Canton is situated near Nimishillen Creek, in the County Seat of Ohio. Being as old as more than 200 years old, this city is a well-developed place with well-networked roads, education centers, museums, and entertainment areas. All its sectors are booming, be it the Finance, Health, or Economy. These are the benefits for the residents of this city to enjoy. Moreover, it is an ideal destination for tourists because there are many things to do in Canton, Ohio.

Artists, football enthusiasts, history lovers, and explorers from around the world head to this city to enjoy playing in the Clay’s Park and explore the MAPS Air Museum.

What to Do in Canton Ohio
What to Do in Canton Ohio

Things to Do in Canton, Ohio

Let us learn about various things to do in Canton, Ohio!

1- Learn About Football Evolution in the Football Hall of Fame

Pro Football Hall of Fame is all about football. Football fans in big crowds reach this destination to learn about the evolution of this sports game. This place is more like a museum and an education center.

Inside the building, you can view mesmerizing artifacts of historical importance. Movies are being played on large screens for education plus entertainment purposes. Attending live demos is one of the most exciting things to do in Canton, Ohio. Football, uniforms, helmets, protective gear, tickets, indeed, everything relevant to football is displayed from the historical perspective.

2- Nap on the Beach in Clays Park

If your visit to Canton, Ohio, is during the summers, you will love playing in Clays Park. The beautiful lake is serving soul calming looks. The swings and fun activities for kids make it an ideal destination for families. You can take your kids to the barrel roll, zip-lines into the water, and more points in the park.

Beach in Clays Park
Beach in Clays Park

Even if you are an adult on a friend’s trip, this place will be an opportunity for you to step back into childhood. Forget about your age and take water slides. When you are tired, lie down on the clean grass, and enjoy the Sunlight.

3- Visit the First Ladies National Historic Site

First Ladies National Historic Site is a museum displaying biographies of the first ladies of the USA. Started by Mary Regula, assembling biographies was to acknowledge, appreciate, and learn from the ladies who broke stereotypes and showed how strong a woman could be.

This place has two buildings inside it; one is a museum, and the other is a research center. The research center has a theater, exhibit, and other rooms dedicated to work and meetings. Taking a guided tour will help you learn many things from the inspiring ladies of the USA.

4- Observe the Life of William McKinley at the Presidential Library

This library and museum are all about William McKinley, 25th President of the USA. In this museum, you will see a wide variety of artifacts that once belonged to the President. The exciting thing about this museum is the details.

Presidential Library
Presidential Library

From their birth till his death, all major and minor events of his life are beautifully represented in this place. Do not forget to visit the Science Center, where you will find many fossils from ancient times. Sixty-installed projectors dramatically play beautiful galaxy scenes in the dome of the center.

5- Hike on Trails at Atwood Lake Park

Atwood Lake Park is a beautiful place, right beside the water. It is full of exciting activities. You can hike on the trails, nap on the beach, and play in the playground. Many tourists love the idea of a night camping in this place because it is all safe. Here it is worth asking if have you ever enjoyed camping near Houston, Texas? If not, get this experience once!

You can spend an ideal summer day in this place. The sand and water are all clean. Swimming in the water is one of the must things to do in Canton, Ohio. Just grab an inflatable, get in the water, and feel the serenity.

6- Ride Karts in Sluggers and Putters Amusement Park

Sluggers and Putters Amusement Park is one great place brimming with fun activities. Of all the things in the park, the must-do one is riding in the karts. The pathway is well-laid so that you can enjoy a smooth ride. The miniature golf area is also worth playing golf in two of its courses.

Ride Karts Amusement Park
Ride Karts Amusement Park

You can have crazy fun playing laser tag outdoor. The setup is as realistic as it could be. The best thing about this amusement park is that it is as much for the adults as it is for the kids.

7- Explore the MAPS Air Museum

Military Aviation Preservation Society opened MAPS Air Museums for those curious about the military, wars, weaponry, and equipment. This museum is situated at a small distance from the Akron-Canton Regional Airport and displays around 50 aircraft. Some of them are even coming from use in the USA Air Force. Everything in the museum is worth praising, from the Douglas Series of Aircraft to the Martin Glider.

MAPS Museum
MAPS Museum


Canton is a prosperous city residing in northeast Ohio. Known in the world for being home to the Football Hall of Fame, but its beauty extends beyond that. Other than exploring street life and meeting locals, many museums, best beaches, parks, and camping sites are waiting to be discovered and admired. Also, plan a trip to national parks in Missouri.

Our guide will help you decide what to include in your priority list. One thing that you should take care of is the amount of time you would dedicate to this city. Especially if you are traveling from a far-off country, make sure to have at least a whole week in this city.

FAQs About Things to Do in Canton

Is Canton, Ohio, a lovely area?

Canton is a fantastic city in northeast Ohio. It has a high rate of tourism, thanks to the variety of fun things to do in Canton, Ohio. People from around the world visit the Football Hall of Fame, MAPS Air Museum, and many other places.

What to do in Canton, Ohio?

There are a lot of things to do in Canton, Ohio. You can spend a day napping on the beach of Clays Park, then head to the Sluggers and Putters Amusement Park for fun activities like kart riding and golf.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.