Things to Do in Scottsdale

10 Exciting Things to Do in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale is a lovely and vibrant city in Arizona. It is in the Maricopa County. There are many things to do in Scottsdale and various water sports for visitors. It has something to deliver whether you are curious about art, culture, wildlife, or adventure. You can dig into the rich records and diversity of the Native Americans or enjoy the desert’s panoramic beauty and wildlife at its parks. Go shopping and dine in the Old Town. It is also a perfect site for golfers. Therefore, have a memorable family holiday.

Things to Do in Scottsdale

In this article, let us undergo the most suitable things to do in Scottsdale.

1- Complex Trails at Pinnacle Peak Park

Pinnacle Peak Park is famous for walkers, explorers, and climbers. They like to enjoy the natural beauty and wilderness of the Sonoran Desert. The park has a 3.8-mile rounded path. It curves through the McDowell Mountains. Yet, it provides stunning views of the valley and the Pinnacle Peak. 

Pinnacle Peak Park
Pinnacle Peak Park

The trail is relatively easy, with a cliff increase of almost 1,300 feet and some vertical areas. You can spot different desert plants. See the rock structures that indicate the past and culture of the area. The grassland has three specified areas for climbing, with courses for various skill levels. Thus, it is an ideal option if you are looking for a complex and rewarding outdoor activity.

2- Explore the history of Mystery Castle

Mystery Castle is a remarkable spot in Phoenix. Boyce Luther Gulley built it in the 1930s for his daughter. When her daughter was ill, she left his family in Seattle to drive to Arizona. Here they created their dream house. He used rock, marble, auto parts, railway tracks, phone rods, and other materials.

It is an 18-room palace with a chapel, a cantina, a jail, and many niches and fissures. He died in 1945, giving the castle to his wife and daughter. They found the secrets and tales behind the palace when they moved here. Now the castle is sustained by a private foundation. Thus, it is a Phoenix Point of Pride and a captivating place.

3- Discover art at Main Street Arts District

Main Street Arts District is a deep and diverse area in the city. It shows the creation of around 1,000 artists from regional and national stages. The district has multiple alleys offering various art kinds. See the Western, modern, conceptual, native, and more. You can skim the halls and admire the portraits, statues, jewelry, and other paintings. Watch shows or take classes from some of the painters.

Main Street Arts District
Main Street Arts District

This site organizes weekly art walks every week. You can enjoy live themes, snacks, and special shows. You can also partake in carnivals and occasions yearly to glorify art. Hence, it is a must-see goal for art fans and collectors as they can encounter the visionary spirit.

4- Play golf at Grayhawk Golf Club

Grayhawk Golf Club is an exclusive golf course. It presents two par-72 practices with precise qualities and tests. The Talon zone is a desert-style route that avoids thick stands of Sonoran Desert greenery. They include gorges on the route to extensive grasslands. The Raptor pathway is more formal, with excellent fairways and in-depth greensides protecting the course.

Yet, famous architects create both paths and organize skilled and unskillful matches. It has a modern training facility, with a golf store. It has something for you whether you are glancing at a simple or complex game of golf.

Moreover, if you are Looking for things to do in Scottsdale? Check out The Left Rough for a comprehensive guide to the best golf rangefinders, ensuring you’re fully equipped for a day on the course in this vibrant Arizona city.

5- Relax at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is a luxury lodge. It recalls the vibrant desert enclosing it. The spa presents 750 luxury guest rooms with personal balconies. There are six swimming pools, a seaside, waterfalls, and crown golf courses.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

There are cheap cafes with diverse cuisines and a full-service spa with creative therapies. Enjoy basketball, walking trail, biking, riding, or shopping nearby. Thus, it is where you can chill and relax in style while enjoying the best hospitality.

6- Wildlife at Desert Botanical Garden

If you love wildlife and animals, visit the Desert Botanical Garden. It is a 140-acre botanical grassland that shows the looks and variety of the Sonoran Desert. This desert is considered the most varied desert in the state. You can trek through five complex trails. See around 50,000 plants, likewise succulent plants, flora, and woods.

You can glimpse different desert animals, including the poisonous snakes. It also has a Patio Cafe where you can relish a meal while adoring the sights of the deserts. The garden organizes numerous events and shows yearly. It includes the Las Noches de las Luminarias, the Fine Art and Wine Carnival, and the Canal Convergence.

7- Try flying at Rainbow Ryders

If you want a thrilling and unique experience, try flying at Rainbow Ryders. Southwest’s most enormous hot air balloon lift unit offers flights in nearby locations. Likewise, it includes Albuquerque, Scottsdale, and Colorado Springs. Adore above the dazzling terrains of the desert, the cliffs, or the city. You can pick from morning or evening flights.

Rainbow Ryders
Rainbow Ryders

It lasts an hour and includes a classic celebratory toast and a memorial flight diploma. Book a personal flight for a premier venture. Thus, it is the authorized hot air balloon ride event with pre-bookings. Enjoy the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift-Off.

8- Water sports at Scottsdale Waterfront

If you want some fun activities, check out the Scottsdale Waterfront. This waterfront is located at Camelback Road. It is between Scottsdale Road and Marshall Way. The waterfront covers a great area with shops, offices, cafes, and residential facilities. It has a fresh canal running through it. Here you can enjoy various water sports, including electric boating. 

You can lease a kit from Arizona Outback Adventures or Scottsdale Boats Rentals and view the channel. You can also choose guided treks or courses to learn more about the area’s history. It also organizes many occasions and festivals yearly, like the Fine Art & Wine Festivals and The Original Taste. Thus, you can eat and taste according to your liking.

9- Skills at Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts

If you want fun, see Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts. This center is a luxury performing arts hall. It shows various shows, concerts, dances, dramas, comedy skits, and movies worldwide. The hub has a huge atrium that greets visitors with multiple facilities. Yet, it also has four performance platforms. It includes the Virginia G. Piper Theater, Stage 2, Dayton Fowler Grafman Atrium, and Scottsdale Civic Center Amphitheater.

Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts
Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts

Moreover, it shows countless events yearly that engage and boost audiences. Some of the approaching events are Tower of Power, Dreamy Draw Country Music Festival, and more. This hall is located in Old Town Scottsdale near Scottsdale Civic Center Park.

10- See antiques at Heard Museum

To know about art and culture, see antiques at Heard Museum. This museum is famous as it displays decodes and American Indian art. It highlights its corner with broader creative and cultural pieces. The gallery has 12 display areas with over 40,000 antiques from its endless collection and brief shows from modern artists. Some signature displays are The North Star Changes: Works by Brenda Mallory and more. 

Further, the museum has a sculpture park, a library, a shop, a cafe, and an arena. It offers instructed tours, workshops, classes, carnivals, and academic programs. Thus, it is open daily with a small entry fee.

Final Verdict

Scottsdale is a lovely city in Arizona. It offers tourists a pack of fun and exciting activities. You can partake in the rich and mixed culture of the Native Americans. Likewise, see the incredible and diverse looks of the desert. Partake the joyful and vibrant aura of the Old Town. It is also a shelter for golfers, bikers, and other sports. You are looking for comfy beaches or to go on a family vacation.

FAQs on Things to Do in Scottsdale

What are the suggestions for visiting this city?

The first tip is to design your visit according to the season. The city has a hot day, so avoid the summer season. Spring and fall are perfect times for a family holiday, as the climate is temperate. Lease a motorcar or use a bus to roam in the city.

What are some cafes to try in Scottsdale?

Patio Cafe offers delightful meals inside the Desert Botanical Garden. Enjoy a tasty meal and see the views of nature. Cartel Coffee Lab is ideal if you are too tired to relish a coffee. It has kinds of coffee and pastries. Schmooze Workspace and Cafe deliver a cozy aura.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.

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