Madison is a precious and prosperous city in Indiana. This city is in Jefferson County. It provides incredible views of the Ohio River. Apart from all this, it presents a variety of lures and attractions for tourists and residents. People of every age and interest can look for past, nature, skill, or eatery. Therefore, you will find something to relish in the city. You can enjoy it at an affordable range. Here are some of the most pleasing things to do in Madison, Indiana, that you should not neglect.

Things to Do in Madison, Indiana

This article will guide you to the possible things to do in Madison, Indiana, to enjoy at affordable prices.

1- See Dr. William Hutchings’ Office and Museum

If you are curious about medicine’s past, visit Dr. William Hutchings’ Office and Museum in this city. This gallery is a rare and genuine model of a 19th-century doctor’s headquarters and clinic. It is conserved as it was in 1903 when Dr. Hutchings passed.

Dr. William Hutchings' Office and Museum
Dr. William Hutchings’ Office and Museum

You can witness his library, tools, records, drugs, and personal things that recall his profession and family life. Ultimately, you can learn about his wife, Matilda, a lyricist, and his daughter Lida, a photographer. She recorded the townlet and its people with her camera. This institution is devoted to preserving the city’s legacy and running the gallery.

2- A glimpse at the Madison Visitor Center

The Madison Visitor Center is the first terminal for scheming your trip to this adorable city. It is located in a historical structure on West Main Street. This visitor center presents details, maps, flyers, and guidance on the city’s best places to visit.

You can also shop the gift mart for history books, readers, presents, and local by-products. The immense camp also hosts exhibitions and occasions throughout the year. It includes art exhibits, shows, courses, and carnivals. Therefore, the friendly team and recruits will help you create the most of your stay in the city.

3- Sip wine at Thomas Family Winery

Thomas Family Winery is a family-friendly place that manages winery services in downtown Madison. It produces award-winning beverages, wines, and beers. They are made from fresh grapes, and apples farmed worldwide. You can test their by-products in the comfortable tasting room.

Thomas Family Winery
Thomas Family Winery

Have a glass or a bottle on the outdoor terrace or grassland. The winery also presents yummy cheese platers, juicy sandwiches, thick and creamy soups, and snacks. You can use it to pair with your wine. Moreover, you can enter their wine crew, attend specific affairs, or rent their room for private parties. It is a great place to rest and enjoy the local flavor of wine.

4- Landmarks at the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site

Lanier Mansion State Historic Site is the most remarkable milestone in the city. It is a pretty example of a Greek Revival structure. This building was constructed in 1844 by James F.D. Lanier. He was a wealthy banker and broker who played a notable role in the state’s history.

The villa possesses luxury rooms with actual pieces, a loop staircase, a circled dome, and a lovely sight of the Ohio River. You can take a directed tour of the estate and know about its past and repair. Apart from all this, visit the Lanier-Madison Visitor Center, which includes shows, a gift shop, and a cinema.

5- Taste the Lanthier Winery & Distillery

Lanthier Winery & Distillery is another famous goal for wine lovers in the city. It is located in a historic facility that dates around 1790 and is onetime a steam flour mill. The winery creates handwrought wines. They use a French and American mixture of grapes farmed on state soil.

Lanthier Winery & Distillery
Lanthier Winery & Distillery

You can test their wine collection for free in their tasting space or purchase a bottle to bring home or enjoy. It even has a distillery that produces ghouls from local seeds and fruits. Explore their parks, art hall, gift mart, and event area. Thus, you can encounter art, culture, and beer in one site.

6- Admire the beauty at Broadway Fountain

Broadway Fountain is considered the most iconic and stunning landmark. Here, you will find a bronze image of a 19th-century iron fountain exhibited at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876. Later, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows contributed the fountain to the city in 1886.

It has been a marked point of the historic community ever since. The fountain includes four elegant figures defining the seasons: dolphins, cherubs, and lions. It was restored and remade in 1980 for the country’s water festival. Thus, you can adore the beauty and structure of the nearby bars or relish a picnic on the grass.

7- Shop at the Downtown Madison

Downtown Madison is heaven for shopping lovers. This shopper’s paradise offers multiple unique and local stores, cloth markets, alleys, and antique shops. You can see and find everything from clothes, jewelry, makeup, readers, art, craftworks, furniture, gifts, and other accessories.

Downtown Madison
Downtown Madison

Furthermore, you can value the historic structure, murals, and statues beautifying downtown lanes. This place organizes several affairs yearly. It includes sidewalk deals, art treks, wine strolls, and holiday festivals. Whether peeking for something unique or just viewing, you will love shopping here.

8- Hike at Clifty Falls State Park

Clifty Falls State Park is an untouched wonderland. It has dazzling views of falls, gorges, cliffs, and woods. The park wraps thirteen-hundred acres. You can have twenty miles of walking, racing, and skiing tracks. Have amusement via water sports like kayaking, picnicking, fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing at the park.

The grassland has a nature camp that shows exhibits, events, and activities for tourists of all eras. You can likewise visit the past railway tunnel built in 1852 but has yet to end. Thus, it is a must-see appeal for nature buffs and outdoor lovers.

9- Trek the Shrewsbury-Windle House

Shrewsbury-Windle House is a splendid model of the Greek Revival frame and one of the best historic homes in the city. It was constructed in 1849 by Charles L. Shrewsbury. He was a famous trader and civic head who invited many prominent guests, like Abraham Lincoln, to his home.

Shrewsbury-Windle House
Shrewsbury-Windle House

The house has a grand loop staircase, marble chimney, complex plasterwork, and original furniture. It also has a stunning and multicolored garden that fronts the Ohio River. Therefore, you can take a directed tour of the place and learn about its past and repair by the residents living in the city.

10- Wander Along the Ohio Riverfront

The Ohio Riverfront is a lovely and vibrant site. It offers stunning views of the river and the Kentucky cliffs. You can trek along the riverwalk and enjoy the cool breeze at the pavilion. Watch the ships and barges depart or unwind at one of the benches or swings.

You can stay at Heritage Trail Park, which includes interactive boards telling the city’s river record. This riverfront also organizes yearly events, like shows, fireworks, comics, and carnivals. Thus, it is a grand place to partake in the charm and looks of Madison.


Madison is a flawless destination. It is a fantastic site for a comfortable and fun escape. You can dig into the historic community or visit the museums to admire antiques. Furthermore, you can wander the state grassland or taste the regional wines. Remember to admire the riverfront sights. This city has something to offer, so schedule your trip now and find this city’s beauty, past, glory, and charm. This pace is classic for low-rate amusement.

FAQs on Things to Do in Madison, Indiana

What is the most suitable time to visit this city?

Madison has four different seasons. Spring and fall are perfect for relishing the mild climate and the colorful greenery. Summer is excellent for outdoor activities and carnivals, and winter is relaxing and festive, with holiday glares and snow activities. 

How distant is this city from Indianapolis?

Madison is almost ninety-five miles from Indianapolis. It takes 1.5 hours drive to reach the state’s capital. There are two routes of the train toward the capital of Indiana.

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