Things to Do in Cincinnati Ohio

Exploring 5 Fantastic Things to Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Cincinnati is located along the Ohio River opposite Newport and Covington’s suburbs. Also known as The Queen City, it is the hub of social energy and artistic inspiration. There are museums, cultural sights, annual events, art exhibitions, and more. The charm of Cincinnati attracts travelers from all around the globe. Even some of the visitors going to Columbus also like to take a short stay here before moving to their next stop from Cincinnati to Columbus, Ohio. In this write-up, let’s explore multiple things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio, that travelers might be looking forward to.

Things to Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

Here, we go through the top five things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio:

1- Explore Nature and Wildlife Areas

With various native habitats and acres of preserved green spaces, Cincinnati is home to abundant wildlife. If you are a nature lover, then Cincinnati will not disappoint you. Below are some of the famous sights to explore nature:

Caldwell Nature Preserve & Center

This scenic nature center has great views of forest, creek, and trails. The trails spread to around 3 miles might be steep for beginner trekkers. The visitors can truly experience the beauty of nature in a convenient space. There are plentiful flora and fauna in the center.

Caldwell Nature Preserve & Center
Caldwell Nature Preserve & Center

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum

This Cemetery is a hidden gem in the city with stunning architecture. This 750 acres garden is an incredible horticultural sight for the Cincinnati community. The breathtaking scenes at the sight are perfect for a photo session here. Overall, this Cemetery is a must-visit for everyone who loves nature.

Redbird Hollow Preserve

This nature preserve is an incredible, adventurous sight. There is a narrow stream at the start, but it suddenly opens wide. It is often crowded with families. The trail area might get slippery at points due to erosion, but people still visit it. You can see ducks roaming in the ponds there, a good place for birdwatching.

2- Attend Annual Events and Fests

Cincinnati is quite famous for its annual festivals and events. The visitors like participating in the fests to indulge in Cincinnati’s culture. Here are some exciting events not to miss out when you visit Cincinnati, Ohio:

Glier’s Goetta Fest

This festival celebrates one of Cincinnati’s favorite German-inspired dishes, Goetta. The event features many goetta items, including goetta pizza, macaroni, and even nachos. The fest spans two weekends and includes family-friendly entertainment. 

Glier's Goetta Fest
Glier’s Goetta Fest

The Great Pumpkin Fest

One of the favorite fest for children with trick or treat, live shows, hay maze, and rides. 

PNC Festival of Lights

This annual event is one of the most anticipated holiday traditions. The holiday season kicks off at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, with the place shining with millions of lights. The visitors can watch the Blacklight puppet show, find five Fiona fairies at Fairyland, and glare on the Wild Lights show on Swan Lake. You can witness beautiful lanterns of animals. The event is full of fun and enjoyment, so take advantage of it.

3- Plan a Picnic at Parks

For maintaining an eco-friendly environment, Cincinnati features over 350 parks. Whether you want captivating views, spend leisure time, or throw a picnic party with your family and friends, parks are the best place to host you.

Smale Riverfront Park

Small Riverfront Park is a well-maintained green space and a great leisure resource for the Cincinnati community. The John Roebling Suspension Bridge sunset gives breathtaking views of Downtown and the Ohio River.

Eden Park

Spend a sunny day with your family and friends at this lovely park. Eden Park has many open green spaces, presenting fascinating Ohio River and Northern Kentucky scenes.

Eden Park
Eden Park

Ault Park

Spanning more than 220 acres of green land, Ault Park is one of the cleanest parks in Cincinnati, Ohio. The park is also a wedding venue due to its beautiful scenery and photoholic sunsets. March and April are the most favorable months to see cherry blossom trees.

Glenwood Gardens

This beautiful landscape has forests, prairies, trails, and formal gardens. A gift shop there sells merchandise related to nature. The park features flowers like daffodils, which have irresistible aromas. The families bring their kids to the playground area in the park.

4- Learn History at Cincinnati’s Museums

With a rich history, Cincinnati has over twenty museums to nurture inner creativity and answer your curiosities. From science art, Cincinnati has museums for every domain; here are some of the popular ones:

Cincinnati Fire Museum

The visitors can learn about the history of firefighting in Cincinnati. The Museum displays firefighting artifacts and belongings of the firefighters. The history of firefighting in this fire museum goes back 200 years. The exhibits show early equipment like leather fire buckets and a hand pumper from the 1800s. The display also exhibits the evolution of firefighting equipment.

Cincinnati Fire Museum
Cincinnati Fire Museum

Taft Museum of Art

This Art Museum in Downtown is a fine art collection from the past 200 years. The Museum is named after The Tafts, who lived here. The Museum features old European master Paintings of American art of the 19th century. Families often visit Taft Museum to spend their holidays in December and explore the art gallery and Taft’s decked-out halls.

Cincinnati History Museum

Cincinnati History Museum informs visitors about Cincinnati’s evolution over the years. The architecture is gorgeous and you see a fountain at the entrance of the Museum. The high ceilings and number of windows letting in the natural light fosters the environment. The exhibits showcase mind-blowing crafts.

5- Take Guided Tours and Discover Charms

If you need to decide whether to take the trips yourself or want to get detailed insights about the city, you might prefer a guided tour. In guided tours, an assistant guide will lead you on the tour and arrange organized sightseeing. Here we suggest the following guided tours to make the most out of your trip to Cincinnati, Ohio:

Ultimate Queen City Underground Tour

Are you curious about the lesser-known history of Cincinnati? Explore a completely different side of Cincinnati by learning about the underground tunnels and hidden crypts. On this guided tour, the travelers get insights that even the locals might have missed. A 2 hours and 30 minutes long tour comprises 30 people.

Queen City Underground Tour
Queen City Underground Tour

Cincinnati History and Sightseeing Bus Tour

Discover the history and visit the top attractions on this sightseeing bus tour. You can watch a multimedia presentation with around 1000 historic images and videos showcasing the city’s development over time. The bus passes through landmarks like Fountain Square, Great American Ball Park, Paul Brown Stadium, and Findlay Market. This 2-hour guided tour can take up to 25 people on the bus, and the minimum age restriction is ten years.

Ultimate Queen City is a Haunted Tour

Love to talk about horror? This tour is specially designed for ghost-seeking travelers. The guide tells you about the spooky history of Cincinnati through your journey. This 2 hours tour passes through multiple landmarks, including Washington Park and many more. The guide will keep you filled with the haunted history of the Queen City throughout the tour.


Cincinnati awaits the travelers to explore its culture, charm, and diversity. Visit the best parks, know the history, delve into the culture, and enjoy annual events in the city. While staying in the city, ensure you get your hands on the best things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio. The city is full of adventures and captivating landscapes. The best time to visit Cincinnati is May or September when the events schedule is packed. However, the ideal time frame is March and April if you are fond of the spring season.

FAQs about Things to Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

Is Cincinnati worth visiting with your family?

Many families visit Cincinnati due to its friendly environment and top activities. You can attend events, take your kids to the playgrounds, have fun at picnics, and do hikes together. Overall, Cincinnati is worth giving a visit with your family and friends.

How much a stay cost in Cincinnati?

The hotels in the city might charge differently, ranging from as low as $80 to as high as $330, depending on the amenities you are looking for and the location of your stay. The average cost of stay in Cincinnati is $190.

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