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Top 10 Stonington Restaurants, You Need to Visit

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Many people ask about the best restaurants in Stonington. If you are going to explore New England, you cannot miss the delicious dining offered here. Several restaurants in Stonington provide good services to tourists and locals. Many Water street restaurants are there, and they offer Stonington seafood which is very famous.

Top Restaurants in Stonington

 In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best Stonington restaurants. You can quickly get your favorite one after reading this fantastic post.

1- Dogwatch Café

This restaurant manages Dodson Boatyard and lets visitors enjoy their food while listening to live music. The restaurant has many tasty dishes. You can enjoy the dogwatch pasta and lobster rolls there. Here you can also get gluten-free items, vegetarian options, and other local dishes prepared by the in-house restaurant’s chef. The service of the restaurant is perfect quick. You will love this restaurant.

Dogwatch Café
Dogwatch Café

Pros Of Dining Here

  • Flawless service is provided there; the hosts are very approachable, well-groomed, and polite.
  • Each waiter is assigned to the table that ensures that you get a detailed explanation of foods on offers and tell you the discounted deals if available. 
  • Waiters are family-friendly; you can bring children for fines, dine-in experience, and bond. 

2- The Shipwright, Daughter

The Shipwright, Daughter is one of the beautiful restaurants of this town that has an elegant dine-in experience with a lovely experience. It has a nautical theme, and it is the perfect hotel in the coastal town. You can get dinner, lunch, and breakfast, and you can also take a drink to enjoy the sunny afternoon. Customer service is available, leaving you to book a table on the weekend to get a fantastic seafood experience in the restaurant. 

The Shipwright, Daughter
The Shipwright, Daughter

Pros Of Dining Here

  • Polite waiters and quick service are good features of this restaurant. 
  • The price of the menu is reasonable, not much expensive. There is a detailed menu with unique dishes like gluten-free items and vegetarian. 
  • There is no overcrowding there, that is why you can spend quality time with your company with minimum disturbance and problems. 

3- Frank’s Gourmet Grille

Are you looking for a big, spacious and friendly restaurant? If yes, then Frank Gourmet is the best according to your choice. Their staff will warmly welcome you, and they will show you your table. The staff gives you detail about the menu. Along with a calm and enjoyable ambiance, their preferred dishes are speedy and hot.

Frank Gourmet
Frank Gourmet

Pros Of Dining Here

  • The polite staff handles the queries and requests professionally and explains the situation clearly.
  • The restaurant serves American and Italian cuisines. 
  • It is a family-friendly restaurant that can dine with the children and spouse. Service is rapid; food comes after fifteen minutes of the order. 

4- Red 36 Restaurant

Red 36 Restaurant is located in a relaxed environment with a great ambiance. Here you can see water and enjoy your food with a beautiful thematic scenery approach. The bar is also available; it has multiple options. Seafood is also offered here. It is a bit noisy, so see the other reviewed restaurants if you are looking for a quiet one.

Red 36 Restaurant
Red 36 Restaurant

Pros Of Dining Here

  • Best place for seafood and drink at an affordable price.
  • Perfect ambiance with a great piece of scenery. It is one of the great spots to enjoy your food and beverages because of the watery scene.
  • It is a great spot to enjoy food and drink with beautiful natural scenery.
  • If you want to be social, then go to a bar. Here you will get a chance to meet with new people that come to visit Stonington. 

5- Noah’s Restaurant

The Building and structure of this restaurant are appealing, with a mahogany bar that has good art fun on the restaurant’s wall. They have good quality food that has an excellent and delicious taste. It has a detailed breakfast, dinner, lunch, and other drinks menu.

Noah's Restaurant
Noah’s Restaurant

Pros Of Dining Here

  • It has new and quick quality service.
  • Even though the staff is hectic, they are very friendly and polite. They don’t have any problem explaining the menu when ordering them. They quickly get what type of taste you are longing for. 

6- Stonington Pizza Palace

This pizza parlor specially offers Greek dishes. Stonington Pizza Palace provides hot and cheesy pizza for you. It is an excellent place to have a pizza party with your friends. You can get the detailed menu of pizzas, and there is also a vegetarian one. A total overhaul is necessary for any food lover if you want to get a little messy and want to explore.

Pros Of Dining Here

  • They bake pizza on-site with a good approach that is very suitable for family dining. 
  • The menu price is very affordable. You can get Greek pairings along with pizza to gain exotic taste.
Stonington Pizza Palace
Stonington Pizza Palace

7- Go Fish Restaurant

If you want to enjoy your food with perfect indoor dining, then Go Fish is one of the best options for you. You can get gluten-free and seafood from here. It is located near the Old Mystic Village. 

Pros Of Dining Here

  • The staff is very cooperative and pays attention to your requests, complaints, and needs.
  • A detailed menu with a variety of seafood is offered there. 

8- Bravo Bravo Restaurant

They offer Italian and all traditional American meals. Go and enjoy your favorite meal with an excellent service overlooking the water. They also have a tasteful wine menu, and cocktails offered here are very delicious.

Bravo Bravo Restaurant
Bravo Bravo Restaurant

Pros Of Dining Here

  • Great ambiance with the great location. 
  • Delicious cocktail and tasty wine list.

9- Breakwater

It is located on the water of the Stonington coast so that you can take your boat and dock right next to dine-in the table. Also, it offers lobster and fish platter there. 

Pros Of Dining Here

  • You can take your boat close to the table.
  • Minimum noise with a serene environment. They offer delicious oysters. 

10- Dog Watch Mystic

This is a friendly and family restaurant at an affordable price. You can get your drink and food while enjoying playing a game on the lawn with your kids. The deck is very peaceful and provides a great harbor view.

Dog Watch Mystic
Dog Watch Mystic

Pros Of Dining Here

  • Good location with timely food delivery.
  • Very close to the water and provide good water scenery. You will love the natural scenes while eating your food. 

Final Verdict: Stonington Restaurants

Many seafood and other restaurants in Stonington provide excellent services to the locals and tourists. If you want to go there and look for the best Stonington restaurants, see the above one. We have reviewed about top 10 restaurants in this town. My recommendation is 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th. 6th in case of pizza lovers if you are looking for the best pizza parlor in Stonington.


Mention some of your favorite restaurants in Stonington?

There are so many great restaurants in Stonington, but if I had to pick just a few, I would recommend the following:

Front Street Grill: This is an excellent place for casual dining with family and friends. They have a wide variety of dishes to choose from.

Stonington Harbor Wine Bar: If you’re looking for a lovely evening out, this wine bar is worth checking out. They have a great selection of wines and offer some tasty appetizers.

Water Street Restaurants
Water Street Restaurants

Where should I go for the best seafood in town? 

Stonington is a great town for seafood lovers! There are plenty of restaurants that serve up fresh, delicious seafood dishes.

Some of the best places include The Crab Shack, The Clam House, and B & G Oysters. These establishments offer a wide variety of seafood options, so you’re sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds. So next time you’re in Stonington, be sure to check out one of these excellent seafood spots!

Is there a restaurant that can accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes, there are a few Stonington restaurants that offer unique dietary options. For example, the Lotus Garden restaurant has a vegan and gluten-free menu, and the Bistro at the Art Institute of Stonington provides various vegan and vegetarian options. So if you’re looking for a Stonington restaurant that can accommodate your specific dietary needs, then you should be able to find one that meets your needs.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check more of our amazing articles.

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