Somalia is an adaptable country in the East of the Horn of Africa. It is an extended seaside along the Indian Ocean linking the Gulf of Aden. You can glance for a venture or an exit from the hustle. One of the primary interests of this town is its closeness to the finest beachfront. Somalia beaches are considered the most attractive and fresh in the world. You can look for a flight, water sports, or a cultural event. Thus, plan a family holiday and have a memorable experience.

Somalia Beaches

This article provides various Somalia beaches and multiple waterfalls in the beautiful site.

1- Hidden Gem of Murcanyo Beach

Murcanyo Beach is also known as Bender Murcaayo or Bunder Marayah. This beach is a seaside town on the northeastern side of Puntland. It is the oldest town of the 18th century. This town was a trading port linked to provincial markets like Jeddah and Mumbai. The beach is a hidden gem for those who value the looks and past of the country. It has an extended area of white sand covered by turquoise waters and stony cliffs.

Murcanyo Beach
Murcanyo Beach

Moreover, it is rich and perfect for resting, sleeping in the sun, and studying the town’s cultural legacy. Visitors can also see the collapses of old structures, mosques, and defenses, and cave portraits of Karinhegane in nearby areas. Thus, it offers a memorable venture in the country.

2- Cultural Site at Cadale Beach

Cadale Beach is also known as Adale or Adalle. This beach is a coastal townlet in the southern Middle Shabelle province. It is an artistic site showing the local people’s variety. The Tunni family founded the beach. They relocated from the Arabian Peninsula in the 13th century. Diverse sultanates and kingdoms later ruled the townlet.

Further, it is a cultural area that holds the practices and customs of the Tunni family and other societies. You can enjoy colorful practices, dances, and tunes praising marriages, births, and religious events. They can also feast on the local cuisine in the food stalls. Thus, this beach reflects the past and essence of the country.

3- Busy Port at Bosaso Beach

Bosaso Beach is near the Canggu beaches to Seminyak. It is around a 30-minute drive from the north to shopping malls. The beach is only a minute’s jump from Batubelig. The shady grey and black sand surrounds a giant lagoon along the Canggu seaside. It has a busy port that acts as the retail capital of Puntland.

Bosaso Beach
Bosaso Beach

The port manages the trade and transport in the area, connecting it with Asian countries. Yet, it is also a fishing, tourism, and growth projects corner. The beach presents various water activities and salt mining to visitors. It even includes many hotels, diners, and cafes that cater to distinct tastes and funding. Hence, it is an active port showing its economic change and growth.

4- Lovely views of Barawa Beach

Barawa Beach is a plain straw beach with transparent waters. It is located in the south of Lower Shabelle province. This beach is an element of the old town of Barawa. The Tunni family founded it in the 7th century. Yet, it presents beautiful sights of the Indian Ocean and the nearby terrain. This seaside is perfect for having activities likewise to swim, surf, and sunbathe.

Apart from all this, it also has a lighthouse that delivers a classic view of the townlet and the ocean. It is not only a place for peace but also for knowing about the history of Barawa. The town was earlier an active trade, schooling, and Islamic scholarship base. It was the residence of notable poets, intellectuals, and saints, such as Uways al-Barawi and Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti. Thus, it is a lovely place to enjoy the natural looks and estate.

5- Fresh Sight at Las Khorey Beach

Las Khorey Beach is an old seaside town in the Sanaag part of Somaliland. It is located along the coast of a long basin that touches the Gulf of Aden. This beach lies on the ground of the Jebel Murcanyo mountains. It presents a fresh sight for tourists who want to undergo a distinct side of the land.

Las Khorey Beach
Las Khorey Beach

The beachfront has a jetty-class seaport as a provincial trade gateway. It also has several appeals that show the antique and modern records of Las Khorey. These include cave artworks and seaport undergoing vast renovations. Therefore, the beach is a fresh view that displays the beauty and variety of the land.

6- Unwind at Kismayo Beach

If you want a soothing and scenic site, view Kismayo Beach. This beach is located in the port town of Kismayo. It has a rich record and civilization. Enjoy the white sand, green water, and lush plants along the shore.

 Furthermore, it is also home to marine species and coral reefs. It makes it excellent for swimming and paddle boating. You can also see the nearby fishing townlet, the Ajuran Empire’s recorded sites, and the Geledi Sultanate. Though, it is where you can unwind and admire the natural beauty.

7- Vibrant Aura of Liido Beach

Liido Beach is the most famous and lively beach in Mogadishu. The Italians formed the beach from 1930 to 1950. It has since undergone a revitalization in the last decade. This beach attracts citizens and tourists to enjoy the sunshine, sand, and ocean.

Liido Beach
Liido Beach

Apart from all this, the beach presents seafood cafes, resorts, and parks. You can savor tasty Somali cooking and partake in the warm ambiance of the society. Hence, it is a place where you can see the strength and positiveness of Mogadishu as it heals from years of civil war.

8- Peaceful Escape to Jazeera Beach

Jazeera Beach is a calm and attractive beach around Mogadishu. It oversees the Somali Sea. The shore is called after a small island with a white mosque, which is spoken to be very old. You can lease a boat and see the island or dig nearby places with rich mangrove woods.

It is also house to The Village, a favorite cafe that serves fresh seafood with a mix of British, Indian, and Somali seasonings. A foreign chef runs the cafe. Yet, it is where you can flee from the city’s hustle.

9- Dolphin’s Site at Warsheekh Beach

Warsheekh Beach is a white golden beach with clear green waters in the Shabeellaha Dhexe area. The beach is known for its dolphins, who like to float in the cold waters near the beach. You can glimpse these unique creatures from the beach or ride fishing.

Warsheekh Beach
Warsheekh Beach

You can also view other aquatic animals in the waters, like small-sized turtles, dangerous sharks, and whales. The beach also presents an option to visit the local market, where animals are sold. The salt mining processes also take place. Therefore, you can encounter the diversity and magnificence of the wildlife.

10- Coral Reefs at Berbera Beach

Berbera Beach is a spectacular beach right in the Gulf of Aden. The seaside has striking white and black sand that shines in the sun. The jet-black color of the sand is driven by volcanic shifting, forming coral reefs home to diverse fish and sea animals.

You can dive or scuba dip in the fresh and clear waters and find these fantastic underwater marvels. Visit nearby documented sites like churches, towers, and mosques that recall the rich legacy of Berbera. Thus, you can discover the wild, raw beauty of the land’s coastline.


Somalia’s beachfront is more than just a site to float and enjoy watersports. See the views of waterfalls and the stunning landscapes of the multiple seasides. If you want to appreciate nature, watermarks, parks, or leisure, you will see a beach that satisfies your needs and priorities. Somalia beaches offer various attractions and activities that make the visit memorable. Thus, it awaits you to have a family holiday and click the best moments with them.

FAQs on Somalia Beaches

What is the most suitable time to visit these coasts?

The most suitable time to visit these beaches relies on your preferences. Generally, it is hot and dry, with moderate temperatures from 25°C to 35°C yearly. Yet, there are local shifts. The north and central areas are drier and cozy, mainly in winter. Thus, you should check the weather states.

What are some suggestions for visiting these beaches?

There are multiple suggestions for visiting the Somalia beaches. Respect the regional culture and traditions. Be aware of the safety concerns. Follow the advice of local management. You should avoid traveling at night. Enjoy the local cooking and hospitality.

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