Crossville is an adorable city in Cumberland County in the United States. This city connects Middle Tennessee with Kentucky. Its temperature is usually moderate, and the earlier autumn months are rough. Whether you want outdoor sports, cultural occasions, or relaxing places, Crossville, TN, has multiple things to do. Here you can see the greenery in the park, or enjoy a show at the theatre. Learn about the region’s history and see the city from the tower.

Things to Do in Crossville, TN

In this article, let us encounter the finest things to do in Crossville, TN.

1- Events at Art Circle Public Library

The Art Circle Public Library is a general library of the city. This library offers multiple occasions and programs for the district. You can enjoy their free outdoor summer shows. You can listen to music from city bands and artists on weekends. We are One is the most famous event the staff organizes every year.

Art Circle Public Library
Art Circle Public Library

Further, adore the fusion of Celtic melody, humor, and dance with the Tartan Terrors. It is a group of entertainers from Canada. Relive the traditional country shows paying tribute to Twitty & Lynn. You can even view books depicting the art and culture of the city. Remember to see the Obed River Park, just a few miles from this library.

2- Pick Apples at Rowell’s Apple House

Rowell’s Apple House is an orchard and farm of a family. They cultivate and sell fresh and different kinds of apples in various city stores. This family is specialized in growing and providing around thirty sorts of apples. You can buy from the multiple city markets during the last five months of the year.

 Apart from buying fresh apples, you can even purchase many by-products. It includes apple cider vinegar, apple marmalade, green apple spread, apple tarts, and other products. Likewise, you can go on a fantastic drive through the garden. See the distinct types of apple trees. Thus, it does not present personalized apples, but you can still have a delightful trip at this regional gem.

3- Kids Fun at Garrison Park

Garrison Park is a beautiful and clean city park. This park has been newly re-designed with modern facilities. It is to offer more fun activities for children and families. The park includes a water splash area and a playground with unique and new-styled swings. Here you will even find a basketball court.

Garrison Park
Garrison Park

Rember to pack your basket full of snacks as you can now have a picnic zone to eat. Thus, there are many green spaces for workouts and water sports. It is open yearly, but the splash pad is only active in summer. The park has free entry with ample parking space. Yet, spend a day with your kids and play some outdoor games.

4- Live Show at Cumberland County Playhouse

Cumberland County Playhouse is a performing arts center. This skilled center delivers high-quality plays and shows for the public. This playhouse is considered the tenth-largest professional theater in the rural state. Thus, it has prestige for its excellency and creation.

This center presents a variety of shows yearly. It ranges from concerts, comedy shows, scripted stories, and mysteries. One of the shows includes The Trip to Bountiful, an emotional show. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Spongebob Musical are its upcoming projects. Although the tickets can be booked online, these upcoming events are already house full. Therefore, you can enjoy their shows at the Mainstage Theater.

5- Martial History at Military Memorial Museum

The Military Memorial Museum maintains and shows the military history of this county and its citizens. The showroom has exhibits and antiques from different wars and disputes. It includes the Civil War, World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This gallery also praises the local heroes. They served and offered their land.

Military Memorial Museum
Military Memorial Museum

The World War II POW is a camp show. It shows the past and tales of heroes who sheltered German soldiers during the war. It also features biographies and awards of the citizens who accepted the Medal of Honor. This medal is the highest military honor in the US.

6- Culture at Crooksville-Roseville Pottery Festival

The Crooksville-Roseville Pottery Festival is a yearly occasion. This event honors the history and legacy of pottery in this city and Roseville. The celebration features crockery shows, deals, auctions, meetups, tours, and games. It also shows the regional culture and customs.

Enjoy displays with extra facilities like live music, meals, crafts, contests, rides, and marches. This festival is carried after mids of July. It takes place at Roseville Village Park. Therefore, it attracts many tourists. They come to admire the skill and craftwork of pottery and the tales of the people who created it.

7- Race at the Crossville Speedway

The Crossville Speedway is a ground path racing activity in the city. It organizes thrilling matches and occasions all around the year. This speedway has a 1/3 league elevated bank path. It is a clay oval trail that contests motorists and thrill viewers.

Crossville Speedway
Crossville Speedway

Yet, it hosts different racing classes, like late samples, loose wheel modifieds, roadway stocks, front-wheel races, and small cars. Special events are organized yearly. It includes fireworks displays, crashing derbies, monster truck exhibits, and concerts.

8- Rest at Cumberland Mountain State Park

Cumberland Mountain State Park is a lovely park in the city. It offers multiple enjoyment options and sitting sites for visitors. This grassland is on the Cumberland Plateau. Admire the beautiful sights of the lake or the historical bridge. There is a setting of a mini golf course.

This garden presents various sports, including racing, fishing, swimming, and golfing. It also has a cafe that serves tasty meals at the cheapest prices with a favorable lake view. Thus, it is open with free entry and is a terrific site to relax and relish nature.

9- Climb the Homesteads Tower Museum

The Homesteads Tower Museum is an ancient museum in the city. It holds and portrays the records of the Cumberland Homesteads. It was an assignment of FDR’s New Deal that strived to deliver ease and a deal for farmers in the Great Depression era.

Homesteads Tower Museum
Homesteads Tower Museum

The gallery is lodged in an octagonal stone building. It was built in 1937-1938 as the executive office of the task. This tower also operates as a water tank and a watch forum. Tourists can climb the spiral staircase to the top of the building and see a stunning view of the nearby area.

10- Gems at the Antique Village Mall

The Antique Village Mall is vintage in the city. It offers an outstanding shopping adventure for antique fans and collectors. The mall has around 7,000 square feet of area. It is loaded with antiques from different dealers and brokers.

Further, this mall displays furniture, crystals, ceramics, jewelry, readers, toys, devices, and more. It also has a pleasant staff to help buyers find what they like. Thus, it is located on Genesis Rad Exit and is open daily.


Crossville, TN, is a lovely city in the state that will amaze and entertain you with multiple things to do and attractions to visit. You can undergo the untouched beauty, the rich legacy, and the friendly service of this town. Further, you can find a family holiday, a solo flight, or a thrilling adventure. Yet, it has something to offer to every tourist and local. Take edge of the option to discover the most pleasing things to do in this city.

FAQs on Things to Do in Crossville TN

What are the best places for tourists to eat in this city?

Forte’s on the Square and The Brass Lantern Restaurant and Lounge are the finest places to eat in the city. Go to The Pour House Bistro and Wine Bar for a drink. The Beef and Barrel Restaurant offers the best barbeque and grilled steaks.

What are the famous events and celebrations in the city?

There are many famous events and carnivals in Crossville. It includes Cumberland County Fair and Antique Show. Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony, the Upper Cumberland Wine Festival, and the Oktoberfest are other events.

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