Lexington is a small town in Virginia with a history of artifacts and buildings from the times of the American Revolution. Located between Roanoke and Waynesboro, this town has many attractions belonging to different categories such as scenic, historical, artistic, architectural, and more. It is full of natural green beauty as well as wildlife. From the house of Cyrus McCormick, who invented the mechanical reaper, to that of the Great General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, the Lexington has preserved landmark buildings impressively. Along with the attractions, there are many things to do in Lexington, VA.

What to Do in Lexington VA
What to Do in Lexington VA

Things to Do in Lexington VA

Let us now discuss the seven best things to do in Lexington, VA.

1- Pet Animals in Virginia Safari Park

Virginia Safari Park is located on Safari Lane, Natural Bridge. It is a zoo spread across 180 acres. This drive-through zoo is home to around 1000 animals you can meet, pet, and feed during your trip.

The vision behind creating this privately owned zoo was to educate visitors about the breeding and habitat-relevant needs of animals. You will come across zero cages in the whole area. All animals are roaming around freely, getting served by the tourists, blocking the roads, taking a sneak peek into the cars, and notable tourists with their beauty and friendliness.

2- Mill Around in Wade’s Mill

Have you ever been to a gristmill that dates back to 1750? Your answer will be yes after you have visited Wade’s Mill. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, this mill will teach you many things about the centuries-old milling process. Though now it works on electricity, a water wheel is still there to function the mill. Sometimes, the water-powered mill comes into action on weekends for tourists.

Wade's Mill
Wade’s Mill

When you are at Wade’s Mill, do not forget to stop by the Agricultural Research and Extension Center, located just 5 miles west of the mill. There you will find the brick manor home of Cyrus McCormick, a smokehouse, and a blacksmith shop, all dating back to 1822.

3- Natural Bridge State Park

One of the best things to do in Lexington, VA, is visiting the Natural Bridge, State Park. In this park, you can see many scenic and historical things to enjoy. This park was opened around two centuries ago. Located at a distance of 15 miles in the South direction of Lexington is this newest state park, renovated in 2016.

You can enjoy lunchtime in the picnic area, a shuttle ride to tour the whole park and a hike on the stairway. Do not forget to take a picture with serene cascades in the background for your Instagram feed. Here is a point to consider the best USA state parks are also worth watching!

4- Visit the Washington and Lee University Campus

If you want to learn about Lexington, VA’s culture, education system, and history, visit Washington and Lee University. It was opened back in 1749 by two men named Washington and Lee. Today it holds a gorgeous history full of learnings for the contemporary world. Formerly famous as Augusta Academy, this university had been named four times before becoming Washington and Lee University.

Washington and Lee University Campus
Washington and Lee University Campus

This 300-acre place is a distinguished historical landmark in the USA, along with two other institutes. While you are admiring the architecture and artifacts in the university, make sure to visit the Lee Chapel Museum as well.

5- Explore the Stonewall Jackson House

The home of the great General Thomas Stonewall Jackson during the years of mid-1800s, this place is now a historical museum. The remarkable architecture, stone walls, and brick-laid structure will awaken you with its beauty. In 1973, it was on the National Register of Historic Places. 

The house is surrounded by a clean and tidy lush green garden and stands as a two-floor building. The guided tours are available in two options: an hour-long or half an hour. The former is better since you will need the maximum time inside to admire the beauty of old times.

6- Learn about Military Life at Virginia Military Institute

If you are curious about how Virginia survived difficult times in history, how it fought wars, and how it came into existence the way it is now, visits the Virginia Military Institute. It has many tales to tell. Exploring the vast collection of weapons, artifacts, and other masterpieces in the library will leave you amazed.

Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Military Institute

It was opened in 1839 and has trained and graduated many great generals, including Thomas Stonewall Jackson, whose former house is now a museum. Locals have a special love for this institute since their military role models and heroes have once lived here.

7- Watch a Theatrical Performance at Lime Kiln Theater

Another of the best things to do in Lexington, VA, is enjoying a theatrical performance at Lime Kiln Theater. It is full of activity and conducts dramas, concerts, and plays. The artists are incredibly talented; some of them are even currently popular. A broad range of genres is available here. Moreover, this outdoor theater is a non-fund organization, sending all the earned money straight to the charity. And if you have a keen interest in theaters, plan your next trip to movie theaters in Clarksville.


College town Lexington in Virginia is small but rich in art and history. How this small place accommodates state parks, waterfalls, museums, institutes, and other attractions worth visiting, is impressive.

Virginia Military Institute
Virginia Military Institute

The best time to visit this city is the fall and spring seasons. You will enjoy the town in its full bloom with all the vibrancy, colors, and greenery.

It is welcoming for everyone, from those curious about armed forces to those wanting to spend serene time in nature as well as adventurous heads. Prepare your mind for unique attractions before you leave for Lexington.

FAQs About Things to Do in Lexington VA

Is Lexington, VA lovely?

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Virginia. There are many things to do here, from exploring architecture to art, military weaponry, wildlife, and much more.

What are the best attractions in Lexington, VA?

There is Lee Chapel Museum, Virginia Military Institute, Stonewall Jackson House turned Museum, and Natural Bridge State Park. Visiting each of these is a must thing to do in Lexington, VA.

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