Fairfax appears as a relaxed city. Despite being a little town, many fun activities are readily covered. For visitors of all ages and interests, it provides a variety of attractions and events. You will be interested in this place’s history, skilled work, spirit, and adventures. Learn about the history and historic buildings of the town by visiting the museums. Also, explore the artistic creations of local artisans or take a leisurely journey on the bus. You may enjoy parks or trek to the thrashing WV waterfalls. Thus, find various things to do in Fairfax.

Things to Do in Fairfax

You can rest in the luxury resorts after a day out by covering incredible things to do in Fairfax.

1- Visit Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center

Make the first trip to the Fairfax Museum and Visitor Centre for the ideal exposure to the city. You may open up shop in an old building. This building’s history and the city’s evolution over time are displayed in the museum. Apart from all this, this gallery provides an in-depth look into Fairfax’s past via its manual and staff.

Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center
Fairfax Museum and Visitor Center

Additionally, the tourist center improves your time planning skills when visiting the city. It is because you can cover details of the stunning town under this roof. You may get maps, leaflets, and knowledge about all the many regional sights there. Also, the dates for public events, eating places, and transport in the area are available.

2- Play at Daniels Run Park

Daniels Run Park is a peaceful haven in the city center. You can leave downtown and get into the woods with this little forest area. Despite its small size, it includes many hiking paths along its trickling brook and through the trees.

Further, its playgrounds and picnic spots make it the ideal place to spend a family afternoon outside. You may relax with your friends beneath a shady tree while eating from the picnic basket. Therefore, it’s the perfect place to rejuvenate in nature.

3- Find the Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is in the historic center. It is a great place to start your exploration of the spot. There are stores, eateries, and cafes all around Old Town Square. A short stroll will take you to several of the nearby sites. This place hosts year-round activities, including concerts and occasional festivals.

Old Town Square Fairfax
Old Town Square Fairfax

Moreover, the centerpiece of this area is a charming water feature with rainbow lights. It’s beautiful after dark because of this aspect. In addition, there are galleries, sitting places, scenic gardens, and the cherished Fairfax Rotary Clock. Remember to click the sights from this location.

4- Value the Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is a magnificent structure on the southwest edge of the Old Town Square. It is well-known for having domed windows and strong columns. In 1900, this town hall was built. The National Registry of Historic Districts accepted it. These days, it serves mainly as a venue for events. It holds private as well as public parties.

Similarly, the Kitty Pozer Garden is next to the Old Town Hall. This garden is quite serene and designed with shade trees and flowers. The top patio can also be reserved as a pair with the hall for ceremony hours. This area has patio furniture, a pergola, and a splash pad. As a result, it offers ideal settings for special events.

5- Skate on Fairfax Ice Arena

A trip to Fairfax Ice Arena will offer an enjoyable break from the ordinary. It is an ideal site if you’re seeking a family-friendly spot after strolling around Parkland or trials. All ages may enjoy some relatively risky joy by heading onto the ice. If you want to learn how to skate, join the classes according to your age.

Fairfax Ice Arena
Fairfax Ice Arena

In addition, on the ice, you will have fun. Learn how to glide, stop, border, crossover, and spin with quickness, control, balance, and speed. You can take the first step towards a lifetime of pleasure from ice sports. If you’re not in the mood to hit the ice, you may figure skate at one of the planned events while you’re here.

6- View the Children’s Science Centre Lab

You can have a look at the Children’s Science Centre Lab. You may take the kids there if you’re searching for something fun to do to keep them occupied. School groups can investigate the themes of science, tech, engineering, and maths at the first virtual museum. Delightful, captivating, practical exhibits, activities, and courses are used to achieve this.

In addition, the Science Centre engages kids through exploration activities. It includes combining slime, finding clues, finishing treasure hunts, and playing other games and tests. Annually, there are exclusive events that make it even more enjoyable. To secure a spot for the popular programs, purchase tickets in advance.

7- Enjoy at Fairfax Corner

Take some time off from learning about culture and touring for modern, carefree play at Fairfax Corner. The center of the city’s nightlife and hospitality is this modern building. Small shops and chain retailers may be found inside the busy shopping area. Many eateries and coffee houses are nearby when you need respite from visiting the stores. Savor a wonderful lunch and your preferred taste of coffee.

Fairfax Corner
Fairfax Corner

In addition, if you have spare time, you may spend several hours seeing the newest film at the movie theatre. This place is developing. When done, this new, two-story tower will house many new retailers. You can view a modern, two-story Arhaus storefront to display the company’s garden furniture and décor.

8- Go to the George Mason Statue

It will be no surprise that the city has a rich political history, given its proximity to the US. The George Mason is one of the initial locations. It is said to have originated in what is now this tiny town. You can see a local university with its name. So, this institute hosts an annual event in their honor.

In addition, there is a striking bronze statue of the politician. It is in the middle of the campus. Around the monument, there are other plaques set on the floor. Visitors claim that stepping on them is considered unlucky. But even if you do, it’s okay. You may erase your bad luck by rubbing George’s toe.

9- Hike at Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail

Only leave the city by going to the Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail. You can get the whole hiking venture by engaging yourself in the setting. The rocky pathway traverses the woods. It travels along the Rocky Run Stream’s path.

Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail
Rocky Run Stream Valley Trail

Along the walk, play areas, picnic spaces, and bridges cross the lake. It has more of a wild feel than many of the city’s other parks, even if it is pretty tiny. Remember to put on suitable hiking shoes. Also, carry a bag filled with essentials in case something goes wrong.

10- Buy at Weekend Farmers’ Market

Visit the weekly farmers’ market to engage yourself in the local culture. On holidays, it is open in the mornings. It is a terrific spot to meet and greet the locals, and you can also get some fantastic local goods here.

Further, expect vendors to offer local cheeses, baked goods, ciders, and other items. It is more than simply food. Some artisan shops are also set up here. Thus, it makes it the ideal place to buy antiques.


Fairfax is a fantastic location. Everything is set up to your preference. This city seems like something you won’t assume. There is a wide variety of spots and excellent hospitality. You can explore museums or walk in one of the West Virginia National Parks. Savor a dinner at the restaurants after spending the entire day outside. Also, Fairfax offers a wide variety of exciting and soothing activities. Take the option to find the vital things to do in Fairfax.

FAQs on Things to Do in Fairfax

What are some tips for visiting and enjoying things to do in Fairfax?

Check the climate before you head off and start packing. Depending on the season, it might change. You can book your housing in advance, mainly during extreme season. Plan your vacation based on your choices. Admire the local culture. Remember to heed the rules of the galleries.

What is weather-like to enjoy on a vacation?

In Fairfax, the average weather varies greatly. Humidity makes the weather seem chilly, and snow or rain is risky. Mid-July is usually the most bountiful time of year, with regular highs of about 32.7°C. Rarely do the nights fall below 19.4°C.

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