Bree is a lovely city in Belgium. This city is in the Flemish province of Limburg. It has a deep past, culture, and a stunning natural setting. Bree is known for its Gothic and Renaissance art, festive market, and carillon. You can see museums and annual events. It lets you see famous habitants such as tennis star Kim Clijsters and Formula One champion Max Verstappen. Not only this, but you can skim for its landscapes, cultural affairs, gardens, or delicious delights. Let’s find out things to do in Bree, Belgium.

Things to Do in Bree, Belgium

This article will suggest some of the most satisfying things to do in Bree, Belgium.

1- Chill at the Boneput Swimming Pool

The Boneput is a historical well. The Celts used it as a waterhead and a worship site. It is located in the Sport and Play Park Boneput. This park is a play area suggesting various sports and relaxation zones. You can also de-stress at the Boneput Swimming Pool. It blends different pools, like match, teaching, and leisure pools.

Boneput Swimming Pool
Boneput Swimming Pool

Moreover, this pool includes a water play area, two water slides, and a vortex. Likewise, you can relish the other attractions in the grassland, like the playground, the skatepark, the soccer cell, and the Finnish path. After water sports at this pool, you can eat at the nearby Ich and dish.

2- Adore the Vallei van de Abeek

The Vallei van de Abeek is a wild place that pursues the course of the Abeek. It is the most realistic lowland streamlet in Flanders. The gorge has a mixed terrain with marshes, meadows, woods, and mills. You can value this valley by trekking or cycling along the routes. It links different townlets and villages in the Kempen province.

There are countless pathways, running from four to twenty-five km long. You can marvel at the gorge’s floral types, birds, and colorful butterflies along the route. You can also see some of the artistic and other sites in the area. Likewise, see the Stadsmuseum Bree and the Oud Stadhuis nearby.

3- Past at Archeologisch Park de Rieten

The Archeologisch Park de Rieten is a prehistory site. It reveals how individuals lived in our region in the Iron Age. The park has rebuilt houses founded on past discoveries from burial piles. You can know its history by heeding the twenty-six stepping rocks. They direct you through the park.

Archeologisch Park de Rieten
Archeologisch Park de Rieten

Each rock has a specified QR code you can scan with your mobile in case of any problem. Book a directed tour with a local specialist. He will tell you details about the culture of the people who lived 450 years ago. Thus, this park has free entry and is open every time.

4- Dig the Bocholter Brouwerijmuseum

The Bocholter Brouwerijmuseum is a vast brewery showroom. It is located in the Brewer’s Hut, opposite the fermentation panzer of Brewery Martens. Jean Martens founded the gallery. He collected many objects that reveal the tale of the actual craft of beer-making. These tools include industrial records from 1758 to the existing world.

Moreover, it enfolds a great area with an active capacity for different trade onsets. Dig the classic malting, the brewing site, the barrel, and the bottle shop. Enjoy the sweet brewers’ carts and the comfy pub. You will even study the strange but clever methods to make beer. Lastly, you can taste a cold beer glass on its terrace.

5- Watch out the Sint-Michielskerk

The Sint-Michielskerk is the central church of the city. It is devoted to its patron martyr, Michael. The church is created in a neo-Gothic type but also has pieces from the initial Gothic church in 1452. It is on the Hoogstraat with a 45-meter-high tower showing city views. You can admire its complex designs and interior.


You can see a Calvary body, a figure of Saint Anne with Mary and Jesus, and Saint Christopher. A group of sculptures display the Lamentation of Christ created by Jan van Steffenswert. It also has portraits from the 17th-18th centuries. Dine at the De Potter after a complete tour of this church.

6- See the Rijtuigmuseum Bree

The Rijtuigmuseum Bree is a remarkable museum. It displays a cluster of intricate carriages. André Jonckers built the gallery. He had a passion for horse riding and traveling. So, he began to collect and repair old carriages that display owners and wealthy residents of history. He also knew the art of carriage making and fixing from trained experts. Later, he extended his private supply to the public in 1996.

You can see it by booking it in advance. You will get a guided trek and learn more about the history of carriage steering. The gallery has sixteen fixed carriages, each with a story and sort. Some models are a doctor, a wedding, a funeral, and a mail carriage.

7- Ride at the Kempen Region

Sandy mud, farms, wastelands, and woods represent the Kempen Region. It is a flawless place for cycling buffs, delivering challenging routes and joining different towns. You can drive to this site by picking from distinct routes that fit your level and choice. The Kempen Route is a 414-km circular trail that departs via the main attractions. It includes the Zilvermeer recreational park and the Bokrijk open-air museum.

Kempen Region
Kempen Region

The Kempen-Canal Route is the second route. It is a 125-km lane that heeds the Albert Canal and the Bocholt-Herentals Canal. Here, you can view canals, waves, bridges, and industries. The last way is the Kempen-Hageland Route. It is a 173-km path connecting the Kempen and the Hageland landscapes. It has a hilly area with farms, vineyards, and palaces.

8- Learn History at Stadsmuseum

The Stadsmuseum shows the city’s local narrative, civilization, and art. It is located in the loft of the old townlet hall. This historic building is from 1755 with an ornate front. You can discover history by taking an instructed trek from the Bree Heritage Council. It offers different things recounting prehistory tales of World War II.

You can see a model showing how the city looked in earlier centuries. See a diploma from 1007 with the first noted praise of Bree called Britte and a cluster of old sleighs from the past. Thus, you can let your kids learn at this museum.

9- Visit at the Oud Stadhuis

The Oud Stadhuis is the ancient town hall. It is an elegant structure with a pediment that dates around 1755. This hall now lodges a unit of Oxfam and a tourist seat on its ground floor. You can adore its legacy and rich interior. Likewise, see a reserve that shows the war of Saint Michael with the dragon and three coats of army.

Oud Stadhuis
Oud Stadhuis

A grouping of medieval statues can be encountered. View the Pieta from 1400 and a sculpture of Saint Christopher, who showed to the Master of Elsloo. Some displays include The Conversation of Saint Anthony Abbot with Saint Paul of Thebes and The Coronation of Mary.

10- Fun at Snow Valley Indoor Skiing

Snow Valley is a ski and snowboard camp. It offers inclines for all grades. It is located in Peer and is open daily with different ticket prices. You can have fun with your friends by selecting from diverse sports according to your skill.

These sports are on three slopes. It includes 85 meters, 145 meters, or 210 meters long. Take classes from talented tutors. They will help you better your level and confidence. Enjoy and relax at the D’Olivio cafe with a slope view.


Bree is a vibrant city in Belgium that offers multiple things to do for everyone. You will discover it in Champaign if looking for culture, wildlife, history, or amusement. You can examine the campus and visit museums and theaters. Shop in a friendly budget shop and eat downtown. Admire landscapes, rest at the gardens and wineries, and much more in this active city. The city will surprise and benefit you with its variety and charm.

FAQs on Things to do in Bree, Belgium

What are some of the finest and top events in the city?

Bree’s organizes various pleasing events. The Sint-Niklaasmarkt is a classic market that dates back to the 17th century. The Goat Market is a legendary event that honors the goat farming legacy. The Jazz Festival is a musical event for local and global jazz artists.

What are the parking lots in the city?

There are multiple parking lots in a city. Some of the many are the Vrijthof parking lot, the Grauwe Torenwal parking lot around the Sint-Michielskerk, and the Kloosterstraat parking lot near the Oud Stadhuis.

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