Ranikhet is a mountainous city in Uttarakhand, India. It is one of the most distinguished and visited cities in India because it is home to the Himalayas mountains. Himalaya mountain range in Asia contains the highest peaks and attracts trekkers, hikers, adventurers, and nature admirers from around the world. Adventurers hardly need one nightlife stay at hotels. While those who come only to view, absorb, and take in Himalaya’s beauty spend most of their time in hotels. Both types of tourists deserve the best Ranikhet hotels from where they can easily watch the Himalayas as well as nearby forests closely.

Ranikhet Hotels in India
Ranikhet Hotels in India

Ranikhet Hotels

Let us now discuss the six best Ranikhet hotels you can stay at!

1- Woodsvilla Resort

Woodsvilla Resort resides in a beautiful building that uplifts your mood the moment you look at it. While entering the building through welcoming decorated roads, get ready to experience one of a kind hotel experience. The architecture and interior have been designed thoughtfully. Be it the small sitting corner right before a window in every room or the shared balconies with mesmerizing views of mountains; you will find a good thought behind every feature.

The on-site restaurants serve delicious Indian and many other cuisines. Once you have watched the mountains and greenery enough, you can rest in your room watching the flat-screen TV. This hotel’s romantic vibe makes it an ideal choice, especially for couples.

2- Chevron Rosemount

Chevron Rosemount is one great way to enjoy being amidst mountains. The detailed building design becomes even prettier at night time. The woodwork is so expertly done that you will be unable to stop praising. The complimentary amenities include Wi-Fi, parking, breakfast, a workout room, and a children’s activity area.

Chevron Rosemount
Chevron Rosemount

You can also rent a bicycle to go hiking in the nearby mountains. The in-room necessities include everything you need, such as a cupboard, working desk, coffee/tea maker, and others. The complimentary toiletries also show the courtesy of the hotel. Moreover, it is a short distance from the famous attractions of Ranikhet. You can visit Jhula Devi Temple by covering only a mile and Mankameshwar Temple by traveling a mile.

3- Alpine Rhapsody

Alpine Rhapsody is a hotel in Ranikhet established to make guests feel at home. A beautiful interior is one thing to praise, and having all your needs covered is another. Wooden furniture, clean and sanitized linens, daily housekeeping, and many other facilities make this hotel a top choice for tourists.

The views of the Himalayas that you can enjoy from this hotel are one of a kind. If you look from the horizon ridge, you can see mountains running as far as the point where you find them merging with the sky. Bird watching, trekking, and absorbing the beauty of mountains are some things you can start your mornings with at Alpine Rhapsody.

4- Majkhali Woods by Himalayan Eco Lodges

Majkhali Woods by Himalayan Eco Lodges is located near Majkhali village and Ranikhet golf course. You can have a great time connecting to nature in this hotel. The whole of the building is a definition of the tidiest cleanliness. The air feels fresh, thanks to the non-smoking hotel policy.

Majkhali Woods
Majkhali Woods

Nature lovers will feel deficient in nothing as there is plenty of things to do such as trekking, hiking, etc. The views of the Himalayas are uninterrupted since the hotel is located at a certain height, right in the middle of a forest.

5- Welcome Heritage Windsor Lodge

Welcome Heritage Windsor Lodge is the oldest hotel in Ranikhet. It was opened in 1909 and has only improved its accommodation and lodging services. One thing that remained constant throughout the centuries is its good reputation and credibility.

The building is placed on a wooden hillock and gives mesmerizing views of the Himalayas. You will love relaxing on the clean and well-maintained balcony while enjoying oak, cedar, and pine forests. The furniture in the interior is antique, upgrading the aesthetic value of the hotel to a great extent. Also, the six buildings of this hotel make it appear exceptionally charming. The vast property is a great place where you can walk around exploring and hang out in different spots. 

6- Xomotel Ranikhet Heights

Tucked in a forest in Chilliyanaula, Xomotel Ranikhet Heights makes a top-notch yet affordable option for tourists. The best thing about this motel is that the windows of suite rooms serve views of the mountains, including those of Trishul, Nanda Devi, and others.

Xomotel Ranikhet Heights
Xomotel Ranikhet Heights

The rooms contain everything needed, such as a TV. The beds are comfortable. The decorations are kept minimalistic and aesthetic to feel relaxed and easy. There is a bonfire area where you can either conduct a party yourself or join others. The on-site restaurants serve a variety of cuisines so that people of different cultures can enjoy eating.


The Himalayas are exceptionally gorgeous and show how beautiful, complicated yet detailed nature can be. There was a time when visiting mountains was only possible for adventure heads. Fortunately, now, everyone can enjoy looking at the Himalayas, thanks to luxurious Ranikhet hotels with all modern facilities.

The six hotels listed above offer high-end facilities and amenities. Thanks to delicious cuisines served at on-site restaurants, you can feel at home, and in-room features cover both comfort and entertainment. One great feature of all these hotels is the balconies and windows opening to the vast and uninterrupted views of the Himalayas mountains.

Trip to Ranikhet
Trip to Ranikhet

FAQs About Hotels in Ranikhet

What hotels in Ranikhet are suitable for families?

The best of the Ranikhet hotels for families include Woodsvilla Resort, Chevron Rosemount, Alpine Rhapsody, and Xomotel Ranikhet Heights. All of these offer clean, safe, and highly maintained places for families to stay at.

What are the best and cheap hotels in Ranikhet?

When you are going on a vacation in a new city, you need a place where you can stay without worrying about safety. Xomotel Ranikhet Heights is comparatively cheaper, yet it successfully fulfills all security and other concerns of guests with a relaxing, comfortable, and clean environment.

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