Karnataka is a treasure trove of tourist destinations. It has many beautiful places like forests, hills, waterfalls, and lakes. It is located between the west coast and Deccan Plateau. You can enjoy amazing views of beautiful beaches, riversides, and coffee estates. So, if you are planning a vacation, it’s a must to consider places to visit in Karnataka!

Places to Visit in Karnataka

Let’s get into the details of various places to visit in Karnataka!

1- Coorg

Coorg is a lovely hill station located in Karnataka. The place is surrounded by towering mountains and always has a misty landscape. Coorg is famous for producing coffee and its striking green hills with streams running through them. The local Kodava people, skilled in martial arts, are known for their friendly hospitality. The area is also known as Kodagu, the wealthiest hill station in Karnataka.


It has impressive and exotic scenery, including forest-covered hills and spice & coffee plantations. The transportation hub for the region is Madikeri, where you can start exploring other beautiful towns such as Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Pollibetta, and Somwarpet. While there, don’t forget to experience the “homestays” concept to make your visit more memorable!

2- Mysore

Mysore is a city in Karnataka with a rich history. It’s known for its royal heritage, architecture, silk sarees, yoga, and sandalwood. Mysore Palace is a famous tourist spot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s an example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, and every room is decorated with intricate details, beautiful paintings, and stained-glass windows.

On Sundays and during Dussehra celebrations, the palace is lit up at night. Ashtanga School of Yoga is another popular attraction in Mysore. It attracts visitors and practitioners from around the world.

Mysore Palace

3- Badami

Badami, Karnataka, is a lovely place in a valley of rugged red sandstone surrounding Agastya Lake. It is known for its beautiful sandstone cave temples, fortresses, and carvings. The place is an archaeological delight and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that make up Aihole-Badami-Pattadakal.

Badami was once the royal capital of the Chalukyas and had examples of both South and North Indian styles of architecture, including three Hindu temples and one Jain temple. It is the finest example of traditional temple architecture in India. Rock climbing is a popular activity here for people who love adventure.

4- Gokarna

Gokarna is a town in Karnataka known for its beautiful beaches and landscapes. The beaches like Kudle Beach and Om Beach differ from life inside the town. These are quiet and slow, and most tourists are foreigners. Coconut and palm trees are everywhere, and the ocean and sand are clean. Gokarna is a special place in India because it’s not very touristy, and everything on the beach goes relaxed. If you want a slow, peaceful holiday, Gokarna is the perfect place to visit.


5- Udupi

Udupi is a pretty town near Karnataka’s coast, known for its delicious vegetarian food and beautiful temples. The Arabian Sea surrounds Udupi on one side and the Western Ghats on the other, making it a perfect place to explore nature. The most popular temple here is the Krishna Temple.

Udupi has some of the most beautiful beaches in Karnataka, and Malpe Beach is the most famous one. At Malpe Beach, you can enjoy delicious seafood and do many water sports. You can also take a boat from here to visit St. Mary’s Island, famous for its black rocks. Udupi is also home to Manipal, a well-known educational hub.

6- Jog Falls

Jog Falls is a very big and beautiful waterfall in Karnataka. It is the second-highest waterfall in India and the highest one in Karnataka. The waterfall drops about 253 meters in a single fall! That’s tall! It has four parts, and each one has a different name. Raja is a big stream of water, Roarer is a strong and violent stream that meets the Raja stream, Rocket is water that falls in different ways, and Rani is a quiet stream that looks like foam.

Jog Falls
Jog Falls

If you go to the Jog Falls during the Monsoon season, you will see the waterfall in its full form. Driving to Jog Falls from Shimoga City takes about two and a half hours. You can also call it Gerusoppa Falls or Joga Falls. It is beautiful, and you should see it when visiting Karnataka.

7- Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is a lovely town in Karnataka famous for its giant statue of Lord Shiva. A must-visit place is Netrani Island, where you can explore the underwater world by snorkeling and scuba diving in crystal-clear waters. The Murudeshwar temple and fort are also popular places to visit as they are ancient and beautiful.

However, the Murudeshwar beach has become dirty due to human activity, so it’s best to avoid it. Overall, Murudeshwar is a great place to see amazing sights and have a fun day with your loved ones.


8- Bangalore

Bangalore is a big and fun city in Karnataka, India. It’s famous for its pleasant weather, lovely parks, and many lakes. You can walk in the beautiful Cubbon Park or shop in the many malls and street markets. Bangalore is also known as the “Garden City” because of all the parks, like the big Cubbon Park and the pretty Lalbagh botanical gardens.

However, the city has grown a lot because of all the IT companies and some parts are now crowded and polluted. But the older neighborhoods like Jayanagar and J.P Nagar are still peaceful and friendly.

9- Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is one of the famous tourist places in Karnataka. The park is home to many different animals like tigers, elephants, hyenas, and more than 250 different kinds of birds. Nagarhole National Park has many trees, like teak, rosewood, silver oak, and sandalwood. The park is famous for its lush green forests and lovely streams.

Nagarhole National Park
Nagarhole National Park

In addition, the Kabini River surrounds the park, and you can see a big dam there. Visitors can also see reptiles like snakes and toads here. The park is very big and has many different kinds of terrain, like gentle slopes and shallow valleys. If you love nature, you must visit Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka.

10- Kemmanagundi

Kemmanagundi, or KR Hills, is a beautiful hill station located in Karnataka. It has stunning views and lovely gardens that will take your breath away. People who love nature and adventure will enjoy this place very much. You can trek, walk in the beautiful gardens, or picnic here.

The Royal Horticultural Society of Karnataka has some of the most beautiful gardens. The Rock Garden, Z Point, Hebbe Falls, Kalahasti Falls, and the Shiva Temple are famous places to visit here. The place is named after the red soil found here. It was the summer retreat for the Mysore King Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV.


The Bottom Line

Karnataka is a land of diverse beauty, culture, and history. It offers a perfect getaway for tourists seeking a glimpse of South India’s charm. Karnataka has everything for everyone – forests, beaches, temples, and palaces. Its ancient heritage and modern lifestyle make it a perfect place to experience South India’s rich culture. Head to Karnataka and meet the warm and friendly people who live there.

FAQs about Places to Visit in Karnataka

Which kind of food can I expect to find in Karnataka?

Karnataka has delicious vegetarian options like Bisi bele bath, Mysore masala dosa, and non-vegetarian dishes. If you visit coastal areas like Udupi and Mangalore, try the fresh seafood, it’s delicious!

What is the ideal time to visit Karnataka?

The ideal time to visit Karnataka depends on what you want to do. If you love hills and wildlife, go in the summer. For waterfalls and greenery, the monsoon season is excellent. If you want to explore cities and historical monuments, winter is perfect.

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