Joplin is a beautiful town present in the territory of Jasper and Newton. It is a charming city with a personable pictured town. If you are looking for things to do in Joplin, MO, you can find assorted options to enjoy.

Things to Do in Joplin, MO

Let’s have a look at their details!

1- Stop by Spiva Center for The Arts

Spiva Center for the Arts is full of delighting visual arts established by George A. Spiva for local art lovers. Art lovers can see extraordinary artwork and art knowledge. This art gallery compasses beautiful fine arts exhibited by local artists. Visitors can also procure something they like from the central gift shop present in the center.

Spiva Center for Art Lovers
Spiva Center for Art Lovers

2- Visit George Washington Carver National Monument

George Washington Carver National park is a park memorable due to the birthplace of the George Washington Carver. He was a well-known botanist, educator, and scientist. It was established in 1943, and it was the first place that was built and devoted to attribute of an African scientist in America. This monumental park is a historical place extending over 219 acres of land.

3- Hit The Route 66 Mural Park

The Route 66 Mural Park, set in Joplin, Missouri, was inaugurated in 2013. The park supervises and maintains the historical background of Missouri. The park is also chief due to the exceptional red mock corvette since 1964, which is a sensational spot for visitors to take memorable pictures. You will enjoy the visit to the park.

Route 66 Mural Park
Route 66 Mural Park

4- Swim and enjoy the natural scenery of Grand Fall

If you take great pleasure in nature, the natural scenery of the Grand Fall will surely attract you. It is a giant waterfall that flows spontaneously in Shoal Creek. This is a great swimming point for visitors while swimming in the waterfall anytime in hot weather. Private swimming pool facilitation is also available at the place, where families can enjoy it privately. It doesn’t matter in which season or time you are visiting the site; it presents beautiful scenes all the time.

5- Visit Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center

This park rolls over the whole living diversity of the Chert glade ecosystem and Spring River. There are several things to do in Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center for visitors. You can enjoy hiking along with the Shoal creeks, where you will explore the new prospects and animals.

Wildcat Glades Conservation
Wildcat Glades Conservation

Here you can also closely observe the aquatic life and creatures in a live aquarium. Besides fishes and turtles, this live aquarium contains many other water creatures that your kids will love to see. Overall this beautiful place is not affordable to miss if you are in Joplin, Missouri.

6- Explore Interesting Collections at Joplin History & Mineral Museum

Besides the colorful fascinations of the city, the Joplin also keeps ancient remaining different mined rock minerals. These rocks and minerals in the museum show the town’s mining past. This place entirely engages the people with its mining history. This site also exhibits city life, another reason to go there.  

7- Try A Different Taste at The Red Onion Café 

This café is situated in the city Downtown. You can find mouthwatering Midwestern and American dishes in the café. Next to its taste, the café is interesting for its homely management and stylish decor. Its relaxing atmosphere and elegant décor make it more considerable to visit.

The Red Onion Cafe
The Red Onion Cafe

8- Explore Nature in Sandstone Gardens

If you are a garden lover or love to gaze at gardens to explore nature, this one is the best option to consider. It is a charming land area extended over 68 acres. You will find various indoor and outdoor textiles and botanical accents worth seeing as decorative items and furniture. Sandstone Gardens also have a Sandstone bistro, famous for its tasteful entrees and desserts.

9- Cycling and Jogging at Frisco Greenway Trail

It is a rail-to-trail site spinning over 3.5 miles in a peaceful place, away from the noisy environment. The beautiful green forest characterizes the beauty of the park. This park is commonly known for its gravel road. This gravel road is the best option for biking and jogging on the greenway trail. You can easily approach all the facilities like a picnic place, water to drink, and restrooms.

Frisco Greenway Trail
Frisco Greenway Trail

10- Shopping and Other Activities in North Park Mall

Comprising more than 100 stores having 1,080,000 square feet of land area. Kids can have a fun time in the mall while it is the best place for hopping and eating for the elders. Several other activities can keep you engage in the mall for the whole day.

11- Recreational Activities at Ewert Park

This park is well-known for recreational activities almost for all ages. You can play pickleball, tennis, and basketball in the park. There is also a swimming facility in the park, so you can also do the swimming you want to do. There is also a picnic and food court area, after spending the whole day there you can also get snacks there. If you plan a family picnic to do BBQ there, you will also get a BBQ grill. So, don’t miss the excellent recreational point in the city.

Recreational Activities
Recreational Activities

12- Sweeten Your Pallet with Sweet Caroline’s, Joplin

It is the most demanding and appreciated thing in the town. Visitors, while visiting Joplin, especially go to the Sweet Caroline’s to sweeten their pallets with ice cream or coffee. There are more than 30 kinds of ice cream samples at this place. You can also taste their desserts, truffles, and cupcakes. Their homemade ice cream is ideally made the delicious and flavored coffee.


Joplin city is small but has several fun options, including indoor and outdoor activities. Also, it comes with the best combination of nature and town fascination, presenting natural landscapes, waterfalls, malls, and centers. It is permeated by the impressive natural beauty and notable historic attractions.

Things to Do in Joplin
Things to Do in Joplin


What are some good things to do in Joplin, MO?

There are plenty of things to do in Joplin, MO! Some of our favorites include the Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center, the Joplin Pinball Museum, and the Dickerson Park Zoo.

Where can I see a play or concert in Joplin, MO?

Check out the website of Joplin Little Theatre. They usually have a few productions each year. As for concerts, the Memorial Hall is a popular venue, and they often have big-name performers stopping by.

Where’s the best place to stay for peace?

There’s no definitive answer, as different people prefer different levels of peace. However, some places often recommended for those who want to get away from it include secluded areas in nature, such as national parks or forests, remote islands, and Monastery stays.

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