Before entering the city of Roswell, make a list of what to do and when to do on the holiday trip. There are uncountable fun and campy things to do in Roswell NM. The main reason that adventurers consider it is because of the infamous UFO crash and exploring everything about this wild event. You may even experience the themed food cafes and alien museums. Remarkably safe for visitors, it is covered by incredible desert landscapes and loaded with reported sites. So, venture to your favorite point, enjoy as much as possible, and make unforgettable memories.

Things to Do in Roswell, NM

Are you planning a trip to Mexico? Look at some fabulous things to do in Roswell NM, a city of Mexico.

1- Oasis at Bottomless Lakes State Park

Locals and sightseers highly value the Bottomless Lakes State Park for its countless recreational options. Its natural beauty and activities engage visitors. You can go for hiking, camping, swimming, and more. Wildlife lovers and birdwatchers can view the mixed wildlife and watch migratory birds. However, the tourists should have reserves to ensure a relaxing visit.

Bottomless Lakes State Park
Bottomless Lakes State Park

The park’s site is in a deserted zone, so you should be aware of the temperature, especially during summer. Likewise, straight-leg jeans will provide a confident and chic look while clicking pictures in the park. Make new memories with your friends by doing lots of sports together in this park.

2- View the International UFO Museum and Research Center

One attraction of the city’s downtown district is the International UFO Museum and Research Center. It deeply explores the event, showing documented antiques. View depositions and displays linked to extraterrestrial wonders. Yet, it combines instructive and interactive collections.

This museum ensures an inviting and academic experience for tourists. It has a substantial number of tourists, mainly during peak seasons. Thus, this unique museum feature shows the suspected 1947 UFO crash in Roswell and different alien sightings. It is even ideal if you are on a tight budget.

3- Animals at Spring River Park and Zoo

The Spring River Park and Zoo spans around 34 acres. It is an antique zoo with kid-friendly luxuries, making it a family choice. You can make memories that will endure for years with your family. Here, you may get a closer experience with the wildlife and appreciate other fun actions.

Spring River Park and Zoo
Spring River Park and Zoo

Moreover, you can have a fabulous time with your kids. Have a carousel ride, partake in scholarly programs, make craftworks, pet animals, and more. You can observe animals from different regions, like mountain lions, lemurs, or gray wolves. Quality Inn & Suites Roswell is nearby to rest for a while.

4- Walkthrough Roswell UFO Spacewalk

The Roswell UFO Spacewalk is also known as the Roswell Spacewalk. It is an interactive art show and a play center. This spacewalk is an exciting outdoor venture, but weather conditions may sometimes affect your plan. It is a famous tourist hotspot that presents an experience as if you are part of the display.

Moreover, have a great time with your family, mates, or buddies as you spend the afternoon and stroll through the exhibits. Sometimes, it feels like you are flying in space or stepping inside a UFO with its technology. Thus, it provides a panoramic view filled with bright lights, aliens, and more.

5- Art at Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art includes a splendid collection of assorted paintings of distinct forms. One of the top items to glimpse in this city is this museum’s glorious exhibits. It is an art lover’s heaven. You can see countless exhibits and many exciting programs yearly. Take a few hours of your day and explore the intricate designs.

Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art

Further, you can skim a mixed collection of 500 artwork samples. It includes portraits, statues, ceramics, woodwork, and more. This museum supports fun occasions to keep tourists well-entertained. For instance, you can enjoy concerts, storytelling, operas, classes, and art workshops. Cafe Au Lait is nearby to enjoy dinner after the day out.

6- Walk at the Downtown Historic District

The Downtown Historic District is a bustling district. It has cafes, hotels, a cloth market, and famous tourist attractions. By visiting this district, wear your comfy shoes to enjoy. Some outdoor activities include exploring a showroom, shopping, trying local food, or relaxing in the park.

Apart from all this, have an entertaining day with your friends and enjoy your time as you do many thrilling activities together. You may even prefer walking alone and window shopping in this district.

7- Wildlife at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

The Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge was founded in 1937 as a nature refuge. It is a famous tourist point, allowing thousands of visitors worldwide. This place is a complete package for bird lovers of the world. You can view various bird species, making it an exclusive moment to watch.

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge

You can do considerable activities, like wandering through the site, birdwatching, taking photos of the birds, and much more. So, you can get a vacation from the hustle while visiting here. Candlewood Suites Roswell is a nearby hotel offering comfort to its tourists.

8- Watch a show at Pearson Auditorium

Pearson Auditorium is a historic stadium on the campus of New Mexico Military Institute. It was constructed in 1934 and has been remodeled and updated. This arena organizes shows, sports, musicals, and affairs for the public. It has a seating capacity of almost twelve hundred. You can view a patio, a stage, and a grand piano. The hall has perfect acoustics and a cozy aura.

You can enjoy the concerts of the Symphony Orchestra, local artists, and guest celebs at this forum. Likewise, you can admire the building’s art and history. It has a Spanish revival style. Thus, it is a great point to experience the city’s culture.

9- Bike along the Haystack Mountain OHV Area

The Mescalero Sands North Dune OHV Area covers around 610 acres. It is an upscale tourist site for outdoor delight. Try something different and heart-racing with your family or friends at this place. If you go here, pack plentiful water and head to this point. This fantastic interest offers you many outdoor sports under the sun. You can even rest on the sandy dunes and find peace.

Haystack Mountain OHV Area
Haystack Mountain OHV Area

Moreover, you can bond with your partner while spending quality time together in this sandy area. There are many activities here to keep your heartbeat rushing. It includes swinging along sand rails, bikes, dune carts, and more. Therefore, bring your RV and park by the parking end to enjoy an entertaining camping event.

10- Church events at Church On The Move

Church on the Move is a non-religious church. It welcomes tourists from all areas of life. It was established in 1987 by Pastor Troy Smothermon and his spouse, Penny. This church dreams of advancing to society and the planet with God’s love and power. It delivers three lectures of devotion on Sundays and one class on Wednesdays.

Apart from all this, there are different ministries and workshops for kids, youth, grown-ups, and families. This church has a trendy worship style, with live tunes, vibrant preaching, and multimedia displays. Moreover, this church organizes special occasions. It includes panels, concerts, and carnivals throughout the year. Thus, it is a place where you can see a more pleasing life, family, and future.


Roswell covers landscapes and lets travelers arrange a holiday to different locations. There are numerous sites, activities, and things to do in Roswell, NM, for sightseers. You can research at the museums and find the mystery of the UFO wonder. Enjoy the natural beauty and outdoors of the site. You can experience the civilization and the amusement options. You will see something to suit your taste, whether curious about science, craft, or music. So, locate the random and unforgettable things.

FAQs on Things to Do in Roswell, NM

Recommend any shopping or eating alternatives in this city?

This city offers a scope of shopping and dining ventures. Go to Main Street for local clothes, art alleys, and artistic shops. For dining, multiple cafes present cuisines, like Mexican, American, and grilling. Try some local Mexican plates.

What are the famous events or occasions while uncovering things to do in Roswell, NM?

It organizes multiple events and carnivals yearly. The UFO Festival highlights UFO fans and offers games, marches, concerts, and speakers. The Dragonfly Festival marks many dragonflies in the region, including walks and scholarly exhibits.

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