Although vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting, the low-key purpose is always to relax to the soul level. Southport in North Carolina is one place to take you away from the stresses of life into the pure tranquility of nature. Simply, you will find many things to do in Southport in NC.

The locals of this city are welcoming and friendly, so it is always quite fun for everybody to interact and learn about each other’s culture. This beautiful coastal town contains historical places, museums, restaurants, and outdoor areas.

Things to Do in Southport NC

Let us find out seven things to do in Southport, NC!

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What to Do in Newport NC

1- Take a Walk at the Southport Pier and River Walk

Pier is near the Cape Fear River and is a beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a pathway for pedestrians and bicycles. You can take an evening walk on the beautiful trail while enjoying the prettiest Sunset. The views of the city and the river from this walkway are mesmerizing and extend to as many miles as your eyes can reach.

The waterfront landscape makes it an ideal place for water activities lovers because you can go fishing on many points and relax at one of the best beaches. Many benches are installed throughout the Pier so tourists can sit and absorb the serenity.

2- Cruise on Water on the Fort Fisher Ferry

Be ready for the craziest water cruises when leaving for Southport, NC. There are around seven ferry routes in the North Carolina state ferry system that you can enjoy. One of the best ones is the Fort Fisher Ferry. It starts from Southport and ends at the Barrier Island Fort Fisher area.

Fort Fisher Ferry
Fort Fisher Ferry

The cruise takes place around 14 times a day. You will love not only riding the water ferry but also the views of the water around and the surrounding city as well.

3- Learn Local History at the Fort Johnston Museum & Visitors Center

Fort Johnston Museum and Visitors Center was opened back in 1748 not as a museum but as a fort. The British built this place to keep the Brunswick area safe from French and Spanish attacks. It had offered excellent services as an active fort in the past before finally becoming a museum.

Today, this museum is one of the most visited in NC. It contains centuries-old artifacts, documents, and masterpieces of historical importance. You can learn about the culture, history, and heritage of Southport by looking at the displayed items.

4- Visit the Old Brunswick County Jail

Old Brunswick County Jail dates back to 1904 when it used to punish lawbreakers. After serving in jail for 70 years, it became a unique museum of historical importance.

Brunswick Country Jail
Brunswick Country Jail

The building is a two-floor structure made of brick. Once you are inside, there is a lot to explore and learn about where criminals were kept and how they were punished back then. The building has two cells and a basement area. A famous movie, Crimes of the Heart, was filmed inside the jail museum in 1986 by Sissy Spacek.

5- Learn About Culture at NC Maritime Museum

North Carolina Maritime Museum is an ideal place for those tourists who are always curious about the local history and culture of the city they are visiting. The number of artifacts displayed inside this museum is insanely many in number. You will admire how beautifully the local life has been covered in the form the art.

The walls are covered with exhibits representing cultural aspects of local life. There is ancient fishing equipment, including a 2,000 years old canoe. This museum has ensured that everything about the maritime culture gets covered, from the American Revolution to the other shipwrecks that have shaped the present of Southport.

6- Paddle

One of the best things to do in Southport, NC, is to paddle boats. The water in the river is clean, crystal clear, and spread wide across. Many locals are doing a great business where they rent boats and let you paddle.

Paddle Boats
Paddle Boats

The boat size you rent depends on the number of people with you. You can go on two people boat, or in a group. Moreover, all boat owners take care of the safety of the tourists. They will teach you how to paddle and ensure that the boat is completely controlled.

7- Go Bird Watching at the Southport Marsh Walk

It is one of the beautiful landscapes where you can walk on the wood pathway while enjoying natural views. The birds chirping and flying in the sky will entertain you. Yes, there is a myriad of bird species around this area. You will get to see blue herons, egrets, and many others. Having binoculars will help you see them better.

Furthermore, there are restaurants and shops along the way so you can enjoy eating with pretty views.

The Bottom Line!

Southport is a pretty small town with a tranquil vibe and serene environment. You can spend the most relaxing yet exciting vacation in this city. From letting the waterfront breeze touch you to walking on a pier with natural scenery, you will find everything in Southport relaxing.

Southport NC
Southport NC

The best thing about this city is the friendly locals. You can ask anyone for directions or their history and culture, and they will be happy to answer and guide you. The seven things mentioned above to do in Southport, NC, are a must for you to experience.

FAQs About Things to Do in Southport NC

Can I spend a good day out in Southport, NC?

There are many things to do in Southport, NC, so yes. The day in this beautiful city is calm, serene, and close to nature, especially if you visit Riverwalk or Marsh Walk.

What are the things to do in Southport, NC?

You can explore local history, art, and heritage at the NC Maritime Museum, Fort Johnston Museum, and Old Brunswick County Jail. Outdoor activities include ferry rides, paddling boats in the water, and many others.

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