Cleveland is an attractive city in Tennessee state, on the southeast side of Bradley County. This stunning city presents multiple places to explore for tourists of all eras. Even locals drive to the spots they are curious about or like. You will find it in the city whether you are seeking adventure, legacy, or pleasure. You can see the scenic forest, walk or bike on the cliffs, or taste local wines. Remember to learn about the history or shop for antiques, old decor, and more. Keeping this in view, this post offers the top things to do in Cleveland, TN.

Things to Do in Cleveland TN

Let us uncover some of the most pleasing things to do in Cleveland, TN.

1- Shop for antiques at Sweet Lorain

If you like a special shopping event, visit Sweet Lorain. It is the city’s premiere retro branch shop. This shop has almost 8000 square feet of grade products. It ranges from clothes and jewelry to furnishings and additions.

Sweet Lorain
Sweet Lorain

You can discover things from every age, from the 1920s to the 1980s. Further, find hidden gems that mirror the past and culture of the city and beyond. It is open the last four days of every week. You will find it here if you are looking for a present, an outfit, or a leftover of memories.

2- See the Museum Center at Five Points

The Museum Center at Five Points is a history gallery. It narrates the tale of the Ocoee Region, from the Cherokee residents to the current day. The showroom includes endless and momentary exhibitions. Join for academic programs and occasions for all generations. You can know about the record and effect of the Red Back Hymnal. It is a well-known church hymnbook that was created in the city.

Apart from all this, you can also find the River of Time display. It shows the untouched cultural legacy of the area. Depict them from the antiques, pictures, and interactive exhibits. The gallery also has a gift store with handmade articles from regional artists. This activity is cherished to promote local artists.

3- Family fun at Air Bounce Party & Play

Air Bounce Party & Play is an amusing and reasonable spot to take your children for indoor joy. It offers inflatable games, arcade plays, laser markers, mini golf sites, and more. You can also reserve birthday bashes or company events in this delightful place.

Air Bounce Party & Play
Air Bounce Party & Play

Yet, the school books field trips at this place. Your kids will love jumping, skating, mounting, and playing. The surroundings are secure, fresh, and clean. Moreover, it also has a snack truck that deals pizza, beverages, and other goodies. You can review their page for fees and specials according to season.

4- Enjoy the greenery at Fletcher Park

Fletcher Park is a lovely park in downtown. It offers a cozy and lovely getaway from the city. The grassland has a pavilion and a pond. You may also encounter a statue garden and a walking pathway. Further, you can enjoy wildlife, beauty, and art in this calm setting.

Book a family picnic or a marriage at the pavilion. Thus, it is also residence on several occasions throughout the year. It includes concerts, carnivals, and farmers’ stores. Therefore, it is open every day from morning to dusk.

5- Chill at Salt Boxx Inc

Salt Boxx Inc is a resort with a spa and sauna. Its services may help you rest and de-stress. You can enjoy a complete massage, facial types, or a salt treatment session. It is a realistic and classic way to enhance your fitness.

Salt Boxx Inc
Salt Boxx Inc

Have an experience of breathing in the salt-infused aura in a cozy room that looks like a salt cave. It also has infrared places for the sauna. It uses warmness and light to detoxify your body and reduce discomfort. Thus, reserve your appointment online or by landline.

6- Whitewater Rivers at Ocoee River

For an exciting experience, try whitewater river rafting on the Ocoee River, which is one of the best things to do in Cleveland, TN. It is the finest whitewater river in the south. There are Class III-IV waterfalls that will challenge and thrill you. You can raft on two separate areas of the river. The Upper Ocoee has the 1996 Olympic canoe and kayak course. The Middle Ocoee has more than 20 falls.

Schedule your trip with the individuals who present suggested rafting services. You will like the lovely sights of the Cherokee National Forest nearby. See the old dams and the thrilling falls. Yet, it is a fun and unique event that adores the outdoors and adventure.

7- Adore wildlife at Cherokee National Forest

The Cherokee National Forest is a nature lover’s goal. It possesses multiple kinds of plants and animals in its area. You can glimpse mammals, squirrels, and other animals in the woods. Enjoy birdwatching, as the woods have around 260 types of birds.

Cherokee National Forest
Cherokee National Forest

The woodland also has an eye-catching variety of reptiles and amphibians. It offers many options for nature viewing. Further, go for hiking paths, lovely drives, picnic spots, and wildlife managing sites. Remember to go to the Ocoee Whitewater Center or the Watauga Lake Visitor Center nearby.

8- Trek along at White Oak Mountain

White Oak Mountain is a famous location for hikers and racers in the Chattanooga region. This peak has almost twelve tracks for various difficulty levels and lengths. You can walk along the Dogwood and White Oak Ridge Loop. It is a medium 6.1-mile path that passes through the woods and shows lovely views. Check out the Rolling Green and Dogwood Loop. It is an effortless 1.7-mile path that crosses a pond.

The tracks are sustained and marked by coded cues. You can reach the path system of a mountain via Morningside Drive or Southern Adventist University Trailhead. They are open yearly and are free to enjoy. While stepping along its tracks, you can enjoy its natural looks and wildlife.

9- Exhibits at Red Clay State Historic Park

Red Clay State Historic Park is a point to find the past and culture of the Cherokee people. They lived here before their forced exit in the 1830s. This garden has a visitor camp. It contains displays on the 19th-century Cherokee, the Trail of Tears, and cinema. You can also see models of their board house, ranch, and three resting sites.

Red Clay State Historic Park
Red Clay State Historic Park

Further, it is a house to Blue Hole Spring, a point the locals use for their water supply during board meetings. The park organizes yearly events, like the Cherokee Cultural Celebration. It features classic melodies, dance, craftworks, and meals. Thus, this park is open except Mondays, with a small entry fee.

10- Watch a film at Carmike Cinemas

Carmike Cinemas is a movie hall chain. It functions in various places nationwide. It offers a combination of movies for distinct likings and tastes, from blockbusters to self-supported movies. You can relish remarkable features. It includes three dimensions films, IMAX displays, D-BOX motion chairs, and BigD arenas.

Yet, it also has a loyalty schedule that awards coins for every ticket or discount deal. You can save your points for free passes, snacks, drinks, and more. It is open daily and has ticket prices depending on the period, weekends or working days, and movie genre. Remember to check the timings of the film and purchase tickets accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland, TN, is an ideal place for anyone who likes to do various things. Adore the looks, culture, and past of this city. You can relish outdoor sports and galleries. Go for shopping, dining, and enjoyment in this warm city. You will see something to fit your taste, whether glancing for a comfy escape or a thrilling incident. Start planning your trip now and find out why it is one of the leading visitor sites.

FAQs on things to do in Cleveland, TN

What are the most suitable hiking routes in the Cherokee National Forest?

Some of the finest hiking paths in the woods are the Benton MacKaye Trail, the John Muir Trail, and the Laurel Falls Trail, which leads to a stunning waterfall. The paths have different difficulty levels. So, walk according to your ability.

What are the places around White Oak Mountain?

Some sites around White Oak Mountain are the Ocoee Whitewater Center, the Museum Center at Five Points, and the Red Clay State Historic Park. It is up to you to enjoy any site according to your liking.

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