If you are glimpsing for a fascinating and dynamic city in Florida, consider DeLand. You can encounter different pleasing things to do in downtown DeLand. This lovely city is located at the junction of Orlando and Daytona Beach. It offers attractions, actions, and experiences to residents and travelers. Apart from all this, it was established in 1876. It was also called after the name of its founder, Henry Addison DeLand. Florida’s oldest university even resides in this city. You will be surprised by the vibrancy and impressed by the welcoming locals.

Things to Do in Downtown Deland

Let us uncover the best things to do in Downtown DeLand.

1- Play at Highland Park Fish Camp

Check out Highland Park Fish Camp if you love angling, boating, and wildlife. This center has been working since 1962. It offers assorted services and comforts for anglers of all groups. You can lease a boat, a fishing attendant, or enter an angling game. Relish the sights of the Norris Dead River and the St. Johns River nearby.

Highland Park Fish Camp
Highland Park Fish Camp

Likewise, you can see outdoor reptiles, birds, and other animals. This camp also has a campground where you can throw a tent or park your car. You can access the toilets, showers, laundry structures, and a fish cleaning post. Enjoy the picnic spots, gardens, and hiking paths.

2- See the Historic Stetson Mansion

Historic Stetson Mansion is an attractive Victorian mansion. The villa is located at Camphor Lane. It was made in 1886 for John B. Stetson. He was a notable hatmaker and supporter. It is the most luxurious residence ever made in Florida before the 20th century. Even it is the first home in the state to have facilities.

The villa has 16 mosaic timber floor designs, antique windows, and diverse hand-made wood decorations. It has been fixed and reworked timelessly by its existing landlords. They have held their original charisma and grace. Moreover, it is also public for weddings and affairs.

3- Fly at Skydive Deland

Skydive DeLand is the most famed skydiving goal in the world, based in 1982. It has been training, schooling, and relishing this sport with new and skilled jumpers. Two famous methods for newbies to make their first skydive are the tandem and the accelerated free fall. The tandem skydive is the secure and quickest way to undergo the thrill.

Skydive Deland
Skydive Deland

Moreover, the AFF is a seven-level passage program that guides you to the mastery and learning required to become a certified skydiver. You will leap with two tutors who coach you in free drop. It also improves their skills in different fields and has a fleet of well-maintained turbine planes. You can even eat at The Perfect Spot after skydiving.

4- Waterways at Blue Heron Tours

Experience the beauty of the St. Johns River by joining a Blue Heron River. The group employs a 45-foot, 49-passenger Coast Guard. These tours are also directed by Captain Josh, a scholarly guide who shows the vista along the river. You can glimpse various birds, reptiles, and fish.

You will discover about the past and habitat of the river, the longest river. Book a personal charter for special events or parties. Thus, it is a fun way to probe the natural wonders. You can sip a coffee at Boston Coffeehouse nearby.

5- Troll the Art Museum of DeLand

The Art Museum of DeLand is a visual arts gallery. It enhances society through its devotion to the fine arts display, maintenance, and studies. The gallery has two routes to visit. It shows American and nationwide trendy art supplies and exhibitions. The showroom also organizes gallery chats, bashes, academic programs, master classes, and other events.

Art Museum of DeLand
Art Museum of DeLand

The museum is open except Monday and Sunday due to clearance. You can become a member with a small fee and enjoy deals, invitations, and benefits. Shop at Victoria Square Shopping Center nearby.

6- Attend the St. Peter Catholic Church

Attending the St. Peter Catholic Church is one of the fantastic things to do in Downtown DeLand. It was based in 1884 by Father John O’Boyle. He ministered to the Irish settlers who labored on the railway building. The church was initially made in a Gothic type with wood of pine trees. Later, it was redone in 1926 with brick and pebbles in a Romanesque manner. It has three bell towers and stained-glass windows.

The church is devoted to Saint Peter. He was the foremost pope and the saint of anglers. The church has different pastorates and parties that help the parish and the district. You can visit it anytime to learn about its mission and goals. Hence, it has residents of faith who aim to live the gospel values in word and act.

7- Nature at Hontoon Island State Park

Hontoon Island State Park is a natural heaven that can only be driven by a rowboat or ferry. The grassland is on an immense island on the St. Johns River. You can also walk, bike, or glide through the isle’s habitats. Learn more about the past and culture of the island’s inhabitants. They were the Native Americans who left after shell mounds.

Hontoon Island State Park
Hontoon Island State Park

You can also camp in the park’s elementary huts or tent areas or lease a boat for boating. The grassland has a visitor post, a discount store, a picnic site, a garden, and toilets. Therefore, it is a place to flee the hustle of life and enjoy peace. Go to the Village Cafe nearby and eat whole.

8- Hidden Gems at Gillespie Museum

Gillespie Museum shows around 20,000 samples of gems and minerals worldwide. The gallery is located on the campus of Stetson University. Also, it is the most aged natural science showroom in the state. This museum was established in 1956 by Thomas L. Gillespie. He was a mineral collector who donated his bunch to the institute.

It features displays of exotic and bright minerals, fossil fuels, pellets, corals, star pieces, and fluorescent stones. Also, it has a garden with around 300 types. A solar energy lab shows renewable energy methods. The gallery annually offers directed tours, academic workshops, and occasions.

9- Show at the Athens Theatre

Athens Theatre is an amazingly restored forum that organizes live shows of song, comedy, and acting. It is an example of traditional American theatre art. The hall was built in 1921 by Henry DeLand as a movie court. It was called after his motherland in Athens. Later, it was locked in 1994 due to damage but was reopened in 2009 after a notable repair project.

Athens Theatre
Athens Theatre

This theatre seats 500 individuals and has active sound and lighting designs. It presents a variety of performances yearly featuring local and global artists. Thus, it is an artistic gem that delights and uplifts audiences of all sets.

10- Watch at Reptile Discovery Center

Reptile Discovery Center houses around 50 kinds of snakes globally. The base is owned and driven by Carl Barden. He is a skilled venom extractor who delivers venom to labs for research and antivenom drugs. It also allows watching venom extraction displays twice every day. See how poison is collected from different snakes.

Learn about these amazing reptiles’ biology, conduct, habitat, and protection. It has an outdoor path that guides you to an alligator pond. Here, you can see diverse alligators in their wild site. Thus, it is a unique and academic place to partake in the world of snakes.

Final Words

Anyone who values art, culture, the outdoors, the past, or adventure can trek to this beautiful city. Downtown DeLand has multiple things to do for everyone. From galleries and arenas to parks and gardens, enjoy your favorite place. You can also test some local food items at many diners and cafes. Thus, inspect the affairs calendar for the city’s downtown. See what carnivals occur yearly. Yet, seeing any point of the year is a splendid place.

FAQs on Things to do in Downtown DeLand

What are the most suitable wineries in the city?

There are many best wineries. It includes The Elusive Grape, Spring Garden Vineyard, and Brix & Mortar Urban Winery. These wineries offer countless wines by the bottle. Encounter the wine-tasting events or sample it with some local cuisine.

When is the most suitable season to plan a family holiday in this city?

The finest season to plan a family holiday in this city depends on the choices. If you like to see the parks, you can visit in the summer and spring. You can even enjoy the warm climate and outdoor sports. Yet, recall that summer can be humid in the city.

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