Everyone in the community feels happy to call Bartlett home. The community honors the past, celebrates the present, and unites to make plans for the future. It aims to sustain the standard of living that citizens enjoy. They provide prompt municipal services and carry out those services in a highly ethical and efficient way. Plans for Bartlett include steady and planned growth. Two nearby Bartlett societies with large houses and beautiful views are the Village of Bartlett and Canterbury Village. Its commercial sector and downtown business center draw visitors to the town for dining and shopping and increase its stature.

Village of Bartlett

In contrast to most English villages, which feature traditional country churches, the Village of Bartlett boasts an up-to-date village hall and history museums.

Overview and History

Bartlett was incorporated in 1891 as a suburban town with around 41,000 residents. It is easily accessible near highways. It is situated in northwest suburban Cook County and northwest DuPage County, and a section stretches into eastern Kane County. Its most recent growth and expansion have been prompted by access to cargo and commuter railroads.

Bartlett History
Bartlett History

Bartlett’s growing local, retail, and industrial base draws large forms and shops to expand or relocate. It is quickly becoming a goal for people. Progress With Pride’s slogan helped it develop into a busy business district with a solid industrial basis. Hence, it has several lively retail areas and a range of services.

Museums and their Collections

The galleries include the Bartlett Depot Museum at 100 W. Railroad Avenue, the Village’s old rail station. Likewise, The Bartlett History Museum is housed on the first floor of Bartlett Village Hall. The Village runs them to preserve the town’s rich history. These galleries are held via a vast collection of records, images, and objects, as well as through shows and classes.

Moreover, explore the rich history of the Bartlett History Museum with its constantly shifting events. After visiting the museum, take the free self-guided walking tour. Through media, training, and displays, the Bartlett Depot Museum looks at and shares the legacy of rail history with the public. Thus, it fosters an awareness of the future of the railroad industry.

Parks and Bike Trails

The Bartlett region offers something to do, see, or hear. With proper planning, locals created a park system overseen by the Park District. The district owns more than 500 acres of parks. It includes gardens, two golf courses, a ski area, a skate park, and indoor and outdoor pools. So, it has a Villa Olivia Golf & Ski Facility, Splash Center, and Health & Fitness Club.

Bartlett Park District
Bartlett Park District

Further, bike routes extending about 19.5 miles go through Bartlett green spaces, forests, and other areas. Many people travel to work on bicycles and use them as a form of transport. The League of Illinois Bicyclists offers adult and kid riders and drivers lessons. Thus, most users can finish the tests in 15 to 30 minutes.

Public Library

Two public libraries provide their citizens access to a wide range of materials. Bartlett Public Library and the Gail Borden Public Library are noted libraries here. These include DVDs, music, video games, computers, search engines, and the Internet. The libraries also provide unique programs and events for users of all ages yearly.

Eateries in Bartlett

Many eateries in Bartlett suit all budgets and palates. The famous Pasta Mia serves tasty Italian food. It offers friendly staff and a cozy eating area. Enjoy Mexican cuisine made with fresh elements at JC’s Mexican Cafe. Two tiny trains bring your meal to the fun and distinctive Train Whistle Grill.

In addition, it has a train-themed interior design. Ambrosia Greek Eatery offers the tastes and affection of Greece. Food options in Bartlett are more extensive than those in these places. You may also consider other choices.

Train Whistle Grill
Train Whistle Grill

Village Church of Bartlett

Locating where to begin is the hardest aspect of finding who you are. With so much to do in Bartlett, search for a society where people share your beliefs. Village Church is devoted to showing love for Bartlett and assisting each person in deepening their affinity.

Moreover, you can access folks with the power to impact your life. It advances your journey as a follower. Thus, discover more about the customs throughout the world through the podcast and other services.

Exciting Events

Check out the upcoming events to learn more about the past and culture. The Bartlett Public Library and the History Museum organize them. Join the Woman’s Club for a Bunny Lunch on March 23. On April 10, Leslie Goddard will talk about Barbie, America’s Most Famous Doll, at Village Hall.

Further, enjoy the sounds of Cole Porter on May 5 at the Bartlett Public Library. Here, cabaret artists Matt and Cynthia Gruel will perform. On March 20, the University of Illinois Extension will provide tourists with further details on the other pests in the region.

Barbie, America's Most Famous Doll
Barbie, America’s Most Famous Doll

Nearby Places

Whenever you are in the Village of Bartlett, never miss visiting the Willis Tower. It was the highest structure for almost 25 years. Its 110-story skyscraper is wrapped in golden-hued glass and black metal, which signifies the region’s art. Similarly, it is a well-known financial, legal, and transport provider. At 527 meters, this tower held the record for the tallest skyscraper in the world. Hence, the Burj Khalifa smashed the height records for finished towers in all four areas.

Another attraction is Yale Road Park, about a 2-minute drive to Bartlett. Try the 0.8-kilometer circular route, which is generally considered easy. It is excellent for walking, road biking, and jogging. You can meet many other visitors while exploring. The route is lovely to study at any time of year and is open year-round.

Moreover, dogs are allowed. This paved park highlights its many beautiful features. The park offers residents green space, outdoor leisure options, and various attractions. It includes sports, training facilities, and athletic grounds.


The Village of Bartlett is a pleasant and historic district. It provides locals and tourists with a wide range of facilities and activities. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Visit the area’s museums, use the parks and bike paths, or peruse the public library. Dine at one of the many ethnic restaurants or join the Village Church of Bartlett. For further fun, you may travel to neighboring areas like South Elgin and Chicago.

FAQs on the Village of Bartlett

What procedures apply to the building permit’s expiry and inspections?

The homeowner or a contractor carries out every build and home renovation project for building licenses. A permit’s allowed work must start within six months of its date and be finished within a year. The online permit system arranges inspections.

What is the plan for the disposal of holiday garbage and family waste?

Garbage pack or service is unavailable on the holidays and will only be open on Wednesdays. These products have no drop-off location, but they have access to a domestic hazardous waste facility.

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