Lal Bagh Park

What to Visit at Lal Bagh Park

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Lal Bagh Park in Bangalore is one of Karnataka’s best places to visit. This park is a significant attraction that is cherished by locals and tourists. There are many main attractions in Lalbagh, India. For example, you can find the most extensive tropical and subtropical flora. It has a vast garden spread across 240 acres in the city’s center. It includes multiple hundred-year-old trees. The lovely garden is further enriched with landscapes at an orchid park, a large lake, a glasshouse, and a watchtower.

Lal Bagh Park

Let’s discuss Lal Bagh Park and its many landscapes worth admiring and cherishing.

History of the Park

Up until 1856, it was known as the Rose or Cypress Garden. Haider Ali, a great fan of Mughal Gardens, wanted to establish one in his city. He built this garden in 1760. Also, his father inspired him, and he was interested in planting gardens. The garden was modeled after another one located 120 miles from Lal Bagh Park in Sira. Lalbagh has received several rare plant, tree, and shrub species. The garden area was 45 acres in 1874, and substantial extensions of 94 acres in 1891.

Lal Bagh History
Lal Bagh History

Similarly 1898, John Cameron constructed the Glass House, modeled after London’s Crystal Palace. It is one of the tremendous historical features of the park that dates back more than 200 years. In addition to the natural waterfalls in Karnataka, there is an artificial one. It descends 25 feet and is 120 feet wide. Hence, it is similar to a smaller kind of Niagara drop.

Worth-Seeing Attractions in the Park

This garden offers many intriguing sights to explore, keeping you busy all day. Among these is the Floral Clock, situated at the park’s entrance. A tree fossil is the carbonized remains of a pine tree. It is 20 million years old. Glass House is a beautiful glass-built building. In the past, lectures on gardening were held in the lecture hall, deer paddock, and aviary. Also, antiques prevail at Lal Bagh House and the West Gate Guard Room.

Some other hidden gems are the Directorate Building, Lal Bagh Lake, and The Museum House. Pigeon House is a facility designed to draw pigeons among other birds. Additionally, the Aquarium structure and the Statue of Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar have fascinating displays of aquatic life. As a result, the garden also provides instruction in farming, art, post-harvest methods, and mushroom and bamboo growth.

Things to Do in the Park

Lal Bagh offers a wide range of sights and activities. Whether you want to picnic or walk, the garden is a terrific spot to spend a day. Remember to be aware of digital cameras. They are banned within the park. Sticking to the designated trails is essential as the park has several snakes. However, the staff is always there in case of emergency.

Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail

Moreover, walking along the Heritage Trail, stopping by the Glasshouse, and seeing the birds at the lake are just a few activities available here. Enjoy a performance at the Bandstand and go through time with the hero stones. In addition to viewing the African Baobab tree, Fossil tree, and Peninsula Gnesis, you can enjoy the artworks.

Types of Flowers

The garden’s caretakers ensure a blooming plant diversity from the beginning by continually adding to its collection. The Middle Ages rulers brought plants from far-off regions such as Persia, Cape Town, Kabul, Turkey, etc. A stock of 1854 species remains intact by the curation, arrival, adaptation, and continued growth of exotic species worldwide.

Further, the Pride of Burma, African baobab, Banana tree, Araucaria Cookie, Red Silk Cotton tree, and Elephant Apple are just a few of the exotic plants found here. Because of these plants, this location is one of the most essential gardening hotspots, and they enhance its already breathtaking beauty.

Layout and Design of the Garden

The most intricate feature of this garden’s design is its advanced irrigation system, which provides water to over 1,000 plant species, including over a century-old tree. The garden has various plantings, water fountains, lotus pools, and meadows. There is also a rock formation there that is said to be three billion years old.

Siddapura Circle
Siddapura Circle

Similarly, the gate may be accessed from four different directions. The southern entrance leads to the Lalbagh Road. It is frequently regarded as the main gate. However, the northern gate offers simple access to the Glass House. The western gate is adjacent to the Siddapura Circle. In contrast, the eastern gate is close to Jayanagar.

Flower Shows at the park

Lalbagh premises host annual Flower Shows on the national holiday and Independence Day. The Mysore Society and the Department of Agriculture arranged the shows. They deliver tours that are lovely depictions of the garden’s flora. Likewise, seeing the flowers arranged in the shape of butterflies is a charming sight.

Plus, the climate here is pleasant year-round. It is beneficial to plant growth. The show features more than three hundred different flower kinds. You can see roses, marigolds, celosia, geraniums, orchids, and many more. Planting seeds and growing them in containers to bloom twice yearly takes a lot of work. The flower display is also incredibly imaginative and captivating to all tourists. Hence, it is an endless array of beautiful colors.

Best Time To Visit It

The winter season here spans from November to March, making it ideal for visiting the Lalbagh Garden. The gardens are open all year round. Still, summers may be rather hot and hot.

Best Time to Visit
Best Time to Visit

In addition, it’s no use coming here during the monsoon. The rain can ruin your chance to take in the entire beauty of the garden. But January and August are the best times to visit the garden. This is when the Glass House holds its annual flower exhibit.

Restaurants Near the Garden

Shyvan Restaurant is one of the nearby restaurants on the course to the parking lot. It includes a few tables just under the Richmond Road Flyover. Therefore, arrive on time to secure a table. Students from St. Joseph College frequently occupy it.

Likewise, a famed name in South Indian comfort cuisine is Mavalli Tiffin Rooms. Since 1924, Bengaluru has been eating out of the hands of this known restaurant. There are outside seats at Nandhini Restaurant. It provides vegan food and does not take bookings. Hence, Bangalore Belly is a charming place to eat.

Places to Stay

The Taj Westend Bangalore is among the most exquisite places to stay. It is situated in the city center on Race Course Road. This luxury resort is perfect for exploring the city. It is advisable to make bookings in advance online on the website.

Apart from all this, The Leela Palace Bangalore is a fantastic spot to stay. The hotel offers opulent, luxury accommodations. This five-star hotel is close to Bangalore’s Old Airport. Hence, you may take advantage of the facilities at a reasonable cost with discounts.

The Leela Palace Bangalore
The Leela Palace Bangalore

How To Reach Lal Bagh

Buses and auto rickshaws are two easy ways to reach Lal Bagh in the city’s southern section. You can also rent a taxi. The Kempegowda International Airport is the nearest. By car, the 35-kilometer trip might take up to 50 minutes.

Further, the General Post Office is also about 4 kilometers away by road, and the trip takes about 10 minutes. The metro is the most convenient method of transportation. Thus, you can find the latest schedule, route, and fare info on the Namma Metro website.


Plan to visit Lal Bagh Park to escape life’s hustle. It is the city’s lovely, cultural, and historic essential area. The park’s setting is fantastic, with plenty of walkers and joggers. Even if there aren’t many flowers at the botanical garden in April, it’s still worth seeing. There’s a lake, stunning ancient trees, and monkeys to view. Families, couples, and groups of friends may enjoy the park together in this verdant shelter of peace.

FAQs on Lal Bagh Park

What are the park’s opening and exit times?

To enter Lalbagh, visitors must buy an entry ticket. It costs INR 30 per person. There are unique desks at each entry where you may purchase these tickets. The hours of operation are 6 AM to 7 PM. Its walking trails are crowded in the morning and evening.

How should you prepare for a holiday to Lal Bagh?

There are four gates that pedestrians can use to join the flower exhibit. Tickets for the flower display are available for purchase on the official site. The park has cloak facilities at every gate. Reusable plastic bottles are not allowed.

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