Oshkosh is a prosperous and beautiful city in Wisconsin. It is located in the East central side of the state in Winnebago County. This city presents an assortment of interests and thrilling activities for visitors and locals of all eras. Here you can explore aviation or the complex art at the galleries. You can even glimpse the city’s legacy and untouched beauty or shop the fresh products. Apart from all this, you will encounter something you like to enjoy in Oshkosh. Let’s plan a remarkable trip for fun.

Things to Do in Oshkosh

This article will uncover the most pleasing things to do in Oshkosh.

1- Take a stroll at Opera House Square

If you like a historic and lovely place to go in the city, check out Opera House Square. This district possesses some of the city’s most aged and attractive structures. It includes the Grand Opera House, the First National Bank, and the Oshkosh Public Library. If you have a walking tour without guidance, you can adore the framework and know about the area’s legacy. 

Opera House Square
Opera House Square

In the square, you can also find some stores, cafes, and bars. It includes Gardina’s Wine Bar & Cafe, Manila Resto, where you can relish your favorite dish. See some skits at nearby The Backlot Comedy House. Thus, it is where you can relish the culture and origin of the city.

2- Dig at Military Veterans Museum

If you are curious about military records and automobiles, you will love the Military Veterans Museum in this lovely city. This gallery tributes and maintains the record of martial veterans from all service units. The showroom displays various antiques, diaries, uniforms, guns, motorcars, and airliners from different wars and battles.

You can also visit exhibitions that tell respective veterans’ tales and incidents. Some of the museum’s displays include the T-34 tank, the ultimate Cobra helicopter, and the classic PT boat. Therefore, it is a spot where you can know about and value the sacrifices and assistance of our vets.

3- Wilderness Via Menominee Park and Zoo

If you want a delightful and restful place to spend time with outdoors and animals, you will appreciate Menominee Park and Zoo in the city. It is an extensive grassland. This park delivers a variety of thrilling activities for travelers of all eras. You can go hiking, racing, fishing, shipping, camping, and playing in the garden.

Menominee Park and Zoo
Menominee Park and Zoo

Furthermore, you can also walk along and visit the zoo. This area houses around thirty species of animals. It includes foxes, deer, pandas, wolves, and more. The zoo is easy to enter and organizes several family-friendly occasions yearly. Yet, it is a location where you can enjoy and relate to nature and wilderness.

4- Adore beauty at Paine Art Center and Gardens

If you seek a lovely and luxurious place to stay in the city, you will be surprised by the Paine Art Center and Gardens. This historic villa and estate includes a splendid array of craftwork and architecture. You can adore the creations of European and American experts like Monet, Renoir, Tiffany, and Wright.

Apart from all this, you can also trek through the stunning parks inside this grassland. It shows various types and themes, like the English Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the Formal Garden. Nevertheless, it is where you can undergo the looks and inspiration of art and spirit.

5- Shop fresh products at Oshkosh Farmers Market

If you are glancing for a lively and flavorful place to shop in the city, you will adore the Oshkosh Farmers Market. It is considered the country’s most pleasing farmers’ market. This market features over 165 dealers every week in the summer season and 30 sellers per week in the winter.

Oshkosh Farmers Market
Oshkosh Farmers Market

Furthermore, you can find several in-season fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables and beef and chicken. You can also check the home-kneaded pieces of bread, craftworks, and readymade foods. The market also facilitates live melodies and themed occasions that add to the lively aura. Thus, you can sustain local trades and enjoy fresh by-products in this market.

6- Uncover history at Morgan House

If you are curious about the Victorian period and the city’s past, visit the Morgan House. It is a reformed villa constructed in 1884 by John R. Morgan. He was a pioneer lumberman and famous politician. The home is now a gallery that shows the authentic woodwork, paintings, and furniture of the late 19th century.

You can see the house and know about the lifestyle and culture of the wealthy class. It is also recorded on the National Register of Historic Places and is driven by the Winnebago County Historical & Archaeological Society. Regardless, this home is available for directed tours on Saturdays or by bookings.

7- Hike at the Wiowash Trail

If you are looking for a beautiful and comfy place to wander, bike, or ride, you will relish the Wiowash Trail. It is a multi-use pathway along the Fox River and Lake Butte des Morts. It presents clear water and nature views. The trail is named after the four counties. It is Winnebago, Outagamie, Waupaca, and Shawano.

Wiowash Trail
Wiowash Trail

The course is straight and flat, with an oppressed limestone ground. The Winnebago portion of the track begins near the college and riverwalk and finishes in Hortonville. This area is 21.8 miles long and strikes the Friendship State Trail. The trail is open yearly for different sports. You can hike, wander, ride, skydive, and snowmobile.

8- A glance at the EAA AirVenture Air Show

If you are charmed by aviation and airplane, you will be shocked by the EAA AirVenture Air Show. It is the world’s most well-known annual flying event in the city every July. The air display includes some aircraft, from old planes to modern ones. They perform breathtaking aerial shows and marches.

You can also see the EAA Aviation Museum. It shows the records and inventions of aviation. The air display attracts more than 600,000 individuals and 10,000 planes yearly. It makes it a must-see occasion for fans. Remember to enjoy live tunes, amusement, workshops, and unique events at the airplay.

9- Landmarks at Asylum Point Lighthouse

If you want an old and adorable place to visit in the city, inspect Asylum Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse was constructed in 1938 on Lake Winnebago’s Asylum Bay. It is just a quick reach from the mainland. The tower serves as a breakpoint between the North and South Asylum Bays.

Asylum Point Lighthouse
Asylum Point Lighthouse

Further, it is also a region of Winnebago County’s historic milestones. You can lead to this lighthouse by trekking across a wooden bridge that ties it to Asylum Point Park. It is shut to the people but is an ideal place for photo prospects. Yet, it is the best mark in the location to glimpse the sunrise and the sunset.

10- Classic Art at Allen Priebe Gallery

If you are looking for a pretty and intelligent place to see some outstanding art, you will be attracted by the Allen Priebe Gallery. It is an art alley that opened in 1971 in the Arts and Communication Center. This gallery is located at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus.

The hall is named in remembrance of Allen Priebe. He was a UW Oshkosh art faculty associate. It organizes six displays each school year, showing creations by artists and pupils. There is no entry fee to enjoy the showroom. Moreover, the gallery is on the first floor of the Arts and Communication Tower, across from the Music Hall.


Oshkosh is a lovely city. This city has something to offer to everyone. You will encounter it in the city if you look for venture, culture, wildlife, or shopping. Adore the warm and welcoming nature of the residents. So, pack your bag and head to this city as there are many things to cover. Remember to take long holidays from your workplace as it is hard to enjoy in just one day. It will leave you with endless memories.

FAQs on Things to Do in Oshkosh

When is the most pleasing time to visit Oshkosh?

Oshkosh is a year-round site. It presents various attractions and actions for each season. Yet, summer and fall are the famous times to enjoy. The fall season is when the greenery alters color and creates a lovely setting for the city.

How do I reach the prosperous city of Oshkosh?

It is almost ninety miles from Milwaukee and fifty miles from Green Bay. If you drive, take Highway 41. If you are going via a bus or rail, take Amtrak or the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport leads you 30 minutes away from the city.

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