Round Rock is an expressively developing city in Texas near Austin. According to the international ranking, it is the 25th best city to reside in the United States. This place has a rich historical background even it is also named due to the historic, small settlement in honor of that famous rock. The city is increasing visitor trends due to its winning park system and safe environment. Another solid reason for the visitors escalating is that there are several things to do in Round Rock. You can enjoy cultural festivals, fun activities, live music, and nightlife there.

Unique Things to Do in Round Rock

Here are the 11 unique things to do in Round Rock:

1- Explore Statues in Chisholm Trail Crossing Park

It is a trail park extending over 1.51 acres near downtown. There are 30 yards of the extensive walk pathway, where you can see the round rock. It is a place where you can explore the statues of longhorn bulls and immigrants made up of bronze.

Chisholm Trail Crossing Park
Chisholm Trail Crossing Park

The park is also known for fishing purposes, where people hook fish from bridges and banks. You can also see the creeks along the entire road across the park. Round Rock at Brushy Creek Crossing is one of the excellent places to visit. 

2- Attend Home Games at Dell Diamond

It is an affiliation of the Texas Rangers. It is a local amusement site where you can amuse yourself with home games with other fun activities. You can go for a family or friends’ outing for all of their amenities like suites, spa, pool, deck, party porch, and picnic area. The Dell Diamond Can compass over 11,000 people. Park is designed beautifully, and you can easily approach the restrooms there. 

3- All Day Entertainment at Premium Outlets

Another great thing to do in Georgetown, TX, is finding premium outlets with 125 stores. You can find multiple stores in this open-air mall, like Converse, Nike, Disney, and Charlotte Russe. Some restaurants and movie theaters are enough for the whole enjoyment.

Georgetown, TX
Georgetown, TX

4- Child Recreation at The Rock N River Aquatic Center

Suppose you are casting around for a child recreation around Downtown Round Rock. This place brings equal opportunities for entertainment for all ages. It comes with many water-based fun activities like umbrella waterfall, lazy river, water playlands, basketball, and volleyball. The atmosphere of the park is family-friendly, and safety is their priority. You can also take your picnic baskets inside the park except for alcohol glasses and containers. 

5- See Bats Closely in McNeil Bridge Bats

It is an unusual small place named Bridge Bats due to the bat residence. About a half-million bats can be seen at dusk during the summer season, taking their flights in the surroundings. They feed almost 30 thousand pounds of insects round the year there. Most visitors come for a night’s stay to see the dusk flights of the bats.

McNeil Bridge Bats
McNeil Bridge Bats

6- Don’t Miss Salt Lick BBQ

Salt Lick BBQ is the most delicious and mouthwatering item to taste in town. The first and original branch of the Salt Lick BBQ was established in Driftwood. Now you can find the same taste in Downtown Round Rock.

7- Enjoy Play for All Parks

The park provides the same fun and enjoyment for all ages but is specially designed for kids. They can play, swing and slide. The park has a particular integration for the disabled kids; they can also play and turn in the park. The park comprises two pods that can help kids gain new senses; the retreated and sensory pods.

8- Fitness experience at Clay Madsen Park and Recreation Center

This park is a recreational sport and a chief exercising platform in Round Rock. You can enjoy different exercises with various skills and even participate in athletic programs like basketball, playscapes, and tennis court in the recreation center.

Clay Madsen Park
Clay Madsen Park

On the other hand, there are two full-size fitness centers inside the Clay Madsen Park and Recreation Center, where you will find a pool, cardio training room, and much more. So, don’t miss the chance to visit Clay Madsen Park and Recreation Center while visiting Downtown Round Rock.

9- St. William Catholic Church Round Rock

St. William Catholic Church is also known as the heart of Round Rock. You can enjoy mass at this place as it offers a lot of mass time there. If you go to the church on a specific day, you will receive many blessings. This is a holy place and helps all who seek God. You will enjoy the beauty and the friendly community of the church.

10- The Williamson Museum

This museum presents an attractive local history. If you want to see the literal definition of Round Rock, you must visit The Williamson Museum. The museum is established to maintain the historical and cultural values of the place. You can enjoy yourself at the site along with your family or solo.

Williamson Museum
Williamson Museum

11- Try Beer at Round Rock Bluebonnet Beer Company

If you are a brewery lover, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Bluebonnet Beer Company in Downtown Round Rock. It is a most appreciated brewery because it tastes beyond magnificent. You will also enjoy the community of the helping bartender. At the end of your visit, you can also take your beautiful painted glass to take your home. You can also enjoy their Belgian-styled beer, which is simply Waoo.


Round Rock is a delightful place to visit. The city is full of recreational sports and outside activities. You can enjoy yourself anywhere with your family, friends or even alone. There are some marked restaurants, parks, and eatables that you should never miss visiting Round Rock. Due to its overall atmosphere and visiting points, tourism is pursuing its importance in economic and developing strategies.

Downtown Round Rock
Downtown Round Rock


What are the best things to do in Round Rock?

There are lots of great things to do in Round Rock! Some of my favorites include going to the Dell Diamond to watch the Round Rock Express play baseball, going for a walk or a run on the hike and bike trail, and checking out the cute shops and restaurants on Main Street.

Where can you go to explore nature in Round Rock? 

One of the nice things about Round Rock is that there are plenty of places to go to explore nature. For example, Brushy Creek Park offers over 700 acres of natural area for hiking, biking, and nature observation.

There are also several other parks in the area that offer great opportunities for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. So if you’re looking for a great place to get some exercise and take in some fresh air, Round Rock has you covered.

What is the best place in town for people who love theater and music?

The best place in town for people who love theater and music would have to be the city center. There are plenty of theaters and music venues there and a wide variety of restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, try checking out some of the smaller venues in the district.

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