sinkholes you can paddle in. You can also relish zip-lining, water sports, walking, biking, and camping.


Another choice is to stay at Yokdzonot Cenote Park. It is a society scheme that allows access to an attractive cenote covered by lush greenery. You can also see a cafe, an old shop, hammocks, cottages, and cycle rentals. Therefore, these sites are ideal for a calming space.

6- Landscapes at Piramide de Kinich Kakmó

Admire the majestic landscapes at the Piramide de Kinich Kakmó. It is considered the Yucatan Peninsula’s most extensive and most remarkable Maya pyramids. This pyramid was devoted to the sun god Kinich Kakmó. He thought to drop from the sky as a fire macaw. It has a peak of 34 meters and a ground of 200 by 180 meters.

Further, it is the third-largest pre-Hispanic facility by magnitude. You can climb to the canopy of the pyramid and relish a scenic view of the city and its nearby places. Likewise, see some other Maya destroys spread around the city. It is located on Calle 27, roughly 1 km north of the central square. You can trek there or take a bicycle.

7- Relax at the lovely Yokdzonot

If you like a stimulating and comfy venture, visit the Cenote Yokdzonot. It is a wild sinkhole refilled with crystal-clear water. This cenote is located nearly 30 km west in a small townlet. This site is 45 meters deep.


You can float in the chilly water, adore the vistas, or rest in the nearby zones. A regional staff of Maya operates the cenote. They offer different benefits like cafes, souvenir shops, shelters, huts, and rentals. You can also enjoy water sports and other activities like zip-lining.

8- Handmade products at Hecho a Mano

You should visit Hecho a Mano if you want high-quality handmade products. It is a cute small shop located on Calle 31-A. The title means “created by hand” in Spanish. You can see a variety of paintings and craftworks from distinct periods and types. It includes standard folk art, stylish portraits, statues, ceramics, and fabrics.

You can respect the invention and talent of local artists and know about the context of per piece. The shop also has a gift mart where you can buy antiques to help the local crafters. The costs are valid, and the team is amiable and generous.

9- Visit at Monument to Fray Diego de Landa

If you want to know about the civilization, see the Monument to Fray Diego de Landa. This figure praises the unusual figures in the old period. Fray Diego de Landa reached Yucatan in 1549. He was liable for bringing the Catholic religion to the Maya community.

Fray Diego de Landa
Fray Diego de Landa

Even he burned multiple Maya books and prints. He was also the originator of Izamal. Thus, he wrote a reader called Relación de las cosas de Yucatán. It is the primary source of facts about the Maya society. The memorial is on the south wall of the convent.

10- Shop at Centro Cultural y Artesanal

Visit the Centro Cultural y Artesanal, an artistic center and art market. It is located on Calle 31. The base has four display halls to show various elements of Maya culture. It includes faith, speech, writing, astronomy, calculation, arts, melody, dance, cooking, apparel, and more. You can also locate displays of district and recent art.

Moreover, the center manages panels, seminars, and cultural affairs to elevate the artistic and cultural growth of the area. The craft store presents a broad range of products. You can find jewelry, ceramics, timber carving, needlework, honey by-products, and more.


Izamal is a special place to plan for a budget trip to Mexico. This city blends the ancient and the contemporary antiques at the museums. See the sacred and the worldly places. Relax in the bright and serene parks. It is a site to engage in the Maya and Spanish past and civilization. Enjoy the natural looks of the building and the country. Thus, it is more than a city. It is a magic townlet that will delight you with its charm.

FAQs on Things to do in Izamal, Mexico

What is the parking cost in the city?

There is no parking cost in this city. You can park your motorcar on the roads or in assigned parking lots. Yet, it would help to be mindful not to stop entries or exits in restricted areas. You can also use a bicycle to troll the city without troubling about parking.

What language is used to communicate in the city?

The authorized language of the city is Spanish. Many citizens also speak Maya. It is an indigenous speech of the area. You can see signs and menus in each language. Learning some primary language to share with them is always valued.

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