Lakshadweep is a tropical sea stretch with 36 islands and coral reefs in the stunning Laccadive Sea. While planning a trip here, you may know that this place covers untouched beauty and landscapes. With pure white sand beaches, twinkling sapphire lagoons, and natural marvels, this jewel casts a magnetic spell. So, step into these attractive islands, where water sports thrill tourists. There are various things to do in Lakshadweep Capital. The seniors traveling around India also value the amenities provided here. September to February is the best time to visit as the climate remains pleasant.

Lakshadweep Capital

There are various water sports to uncover at this Lakshadweep Capital. There are many Indian restaurants nearby that provide tasty meals.

1- Seasides at the Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island is also noted as Maliku in the regional language. The staff and the state best keep it. Yet, it is located in the vast stretch of the Arabian Sea, just 398 km from the Cochin shores. This island covers a total area of 4.801 square km. So, it is known for its lively coral reefs and white-sand shores. It is the second-largest island and has a few inhabited islands.

Minicoy Island

Further, it is reasonably known for its luxury seaside resorts that are a perfect destination for tourists seeking peace. This scenic spot is a popular spot. It has gained massive popularity due to different water activities. So, it includes canning, angling, and fresh shores. Here, travelers can relish the most unforgettable moments in winter. 

2- Secret Gems at Agatti Islands

Agatti Islands is regarded as the jewel among the group of islands. You can explore the island on the ground or lease a two-wheeler to ride. Every point is rich with natural greenery and stunning formations. It extends over 8 km. It is rarely populated with residents. Although a small island, it is heaven for beach lovers and tourists.

Further, it is the only island linked with an airport. It makes the island easily accessible from different parts of the world. The airport is at a distance of 459 km from Kochi. Likewise, the occupation of the people is angling. However, tourism is picking up quite well in this region.

3- The lagoon at the Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island is a lovely island in the territory. This island is the largest in the chain of isles, also known as an atoll. It has a lagoon with just one beach resort. Also, it is an apt goal for people who want to detach totally from the fast-paced world. The beach resort was opened in 1974. It became more convenient for travelers after the number of commercial flights increased.

Bangaram Island
Bangaram Island

Moreover, the people who live here are the ones who work at the resort that is open to tourists. The sunrises and sunsets delight the eyes with the sparkling beach. There is a range of activities to satisfy in make the stay valuable. But even if you prefer to walk around, the peaceful beach should be on your watch list.

4- Camps at the Kadmat Beach

Kadmat Beach is a tropical heaven that fascinates visitors. View its fine turquoise waters, white sands, and colorful coral reefs. This stunning place is part of the other islands. It offers an escape from the rush of everyday life. Further, it boasts stunning beauty with a long stretch of beachline. It is lined with coconut palms swinging in the soft sea breeze.

So, it creates a scenic and calm setting ideal for leisure. Reaching this beach requires unity with the management. You must obtain the required permits to view this new heaven. It has limited accessibility confirms that it remains uncrowded. Thus, it allows tourists to savor the stability of this hidden gem.

5- Coral Reefs at Kavaratti Islands

Kavaratti is an island that spreads across an area of 3.93 sqm km. It is one of the most captivating gems from these islands. The island has 12 atolls, five submarine banks, and three coral reefs. The sensational views of the Arabian Sea and the white-sand shores offer ease to the peaceful nature.

Kavaratti Islands
Kavaratti Islands

However, it is best for its coconut trees and vast marine life. It has beautiful views and other water sports. This island lies 360 km from the coasts of Kochi. Further, it doesn’t have an airport, and Agatti is the nearest airport.

6- Scenic spots at Kalpeni islands

It is also noted as Koefaini. Kalpeni Islands is a cluster of three islands and is one of the most scenic areas of the town. Cheriyam, Pitti, and Tillakkam are the isles that include the Kalpeni Islands. These islands are settled and are often visited by travelers.

Moreover, this island is famous for its lagoon covering the island. It is greatly rich in coral life. Naturally, this site is among the must-see spots. Likewise, it is a terrific spot to enjoy water sports. You can scuba dive, snorkel, reef walk, kayak, and sail on yachts.

7- Marine antiques at Marine Museum

This museum is situated in Kavaratti. The Marine Museum shows many marine-related antiques. It aims to enable marine products and their protection. The thrilling thing about the gallery is its aquarium. Also, it has a few of the most notable species of fish and water creatures.

Marine Museum
Marine Museum

Further, the exquisite, bright fishes and marine species are very pretty. You can see these decorative species and click pictures. Even, it is an ideal place to collect details about aquatic life. With the task of designing smart cities, it has been chosen to be set into a smart city in the future.

8- Sunbathe at the Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island sprawls over 9.3 km in length. It is a stunning island that is part of the Amindivi Islands. Yet, it boasts silvery white coasts, sands, blue lagoons, and azure waters. This traveler delight is invaded by marine turtles that live and mate here.

Besides, it has one inhabited village, Kadmat, where fishing is the work. Some things to do in the Lakshadweep Capital are snorkeling and paragliding. Thus, you can sit, sun soak, and marvel at the splendid island. Here, you can choose to avail yourself of a spa and massage service.

9- Culture at the Amindivi Island

One of the inhabited islands is the Amindivi. It is a bunch of islands lying in the North town and is noted for its products. Likewise, it is a flawless place for those seeking to experience the local culture and markets. Due to laws, foreign travelers cannot visit this island.

Amindivi Island
Amindivi Island

Further, October to May offers an ideal aura to relish the water sports. As the sun graces, be delighted by the sunrise and sunset, delivering peace. Remember to explore the regional market. Coconut powder and oil produced at the factories can be dealt with here.

10- Views at the Andrott Island

Andrott Island is known as Andretti Island. It is an immense island and is nearest to the Indian continent. Unlike other isles, this island is in an east-west path. Further, the island is settled but has retained its beauty and joy. It provides enough options for its tourists to socialize with nature.

However, you can spend the evenings at the beach. It is very comfy, and you can spot aquatic animals if lucky. Also, it is famous for its Buddhist pre-historic remains. Here, you can view the tomb of Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah.


Lakshadweep Capital is a region of India and an excellent tourist place in India. The place comprises islands, three coral reefs, and five aquatic banks. This place has splendid landscapes, making it perfect for exotic beaches. While planning a trip to this tourism point, consider flora and fauna. So, the place shows fantastic events. It enjoys lovely weather all around the year. Travelers can plan a visit from October since the season expects less crowd and moderate weather.

FAQs on Lakshadweep Capital

What are the ways to reach this stunning place?

You can reach it via water and air only. It lies almost 400 Km away from the western shore of India – seven ships in total run to it. Take a ticket from the Aggati airport. It is only linked to Kochi Airport. You can use the ferry or lease a helicopter. 

How do you scuba dive on these islands?

Scuba diving is the most popular sport amongst tourists. Agatti, Bangaram, and Kadmat islands are ideal for the Scuba. Each dive base has resorts catering to newbies’ and certified divers’ needs. The islands are enriched with exotic tropical animals and colorful coral reefs.

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