Beckley is an alluring city in West Virginia. It is located in Raleigh County. This city is nestled in the west of the Appalachian Mountains. It presents numerous appeals and activities for visitors and locals alike. People of all ages and interests can admire the natural marvels of the city. Here, you will like to explore the past and culture of the area or enjoy the wild beauty and outdoor fun. Whether you want to shop and treat at local sites, you will have multiple things to do in Beckley, WV, to serve your liking.

Things to Do in Beckley, WV

Here are some of the most reasonable things to do in Beckley, WV, to make your journey unique and delightful.

1- Unwind at Grandview State Park

Grandview State Park is the perfect destination if you are seeking a place to escape from the city’s hustle or relax. This park is classical to enjoy the spectacular views of the New River Gorge. This grassland is now considered a part of the New River Gorge National Park. It proposes five hiking paths, two panoramic towers, picnic spots, gardens, and a tourist center.

Grandview State Park
Grandview State Park

You can also watch live concerts at the Cliffside Amphitheater. It organizes Theater West Virginia skits in the summer. Further, it is known for its sensational array of rhododendrons in spring and drop leafage in autumn. You can also see animals like deer, turkeys, and birds in this grassland. Thus, it is a terrific place to chill and admire the city’s natural beauty.

2- Cheap Shopping at Tickety Boo Mercantile

Tickety Boo Mercantile is a striking and adorable shop in Beckley, WV. It sells ceramic antique pieces, vintage articles, handmade art, and local by-products. You can locate everything from furnishings, readers, jewelry, clothes, craftwork, and home sets at this shop.

When you get tired, enjoy a cup of cold coffee or tea at the relaxing cafe inside the store. It is a beautiful place to scan and shop for inexpensive and quality products. You can also enjoy local artists and artisans by buying their goods. Thus, it is a hidden gem of mixed and thrilling items to make your shopping venture fun and unforgettable.

3- Watch the Gunsmoke Indoor Range

If you are looking for amusement and happening in this city, you can visit the Gunsmoke Indoor Range. Try your mastery at shooting. This range offers a safe and relaxing environment for sharpshooters of all levels and groups. You can lease or bring your guns, shoot, or purchase them at the online store.

Gunsmoke Indoor Range
Gunsmoke Indoor Range

Furthermore, you can also take courses or classes from certified tutors. They will guide you through the basics of handgun protection and handling. It has ten lanes with electronic mark recovery systems and flexible lighting. Enjoy the nightclub area with unrestricted Wi-Fi, TV, and snacks.

4- See World-class Paintings at Tamarack

Tamarack is a remarkable show of West Virginia’s craft and civilization. It includes a large corridor that depicts the works of around two thousand regional artists and craftspeople. This museum shows portraits, statues, pottery, glassware, bedcovers, woodwork, accessories, and more.

You can also purchase these things at the gift store or online. It even has an arena that organizes live music, hop, drama, and storytelling skits. Enjoy tasty food at the Taste of West Virginia court. It serves regional dishes made with fresh elements. Therefore, it is a must-visit appeal that will uplift you with its world-class images and other paintings.

5- See a film at King Tut Drive-In Theater

You can drive to the King Tut Drive-In Theater for a dreamy and fun mode of watching films. This cinema has been running since 1951. It is one of the rare remaining drive-in theaters in the state.

King Tut Drive-In Theater
King Tut Drive-In Theater

You can see two films at the expense of one at this cinema, which offers new releases and masterpieces. You can also relish delicious food at the discount rack, which fits juicy burgers, fleshy hot dogs, cheesy pizza, a variety of popcorn, candies, beverages, and more. Yet, it is a family-friendly zone and an affordable area to see a film.

6- Double Fun at Calacino’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar

Calacino’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar is a spot where you can enjoy tasty food and recreation. This cafe has been conforming pizza since 1934. It is the foremost pizzeria in the city. You can pick from different toppings and proportions. Attempt their specialty pizzas, fresh salads, fleshy sandwiches, chicken wings, and more.

You can also complement a glass from their bar with beer, wine, liquor, and colas. This place is for great fun and socializing. Watch games on their large screens, play trivia, sing karaoke, or attend live melodies on weekends. Join their bicycle or jeep evenings in the summer and fall. Regardless, it is a place where you can have dual delight.

7- Explore Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

Learning about the record and civilization of coal mining is one of the interesting things to do in Beckley, WV. You can visit the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine. This appeal is a reformed coal mine that delivers secret tours by old miners. You can see the authentic tools and machinery used by the miners and the coal hems and tunnels.

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine
Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine

Visit the coal center, which has a gallery, a schoolhouse, an assembly, a miner’s cottage, and a leader’s house. You can witness how the miners and their families lived and performed in the coal base. Thus, it is an academic and engaging place to explore.

8- Know the History of Wildwood House Museum

The Wildwood House Museum is a historical cottage. It was built in 1836 by Alfred Beckley, the originator of Beckley. The place was initially on a farm covering over 56,000 acres of ground. It was shifted to its current area in 1991 and fixed to its original formation.

The home is now a gallery that shows antiques and art linked to the Beckley family and their past. You can visit the museum’s furnishings, clothes, books, records, photos, and more. Take a directed home tour and learn about its art and past. Further, it is a location where you can know the city’s records.

9- Treat at The Char Restaurant

The Char Restaurant is a pleasing dining cafe. It serves current American dishes with a twist. The cafe has a comfy and refined environment, with a chimney, a bar, and a balcony. This place delivers lunch and dinner menus. There is a list of dishes to relish from.

The Char Restaurant
The Char Restaurant

Thus, it includes salads, thick soups, double sandwiches, grilled burgers, beef steaks, seafood, creamy pasta, chicken wings, pork ribs, and more. You can also enjoy classic desserts, cold coffee, tea, beer, or shakes at the eatery. Thus, it is known for its quality meals, friendly assistance, and cheap prices to treat yourself.

10- Golf Match at Mountain State Miniature Golf

Mountain State Miniature Golf is an entertaining and friendly attraction. It offers an eighteen-hole miniature golf club in the city. The system is created with state themes and possesses barriers like coal mines, bridges, waterfalls, dens, etc.

The course is complex but pleasant for parties of all years and skill levels. You can even have an indoor rock climb or enjoy coffee and snacks at the Chocolate Moose Cafe next to the trail. Therefore, it is open for four months of the year and has reasonable rates for grown-ups and kids. So, have a golf match with your buddies here.


Beckley is a beautiful city in WV with multiple things to do. It is an ideal location for a weekend departure or a vaster holiday. You can undergo the rich legacy and artistry of the site. It provides visitors with knowledge about the coal mining drive and its consequence.

Beckley WV
Beckley WV

Hence, it is a fun attraction and enjoyable venue. Relax and de-stress in nature’s beauty. It has something to deliver to its lovers. So, take the edge of this lovely city in this state.

FAQs on Things to Do in Beckley WV

What is the finest time to visit this place?

Beckley can be seen throughout the year. You can witness the bright flowers and greenery, trek or race along the pathways, or join the carnivals and events praising local culture.

How far is this city from Charleston city?

Beckley is nearly sixty miles away to the south of Charleston. It is the state capital. You can reach there in around an hour by bus or train from this city.

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